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Problems with Accounts/Keys/Logins?


I bought the %35 full game and i closed the window. Is there anyway i can get back there to add my activation key???


Yep! It’ll be sent to your email address too :slight_smile:


I just bought the game and downloaded instaler and 1323 update but when i press play game it has limited options like demo version. What should i do to fix this issue?


If you have turbos, I6s and V8s then you are running the current full version. Make sure you press play game and not play demo when you start the game.



After patching the game to 1352 (Patch 1323 -> 1352 33.9 MB in thread) I have “no access” to the game (I6, v8, turbos).
I’ve tried an installation from scratch, but no way (as Admin, Play game button, etc).

Build 1323 still working properly though.


Jupp, we’re aware of that. Should be easy to fix, hopefully even today.


I got a question about my account… the PC in which i use Automation got some problems and i can’t use it, can i use my Automation copy in my other PC? :confused:


Yes, for now, you can use Automation on multiple computers. Hopefully, it will stay that way.


Sure you can!


Hi all i order the game but my code was wrong and i have received no email.

Thank you and help


i go into user control panel and click profile then edit account settings. i click on username but there is no box around it, so how do i change it?


@comicaldan: If you haven’t done so already, please write an email to contact@camshaftsoftware.com mentioning your forum name, the email address you ordered the game with and we’ll sort it out. :slight_smile:

@theEskiimo: I don’t think normal users can change their forum names, but admins can.


I have sent an email regarding this problem. Please attend to said email or at least check the inbox.



Hey Dscotrk, yes we’re on it. It seem like a more general problem connected to hotmail users. Since a few days ago they seem to filter out our automated email completely :frowning: You’ll get the key today. Sorry for the wait.
Edit: For some reason your email did end up in our spam folder, hence why we didn’t see it end of last week.



I would like to upgrade my account from the standard to the Supercharged Edition is this possible or must i purchase the full Supercharged Edition.

If i am posting this in the wrong place please point me in the correct direction as i am still unfamiliar with the site and forum.

Thank you


Sorry, but there is no way to upgrade. There are too many logistical problems associated with this. You can buy the V16s at an extra cost as a DLC when they are released.


i need help i have just activated the key and now when i try to log in it says username not found


Make sure to capitalize properly. This has been the case in the past.


how do I activate cd key please help I have pre ordered etc :cry:


Activate it here: