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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [FIRST IMPRESSIONS PART 3 OUT NOW!]


Sunday Afternoon, the city of Teischelberg…

“Can you grab a cart dear? I forgot to lock the car, so I’ll be right back.”

Liane is out with her mother on a grocery run for tonight’s dinner at the local Maxis Super Store, her GMF Trend is out in the garage for its first annual MOT test, a system introduced earlier this year to make sure all older vehicles are still safe and roadworthy.

“Sure, I’ll go get one.”

Liane grabs a shopping trolley and starts walking towards the entrance of the store. It’s one of the largest stores in the region that sells anything ranging from food to camping equipment and other general goods.

As Liane gets near the Entrance she notices a familiar looking car…

The yellow sedan approaches Liane and rolls down its window. It’s her boss Lars.

He recently bought a YAZ 1500 Deluxe that the A&M staff can use for long-distance trips. It is a facelift of a model that has been in the run since the 60s. And from what Liane has read about it, the thing barely passes safety requirements to be imported into Gallia. But since they’re only just starting out with the Magazine, this is all the new car their budget could buy.

“Afternoon Liane, nice seeing you here. Doing a grocery run as well?”

Lars turns down the radio, it’s playing Mr. Flagio’s “Take a Chance”. He’s really into Modern Disco music, Liane enjoys it a fair bit as well, she actually wanted to grab the new Donna Summer album while she was here.

“Yep, I’m here with my mother to get Ingredients for dinner, and I think I might get some new Records.”

“What’s on the menu then?”

Hutspot, how about you?”

“I’m going to grab some fries with Devlin, I hear you two are getting close to a final selection for the D-segment comparison?”

“Yep, we should be done with our selection next week. Will you be lending us the YAZ?”

“Yeah, it drives like a charm actually, it’s not fast, but it’s reasonably comfortable and not too noisy once you get up to speed. Anyway, I’m probably getting a queue behind me, so I’d best be on my way to meet Devlin. I’ll see you around.”

“Ok, see ya Monday.”

The yellow sedan sputters off, leaving a small plume of smoke behind. Liane goes inside the store to continue her grocery run with her mother…

A Timer has been added to the main post so that you can keep track of the Deadline.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted an entry so far, due to the large amount of entrants and nature of the challenge (and me procrastinating :eyes:) it’s going to take me a while to get to everyone’s entry inspected.

I will be allow post-deadline resubmissions if I can’t get your entry inspected within the deadline, the deadline for doing so will be posted once Inspected all the cars.

Once all the able entrants have passed inspection, I’ll start Judging the designs and write my reviews. You can expect the finals to be out in 1-2 weeks after the deadline has passed. (I’ll be making detailed reviews, hence the delay in results). Before that I’ll make a few posts on the progress of Lianes and Devlins adventure to Fruinia. (AKA Prelims and Bins)

Introducing: The ЯAЗ (YAZ) 1500 DELUXE.

The ЯAЗ 1500 Deluxe, optional equipment shown, color: Цитрусовые желтый (Citrus Yellow) w/ Black Pinstriping.

The YAZ 1500 has been the Archanan go-to car for the commuter on a budget since 1967. Having recently undergone a facelift and several safety and powerplant upgrades. It has been cleared for Export to Fruinia and Gallia. The “Deluxe” trim level is meant specifically for Export markets, and Includes additional equipment such as a passenger door mirror, rear seatbelts and an entry-level ROTFUNKT™ stereo AM/FM radio. Optionally, you can further equip the 1500 with Häkka® Rallye-style foglights, aerodynamic front spoiler and a sunroof with low drag visor. The Deluxe starts at DCT 9,600 and can be yours today. Experience the durable and reliable form of transportation that has mobilized Archana for years.

That’s right, a prize car!

A YAZ 1500 Deluxe will be given to the winners in the Design and Engineering category. And you’ll be able to pick from 6 different colors.

Additionally, this car will be entering the challenge as a low-end Benchmark vehicle for the engineering category.


1983 SAV Gaviota 2.0 SX

Available in 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, and 5 door liftback or estate.

This upper-mid trim SX comes with a 2.0 liter, electronic fuel injection overhead cam flat 4, front disc brakes, 15" alloy wheels, higher quality interior trimmings, and stylish, aerodynamic semi-hidden headlamps.



