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Pyrlix' 3D Department | Update at Page 11


[quote=“8bs”]Awsome work indeed!! Thanks! :astonished:

Is it possible to make lettering go around the car? Like vents? :mrgreen: :geek:[/quote]

Nope, they are as Exhaust, so they can be placed only in the back of the car.


“Oh cock”
Fucking mint, thank you so much.


OMG you gotta do something for Normandy. I will literally lick your feet if you help.


Depends if Pyrlix is into foot licking.


Also, I can’t seem to get any of his decals to work.


You installed them in exhausts right?
If so - go to the exhaust tab and choose one of these many many badges and slap them on your boot lid or rear bumper :slight_smile:

They work like exhausts - so rear only.


So… am I gonna get to lick your feet?


This is what I am currently working at with 3dsmax 2014… hopefully I can get my 32bit 2012/2013 back to work soon!


was about to ask if it was a Delta, but then spotted the bitmap behind it - lol

nice work so far, (any chance of a Fiat Tempra? - LOL)


This is my first body ever :stuck_out_tongue:
Skipped directly from grilles and vents to full frontal body!

Well… it should be somewhat morphable like a Delta


Heh, so we will be able to make a SAAB 600 then.

(It was a re badged Lancia Delta. And rusted just like a Lancia.)


FSO Polonez… :mrgreen:


Just had to get me these letters badges… I desperately want to use the OH COCK one, but haven’t yet found a situation to do it justice…




Oh god, another car body with huge tires :laughing:


Time for my newest 3D Object…


Comes in a front and mid engined variant, morphing is not the best, but its my first model…!
It totally does not look like a Polonez, and the mid engined variant is totally not based on the Stratopolonez


Unpack that into your \Automation\assets\meshes and enjoy!


This is all fantastic work, although with the swap to Unity engine I won’t be getting this now. I hope you keep working on 3D model bits when the change is made though.


Its still a long time till the engine will be changed… and its still pretty much unknown which engine we go to.


Hot diggity I giggity!

Loving how the 3d modding is really taking off, that’s a good sign for the community!




What sort of suspension travel will this car have? 5cm?

Most cars have at least 10-15 cm travel, unless they are race track only.