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Potato quality thumbnails when selecting new bodies


So, I’ve been having this issue where thumbnails for new bodies/trims look like made out of legos, really bad resolution. This issue appeard in the version of the game previous to the last one, on the last stable update was fixed but now with the content update I have it again. My graphics card has 6GB or vram and I run automation on epic settings without any problem, but this.

Is there a way I can manually fix this? Like a file I can manually edit to make the game load the high resolution versions of the thumbnails?


That is probably related to a bigger texture problem the game is having for some people right now. Take a look at the small factory or something in photo mode and see if the textures are similarly messed up. I don’t think there’s much you can do on your end.


yep, I just did and it loads crappy textures :frowning: