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Question about future features / data points in car design


Are there any plans to expand on the vehicle’s frame insofar as stretching it, shrinking it, or manual engine/transmission placement? I’m specifically thinking of Kerbal Space Program and the modular “building” of a craft. Or is the “pick a flavor of this frame” going to be the final path forward?

Are temperature and weather-effects going to be metrics in the future? Not just engine temperature and cooling, but also environmental temperature.

  • Options to increase insulation, air-conditioning/heaters
  • Regions with different environments that pose unique challenges to vehicle longevity
  • Are we going to be able to go deeper into engine design to allow greater control of temperature variance? Types of fluids?
  • Trims using anti-corrosion/galvanized steel for snow regions, where they salt the roads

The anti-corrosion and galvanized frames are a thing in the game, but how much impact do they have?

Is there going to become a market for the aftermarket:

  • maintenance for existing cars on the road
  • a report for a vehicle’s safety / reliability. I understand there’s a number for the rate of defects / recalls, but what does that number mean? How does it affect the game?
  • a report for past model’s resale value, as a measure for your product’s longterm value and reputation

The game currently provides minimal descriptive features for safety and entertainment. Are there plans to expand this (suggestions, not meant to be comprehensive);

  • specify electrical or mechanical window rollers
  • electric or mechanical seat adjusters
  • pedal adjusters
  • steering wheel tilt
  • daytime running lights
  • seat belts, waist / seat belts, three-point
  • electrical / mechanical mirror tilt

There are a lot of things that go into making the car livable and if those features suddenly disappeared, their absence would be missed immediately.

Or is the plan to keep all these checkboxes hidden behind generic “Safety” and “Basic/Advanced/Premium” Entertainment?

Thank you for reading, I look forward to the next update!


I had another thought;

In the designer, after the car is 99% ready and you’re looking at the market demographics for appeal and affordability, almost a third of the screen is dominated by those charts/graphs for power band curves, suspension roughness, wheel drift, etc.

What if you could cycle those graph / charts to list the most expensive “options” selected, or (for the demographics pinned by the player) those “options” that most hurt the car from getting a higher score, so the player has some guidance on where to go to improve.


From what I know (which isn’t a great deal).

*Changing wheelbase (“stretching the frame”) isn’t do-able. Engine limitations.
*Air con/ insulation is what the quality slider is for
*You can allow more or less cooling with the slider… and imagination
*Rust-proofing matters to price and environmental resistance (matters to buyers/ demographic)

*Safety/ features has stuff about seatbelts, mirrors etc if you click on the description… or just use your imagination… and quality sliders
*DRLs aren’t a physical requirement for building a car, unlike wheels or a chassis. Regulations IRL make them necessary, they are just fixtures.

If the game told you exactly what to put in, or take out of, a car you’re designing… you wouldn’t be designing it anymore, just making what the game tells you to. Might get kinda boring by the second car.

Disclaimer again… I MAY BE WRONG ON ANY/ ALL OF THIS.