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Post Your cars here for a Competition


For example if I made a car and posted it and gave its description, and you have a car that can compete or is “better”, post it here and give details on it.
Abd reviewers can review them and see which one is best for u
Now let’s start with Compact Cars

Feel free to share suggestions

Reviews and Reviewers Are Welcome


define better


@USDMFTW what? I gave u details on what to do so I don’t know what you mean “define better”


How do you define better?

What does Better mean?


They’re asking “Does ‘better’ mean”:
Faster? Quicker? Safer? More efficient/economical? Lower service costs?


The post is very vague, but I see what the idea here is. You’re looking to form some kind of market research thing where we can cluster information on cars that people make and see which ones are competitors.

For example, somebody posts and says hey I made a D segment premium RWD sedan. Then a whole bunch of people might look at it and pipe up and say hey I did the same kind of thing, here’s mine, and then you can compare the stats etc. In real life, there’s no single way to define better because it depends on the kind of person who buys what car and how much of a stickler they are for specific characteristics (e.g. the Muscle market). This is one way in which there is always tension between the metric of Automation and the real world which isn’t often driven on data and rational thought (otherwise we wouldn’t have so many fucking crossovers on the roads).

This may be helpful for looking for specific things like if somebody else has covered your niche. The real life rationale is that closely matched products can create competition which creates buzz which should improve brand awareness and interest in both.

The problem here is that if you have just one thread for the lot, it can get really messy.


yeah, without a defined ruleset, this is just begging to become a dumpster fire.




@strop thank you! That helped a lot, I was trying to say something like that. Its like this thread went to a close right after opened it…

Who going to start? :grinning:


I see this as a multi-reviewer version of the Car Shopping Round (CSR) series, and this could be fun with some written rules to regulate what manufacturers and reviewers should do, are allowed to do, or are not allowed to do, amongst other things.


Maybe someone should help him out?


@ejj, we need to know when the period of the car should be. I think that we shouldn’t be reviewing both 2010’s cars and 1950’s cars in one round (?), for example.


Heh, that Ejj figure only ever posted in your company thread - quite negatively - and now you post here to help him out.

The relationship - or split-personality - between you two is a baffling one to me.


Maybe just being nice, turn the other cheek etc.


Here are some rules

Round One

  • Cars Must be 2010s and up (For this Round)

  • Only One Reviewer Per Round (First To PM Me Is the Reviwer) As i dont know how to)

  • Send the car to thier PM Box if they want to review your car

  • Dont Spam (You will get your turn.)

  • Reviewers can Review 2 cars or 1 at a time. 2 is if your putting them head to head

  • Any suggestions?

Round Starts Now


Thank you for posting a written rule. However, I do have some questions:

  1. Why one reviewer? I thought multi-reviewer would be fun. Either posting the .car file in the thread or PMing the car reviewers interested (via an ad posted on the main thread) would be a way to implement multi-reviewer system IMO.
  2. I assume the reviewer has the freedom to rate cars to compare cars between reviews. Am I right?
  3. Also, adding the car category to be made would be a good idea, so one post can solve everything.
  4. Finally, is there a set time period to end the rounds?


@Urbanliner this is my first time creating a Community challenge, sorry for my mistakes.

#1 I was thinking why one reviwer… So yes there should be multi reviewers. So therefore There can be multi reviewers

#2 huh? What do you mean

#3 First Round Is Modern Compact Premium. (2010s)

#4 There is a time period to end. Each Round Is a A 2 weeks (may be too long)

No race Parts Cause its not a race car.

  • Astetics do matter. Make it look like a 2010s Car

  • Compact Family Car


its still way too vague to be an enjoyable competition. But at this point, its not really a competition anyways, its basically a crowd sourced car reviewing thread.


@USDMFTW it can be a competition, trying to compete to see who gets the reviwers pick