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Quezon Motors Corporation


Oh boy, would you look at that! Politics!

Well, not really probably because its against forum rules and most of the stuff i’ve written is fiction, but I’ve revamped the third-generation Laguna along with its lore to make it spicier. Have fun reading thanks


That’s more like it. Remaking the 80s Laguna with a different body has done wonders for its aesthetics.

It’s a pity, though, that the turbocharged, carbureted version of the Iron Duke four used in the earlier examples was so unreliable that it led to the company’s bankruptcy - and the naturally aspirated V8 found in later examples couldn’t even crack the 200-bhp barrier at a time when similar V8s in GM F-bodies and Ford Fox-body Mustangs were about to do the same.

If Quezon had not collapsed by 1988, who knows? The Laguna could have gained another power boost to keep pace with its rivals, and may even have received an accompanying exterior facelift - but it was not to be.


So uhh hello i updated the Laguna and the Cordova so they look hip and fresh and not vomit. Included in the car update is refreshed formatting so uh yeah

I’m planning to update the rest of the thread to match the new aesthetic so uh stay tuned uwu

‘uh’ count: 3