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Pyrlix' 3D Department | Update at Page 11


There should be plenty of travel if you go for sane tyres... in the example i used the maximum possible wheel diameter :stuck_out_tongue: (Stratopolonez ftw - and that was a race/rallye car)


Top right photo looks Golf-y (minus the back bit) :smiley:


This is perfect! I was looking for a body style like this just last night when planning PMC's next line of sedans. I am eternally thankful!


Its infact a Giorgetto Giugiaro styled 70s body... used by a good eastern european car manufacturer - Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych, short FSO.


Audi 90


I really love the lettering. It adds that little something that my car designs were missing. Thanks!


Time for a new badge batch!

Baltazar Automóveis and Mars Engineering!


Instructions: Just unpack in your Automation root folder - example: C:\ProgramData\Automation


^ those look great


Trying something big right now...


City/School bus?

How many seats will that puppy have? :-p


Look up Mercedes Benz Vario :wink:
Up to 9 Seats and Cargo Space or just a 3 Seater Row and a MASSIVE cargo bay... or room for a mad V16 Twin Turbo.

LWB and SWB Variant will come, just the 4.5m wheelbase... thats a bit extreme


That things sweet! I wonder if any made it North America?


For our fellow US car builders, maybe you can make it in such a way so you can morph it into a stepvan :wink:


Big Vans you say...



7.7m just of steel - everything else is a toy now.


You forgot the comparaison with the vivaro :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Pyrlix! Now I can start my not-Winnebago subsidiary. :stuck_out_tongue:


And I can expand my van department.

Maybe it's impossible BC of the structure of chassis' is created with 'normal' cars in mind but you'd be a hero if you also make can make a rigid truck chassis version like this!


Why have a camper van when you can have a whole appartment complex on wheels?

Bring your freinds, family and neighbours on a road trip today, with the larger then live super-duper-people mover 6000!


Heh heh, cool. When is this big ol' thing comin' out, btw? I would love to experiment with this body sometime..... :smiley:


Get ready! Bus is ready for you...


The Not-Vario is ready to download and it comes in whooping 5 Variants!

3 ones basing on a short wheelbase, 2 on a long wheelbase!

**Mid-Engined **SWB Passenger
Front-Engined LWB+SWB Passenger
Front-Engined LWB+SWB Cargo

Known Issues: Front Tyre Width is influenced by the mirror on the SWB Variants.


How to use: Extract into your Automation Rootfolder (e.g. C:\Program Data\Automation)