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Problems with Accounts/Keys/Logins?


I tried to get my steam key and nothing happened! Where is it?


Dude… give it five minutes




I converted mine, now it says I own no keys… :confused:


I converted my key and got nothing and now it says I dont own any :frowning:


Oh scratch that, its working good now, downloading the new game inside steam already~


Same here! Awesome! :smiley:


No problems here! It is a long time ago, that I’ve start up Steam ;p This update is a biggg step forward for Automation!! Thanks for the good work gentlemen!


Sorry if this is something that can be easily searched here, but I’d like to transfer my key over to Steam, and can’t seem to track my key down. I pre-ordered the Turbocharged edition back before the Engine Designer demo release, and I can still run the game fine using the launcher, I just don’t know where I can find my key.


If you log in to the forums using the correct account (the same one you use to login to the game) then you will have a button in the top right of Automationgame.com to transfer it


Thanks for the quick reply, I didn’t realise I had 2 different accounts on this forum haha, not really sure where the other came from.


So I just purchased the game on your website. I had the demo, how do I play the “Full game” now?


hello. is there any consequences or negatives to moving my account to steam? also i tried to switch to steam and it says i dont own any key’s. i pre ordered the game.


Moving an Automation key to Steam is irreversible. Whether this is a negative or not would depend on how much you use Steam and whether you are bothered by Automation being dependent on it.

The Steam version will receive faster updates.


i need help with the no key thing lol


Well this account doesn’t have a key attached to it, do you have any other accounts?


my game name is 360juggalo sorry


Well, if that’s the account with your key attached, you’ll need to login with that to convert it.


I updated today and am getting the “Active key not found” ?


Have you converted your key to Steam? If that is the case your standalone copy no longer works. Did you activate your key on your User Control Panel? ucp.php?i=199