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Post your lite campaign (V3) high scores


I will start this one:




I don’t think this counts as a challenge…maybe Car Reviews?


Have you completed the light campaign on insane settings?


I see now.


it’s not much but it was a furinia start and many mistakes were made. last hotfix at least makes this manageable


Not the best result you could have obtained (even considering the 6.1x difficulty multiplier you went for), and in fact a long way off the current benchmark, but it should still be enough for a personal best. I expect you to improve in the future - hopefully, by avoiding at least some of the mistakes made in the playthrough you posted.


I kinda went for alfa romeo replica in fruinia, failure was thematic XD

still learning tho, there’s ton of stuff to explore for mixmaxing a run


I am currently playing the Beta, winning on insane is much harder. I have not managed to yet.


slowly getting there. this was a arhana start. I had some hundred million in the bank at the end, it was stupid to just stockpile on them, I could have used those to enter some more market.

there also was a dark age during the 80s where I was in the red for hundreds millions, credit rating went all the way to C and I lucked out with the 90s model.

I wish there was a more convenient way to tell the whole story from this screen :smiley:

also, score is suspiciously equal to car sold… so I bet a mixmax run could just focus on massproducing shitboxes to get ALL THE SCORES


ah! did it!

I had some fun car thrown in as well, like a whole series of hypercars produced at a loss, but without those I think 3 mil is reachable.


the deed is done. I even had money to spare but no time to refit into a large factory


Holy heck, nice job. I am hoping that the dev team is keeping an eye on this, and you, because as of now you are the automation master.


sorry to repeat myself but current record status is S M A S H E D

here’s the last month save, so anyone can see the progress. this was a fruinia start, using boxers as much as I could. then in the nineties I just created a microscopic turbo v6 and used it from citycars to heavy delivery vehicles XD


Yes, I have found that building a reliable, cheap, lighweight, and compact engine for multiple platoforms is the best. I usually start that development with aluminimum and DOHC in the 1960’s and use it until the end game, with updates when breakthroughs in metalurgy and fueling make it worthwhile. I am happy to see you all having fun with this. I consider this the real testing of this game, where plowing through the years with trims and paint and the ocasional supercar makes it all worthwhile.


I’ll take it :slight_smile:


Gave the new lite campaign a go again, took freaking ages, but hey, end result.


@Flamers / @Dragawn yeah we can play on easy too


I can do it at a much higher difficulty but this is for a high score… Very different things :slight_smile:


Seriously, don’t be an arse.