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Pyrlix' 3D Department | Update at Page 11


So i started working on this


Is that… a Ford Escort? Or do I have my cars mixed up again?


What real-life car exactly is that going to be based on? It would make a great classic FWD hot hatch or small RWD coupe!


Ford Fiesta Mk1/Mk2

Planned Variants:
3/5Door Hatch, 2/4 Door Sedan, 5 door Swagon, 3 Door Cargo-Wagon

all on a 2.33m wheelbase and a planned max lenght of 4m (non morph)

Yes i forgot one or two smoothing groups



I have been looking for a good hatchback I could use for so long! :smiley:


Yay! I’ve been looking for a small sedan lately.


Slow but steady progress is happening

My work is holding me back…


Damn employers. =P


“Its done when its done”

And it is done!


But you need fitting taillights for this car… maybe.



Lookin’ sharp right there. I’ll be testing it as soon as i finish cleanin’ and preppin’ up my bedroom/training lab…


nice man :smiley:


Just what we need - another classic compact car in a variety of body styles.


Awesome dude just awesome


Znopresk on the way

As promised.


@pyrlix you can sent me the both mods of Fiesta plz?

My workshop it doesnt download anything since September.

And, about a rim tutorial?


I got the not-Fiesta body to show up by moving the relevant files from the workshop folder to the Camso subfolder in /GameData. I did the same thing with the tailight mod and got the same result.


This polonez is… Unreal.


How did you get it into the game? I’ve followed the cooking workaround instructions and I don’t even know what it did.



Two UE4 Mods are out!



Also none of the mods work for me in UE4, so “eh?”