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Pyrlix' 3D Department | Update at Page 11


There now should be plenty new fixtures with those of Kubby and mine to fill a whole page :smiley:

Update: Fixed my RollsRoyce Grille - its bugging around less now. Link is updated.


Well done Pyrlix! They look amazing! Maybe put the install explanation in the top of your post :slight_smile:


Good Idea! Put them with big bold font in the top!

Reduced the poly count of the chrome stripes to 350-650 polys! Should lead to a huge performance increase when morphing and moving them!


Really good looking grilles, quality modelling! I hope your work will be included in the final version of the game!


Discovered this modding department today… :open_mouth: Awesome, simple as they are those strips, they we’re just what i needed for my latest four door GT saloon!! Thnx. Keep up the good work…


Sheesh all this dust here wipes it off

Time to unveil some new fixtures… and its time for 3 of them… AT ONCE.

This is a very elegant grille - well atleast according to the name of a big car manufactor that has a star as its logo… Lets call it the ELEGANT Grille. Comes in two variants that look pretty much the same - but one has a small “shield” in it, similar to a W212 with Blue Efficiency Pack!


This car also had another grille variant - the sports grille! Comes in two variants - full bars and badge cut out.


And the last fixture is for a forum member and his car company. Its the Znopresk-Logo for Mr. NormanVauxhall.
Credits for the ZNOPRESK 3DLogo goes to WizzyThaMan, who provided me with the 3D Model of it. Many thanks!
The implementation is pretty much a huge hack but it works…


:open_mouth: I’m so honored… really…http://i3.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/square/000/002/796/447px-Manlytears3.jpg


Hahaha, I’d greatly take the Znopresk! Who doesn’t want one!
Good job on getting the hack to work Pyrlix! :smiley:


Time to present something new here!

Banhammer Cars is proud to present its first own Badge on the refurbished Vembre 2600C



And on other Note the production of Badges for Cita Motors started right about now - all of them produced in one of the many Banhammer Factories



**How to use Badges: Unpack into your /assets/meshes/carparts/badges folder


there is no full way to describe my gratitude right now :smiley:


Anyone are interested to make my logo?

I’ll send the image file to the interested person.


Time to release something big…

The Badge Bundle!
You may think “What does he mean?!?!” - but its very simple. Many people want badges for the rear of their car, or letters or numbers. And here you go


Its now possible to do this. Its a work around - as they function as exhausts - but hey… its awesome!

How to use the Badge Bundle: Unpack in your /assets/meshes/carparts/exhausts folder**


We have another regular Badge to release!


How to use the Badge Bundle: Unpack directly in your /assets/meshes/carparts folder


Thanks a lot for your awesome work! :smiley:


Thanks a lot, now I have to go make ALL of my cars look real now that I can put these all over them :-p Thanks for stealing my sunday :-p

P.S. Feel free to keep making more stuff that will occupy my sundays.


You stole my idea! You corrupt polish/german stasi! :stuck_out_tongue:
Nevertheless, awesome job!


I wuv you… No homo


Looking forward to installing these. :slight_smile:


Glad that we have custom badges in the game now. :smiley:


Awsome work indeed!! Thanks! :astonished:

Is it possible to make lettering go around the car? Like vents? :mrgreen: :geek:


Love that Badges… thanks a lot