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Problems launching game


I bought the game in the kee stage and installed unreal engine. When I start it up, it all goes normally, I press use open beta then wait. After a long loading stage it takes me to the normal start screen, except the mouse is lagging and it doesn’r respond to my clicks. Also, it’s obviously having trouble and the music keeps glitching out. I have to eventually force shut down my computer. Is anyone else having this problem? How can I fi it? Or is my computer just not good enough?


If you launch the game in safemode, does it work better?


Where can I turn safe mode on? I looked through the launcher and couldn’t find it. Also, I made the mistake of writing “uninstalled” when I meant “installed” so I currently have unreal installed and want to make it work. Sorry for the bad English…


This menu:

should for your game have an option to launch the UE4 version in safemode.


(I’m not OP, but)

Safemode doesn’t seem to be an option.


I can’t find that menu or safemode anywhere


Was a mistake on our part, this should be fixed today! The option should be in there then.


This works perfectly, thank you :slight_smile: