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Post Your cars here for a Competition


Seeing as this is your first time making a challenge, it might be a good idea to look at this. Its old, but it has the basics on how to run a challenge. Hopefully you find this helpful :slight_smile:


How about a 1986 Rally with 1) under 1000cm 2) 1000ccm - 1500ccm 3) 1800 4) 2000 - 2500 5) 3000
i have more ideas just let me know if its interesting.


That would be pretty cool, but it would still need some strict rules. I assume you want to simulate group B in some way. Rules could look something like this:


They are in no way balanced or refined, it’s just an example of how they could look.


Ok. Max tire Size: 265
Lowest year: 2010
No V8 Or higher
Turbo Allowed
More than 4 fixtures
Minimum Seats: 2
Displacement : 1000cc to 4000cc
No semi slicks
More than 40 safety
More than 40 reliability
No more than 5+ Quality slides
Compact Cars