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Popular Automobile --SUV vs MPV vs Wagon, Auxuras, Maesima & Monolith, which is better?--


I can already sense that the Monolith is going to “struggle” in the city.


When will the next part be released?


I was hopping that last weekend xD
But again, real life happen… I actually was expecting to have less things to do with this format than with the previous, but it seems otherwise.

Anywho, the next part will be out tomorrow afternoon (september 16th, US central time) or maybe saturday morning.


I am stunned how a fairly basic Minivan is supposedly easier to drive off-road than my full-time 4WD tank with far greater ride height. Then again it depends on the type of dirt road we were on. If it were smooth gravel I’d be compelled to understand.

And isn’t it just great that I get an off-road score barely eclipsing the Auxuras because I’ve built my vehicle like a modern Range Rover?


I think it has to do with the definition of easy to drive :stuck_out_tongue: I think what I mean is closest to comfort rather than easiness.

The DTz keep in 1st gear almost the full course, and it barely needed to brake, with low G’s while cornering, and with the automatic gearbox, it was easy and pretty comfortable. Incidentally, the low speed may require less concentration on the road, allowing you to admire the panoramic view.

Just exactly the opposite was true for the Auxuras, you needed to change gears faster and constantly over 1 G of braking and turning sharply.

On the other hand the Monolith was superb in the track, but it required more braking, and since it goes to a higher speed, it required more concentration on the road.

On other news, I’m writting the second part, finally. It is way more simpler than what I though, but I think is better to publish it instead or just leaving this unfinished.


Having to pay attention to the road should be rewarded with plus points and braking is an elementary driving skill that requires next to no effort.


So, big update, I’m unable to finish this comparison, so I’ll let it die. I offer sincere apologies to everybody.

The reason, IRL I can’t catch a break, a bad combination of personal affairs with professional stuff and bad economy leave me with little free time, and I ended up quite tired and just want to relax :frowning2:

Currently I’m trying to get a new job, that might help me to solve some of the issues described above, but as things stand today, I’m afraid I’ll let this unfinished. I’m really sorry :weary:

Now, I will drag behind me the stone of shame


What if someone else finished the review for you? It’s a long shot but it would tie up some loose ends.


You know real life are always more important then games.


That there is the stone of Triumph, sorry to bring it up like this :joy:


This means I win and an $85,000 German luxury SUV is a better car in every way than an underpowered Minivan from an anikatian budget brand and a semi-premium hybrid wagon.


Until someone comes along and tells you’re a self-glorifying, cheating asshole :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, suppose there is actually some truth to that. As SUVs are unfortunately taking over the market of minivans and wagons.


I suspect that the Monolith would have been the most likely car to win - it could handle the rough stuff and urban commuting equally well.

Edit: @Awildgermanappears has a point, but a smaller cousin of the Monolith would not be as unwieldy in tight spaces - and potentially cheaper to buy and run as well. Would such a car have fared better in this comparison or not?


But only in America. In its native Europe the Surburban(s)ized tank would be eternally lost searching for parking spots.