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Pyrlix' 3D Department | Update at Page 11


And if you weren’t already getting one of these, just remember… it can fit any engine you want in any configuration you want. That’s right, 10.9L bi turbo V8s? NOW YOU CAN, WITH NOT-VARIO!




The real question is will it fit a 20+L twin-turbo V16 in! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great. Just need someone to give me the mod that adds “Diesel” to the game :stuck_out_tongue:


UPS Truck, here I come :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome body! We just need Diesel engines so we can get half decent mileage :-p My bus needs 26 litres of fuel to go 100km :open_mouth:


[quote=“pyrlix”]Get ready! Bus is ready for you…

The Not-Vario is ready to download and it comes in whooping 5 Variants!

3 ones basing on a short wheelbase, 2 on a long wheelbase!

**Mid-Engined **SWB Passenger
Front-Engined LWB+SWB Passenger
Front-Engined LWB+SWB Cargo

Known Issues: Front Tyre Width is influenced by the mirror on the SWB Variants.


How to use: Extract into your Automation Rootfolder (e.g. C:\Program Data\Automation)

Nice! I’ve already made like, half a dozen models with this already. Great work. :wink: :smiley:


The Znopresk Badge Family got updated and a new addition!


Instructions: put in assets\meshes\carparts


Thank you sir!

If I can help design your logo, you know where to find me.


I gib polonez new clay…


Since I have transferred to Steam and downloaded it from there, is it still possible to use these?


Yes. Only difference is that the automation game folder is now in Steam/steamapps/common/


You can use the same mods from standalone version in steam version.


Thanks guys, appreciate the help. I’m on 150328, and it’s amazing!


Clay is gettin somewhere


Looking good!! :slight_smile:

Pyrlix, can you make colored plastic-stripes? The same as yours, but in some colours, like a Red, a Green and a Blue one?



in the steam version I only seem to fin dthe mid engine version of the NON-Polonez


[quote=“8bs”]Looking good!! :slight_smile:

Pyrlix, can you make colored plastic-stripes? The same as yours, but in some colours, like a Red, a Green and a Blue one?


While it might possible to make red ones by using one of the taillight textures, AFAIK you cannot make a vent that will always be Green/Blue/Pink/etc no matter the color of the car.


You can actually do it, by adding a custom texture (that’s one of the reasons for why custom badges are a thing)


Time for a revamp of the chrome stripes!

Less polygons, looking better and more functional now!


Instructions: Just unpack in your Automation Root folder!


And while I am skinning the revised polonez and encountered a small problem with it - which is currently being fixed - i started to work on this:

Its based on a Mitsubishi Impreza 405 or a Sultan from GTA:SA