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Quantum Industries


Quantum Industries

-A Quantum Leap In Dynamic Design-

* but most likely not in product diversity *

Low volume hyper cars (mostly) and more (less so) !

Quantum Absolution

Lets flip utility the bird and snack on practicality because this car could care less about your stupid trips to Home Depot.


Quantum Fein-Evo

Warning: do not drive this car if your heart is not healthy enough for sex

Camera mirrors for less drag

Edit: I used thumbnails instead of the actual screenshot * dips head in embarrassment *

Edit Edit: some ‘2 AM’ introductions.


Looks cool…


fixed it…


I fucking love it


This is seriously badass. And the understanding of fixtures and how better to use them is on the top level. I LOVE IT.


Thank you, so much :grin: :triumph:


top notch work here :gem:


Ignoring the fact that both of these supercars use bodies that are at least 15 years old (as of 2017), these first two designs look ace. I can’t wait to read their spec sheets!


When I first looked at these cars my first reaction was, “What the…?” But after seeing the spec sheet, I realized that their staggering performance was the result of quality spam all over the place. To make matters worse, the V6 in the Fein-Evo is not only extremely thirsty, but also has turbos that spool up way too late for my liking, and the redline is far too short for the highly durable internals. Ditto for the V12 in the Absolution. Still, if you can find a way to design hypercars without quality overkill, I would have to take Quantum Industries much more seriously - as it is, the company’s current lineup is a joke, since it only consists of a pair of engineering white elephants.


Those are a bit on a porky side. I prefer hypercars to be be lighter by approximately a half.


First everyone was like: OMG those designs! Then it became the second coming of CNCharger.


Well let’s be honest here, the looks of these are simply amazing. The tech behind them is… disappointing.


“holy crap - what is utility?”

Killed me.


Let’s be constructive about this. You’re designs are awesome, but your engine/car needs work. Try to use the less quality pts as possible, it will make your car more real, because quality pts will throw your ET and PU through the sky.
ET = engineering time, it’s how much time (in months, if I remember correctly) it will take for your engine/car to be developed.
PU = production units, it’s how hard it is to build your engine/car.

An engine/car with high ET will take way too many years to be developed.
An engine/car witg high PU will be hard to build, meaning it will take way too long to build one.

So, right now your cars are unviable, since they will take forever to develop and even more to build.

Try to work on this, anything you want to know, please ask.


The most cost-effective way to build a car is to use quality points sparingly for the engine and trim, thereby reducing the production units and engineering time for both. And as stated previously, both of the Quantum designs are way overweight for the hypercar class - the Absolution weighs a whopping 5,000+ pounds, which is far too much.


The weight is mostly due to too much quality sliders at safety and comfort options, but almost everything increase weight when you increase quality.


Quantum - Absolution GTR Concept

Quantum - Pyrite S

Drive your daily cardio

specs coming soon

Quantum Lapis - Rally -X Concept

as the GTR and Rally-X are concepts, dont expect specs.


Hot Wheels called, they want to use your designs.




Quantum - Fein sport

The production units and engineering time are still high because the chassis quality slider is locked at +15, (I didn’t know what the hell the sliders meant before I started making variants) so please keep that in mind when evaluating the specs.