Pretty dang clean-looking.

I’m honestly glad that more models were allowed, I’m liking all this stylistic variety between competitors. At this point I’m just hoping I didn’t overdesign.


1983 RCM Kingston Hi-Way

(ad will follow eventually)



Guess who is back? Exactly! The Anhultz Dione XII-CX.

[imagine some fancy shmancy advertisement flavor text. i´m just lazy AS F++K]

have a review by @Private_Miros instead
(specs may differ)


The 1983 Credo. By Chrysalis Motors.

Lithium Avocet


( When you put effort in making an ad but nobody likes it.)



With less than 25 hours left on the deadline timer, I would like to remind the people who’ve sent in a submission and have NOT passed the initial rule inspection, that they still have a chance to resubmit their entry before 00:00 am on the 21st.

The users in question are:

The reasons have been explained in a PM I sent out.

If you’ve already passed the first inspection, and still have your resubmission token, and would like to improve something, you can do so until the deadline passes.

If you have NOT received a PM from me yet, it’s because I have not gotten around to inspecting your vehicle yet. If your car gets inspected after the deadline passes and it fails, you will be given a time window for a resubmission. Up until all entries are inspected.

Once everything is inspected, I will commence the first round of judging (this will probably be Monday at the earliest. Because of the large amount of entries.)


Finally got around to making the ad for it.


What is the name of the font you used in the ad? It makes the ad look great


C.A.O. NIMA Tamade Sports Edition

By @yangx2 and @ElMenduko

Come explore mid engine greatness from land of sun rise! Fast car sport technology in affordable commuter car for greatest experience!

Mirrors are the adjustable move on rail to ensure optimal rear view

Rear engine compartment boot trunk is engine storage and give space at front hood for all shopping good

Mid engine fun design is provide lively performance!

Easy electronics access is available at front wing quarter for mechanic easy!

But not all with innovate. Gas cap is of the bottom quarter to ensure body line nice

Spicy Chicken


You forgot 屌丝 tho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just wanted to let you know that must be some tier 1 fixture spam you got going there, my phone hung trying to load the photo :joy:



If you still want to enter something for this challenge, I have opted out of open beta because it messes with some of the mods and bodies used on submissions, and might also alter some of the stats.

Anyone who wishes to change anything or enter anything and still hasn’t done so should also opt out of open beta atleast untill they have their entries submitted and checked.

If you stay in open beta, I can not guarantee that i’ll be able to import and check your submission.


Well, of course we used many fixtures. We teamed up to make the ultimate automation car. None of that modern crap with a handful of fixtures, we added as much detail as we could.

If you want to make 10 fixture wonders, sure, do it, but don’t ridicule our car just because it’s better :joy: :joy:

Our design philosphy if anyone is interested:

Design: It’s full of details, no mediocrity allowed. Well, as many details as we had the time to add. The deadline was coming so we had to leave it there, we had planned to add many more. But that’s all we could do with the tight deadline, arranging each detail carefully took a lot of time. However we still had time to include most of we had planned, and even some hidden details that only people with a good eye for detail would notice.

Engineering: Instead of making it a run off the mill shitbox, we decided to improve in certain areas. We decided to make a commuter/family car that still has very good performance in the test track, to cover any spirited driving needs. Many manufacturers normally disregard performance and handling in mundane cars, but we’re having none of that, this is a driver’s car that offers many smiles per gallon. And miles per gallon too.



In the end, it all comes to one thing. Do you want a mobilized way of transportation, or do you want a Kadett? For 1983, Kadett has introduced the Sway mid-size sedan to fill your driveway. With many exciting standard features such as a Cassette player, power steering technology and all round disc brakes, the Sway guarantees perfect value for money.

VS 16V: The trim you can rely on. The all-new 16 valve 1.8 liter engine has been developed to provide the best combination of acceleration, fuel economy and smoothness*.

*Not tested for any of those things. Terms may apply.


I have nearly 180 fixtures on mine. Probably not the most, but it’s hardly a 10-fix wonder. Styling is probably a hard-standout though, in terms of taste. In true French tradition, it’s trying to look weird.


Nothing better than a car with everybody’s favourite everything bolted on!