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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]


Imolas head of engineering puts the phone down and calls everyone in the meeting room.
Giovanni: “well guys, Auto & Motor Maandblad called.”
Everyone gasped.
Giovanni: “it appears that we accidentally sports car’d. Again…”
The team was so dissapointed that they decided to go out for a long lunch and plenty of white wine.

my ride was always a risky entry so no surprise here :smile:


Exactly what I was expecting.

With that in mind, a variant of the GC3 further tailored to Gasmean requirements (tuning for 91 RON regular unleaded, three-way catalytic converter, etc.) ought to be popular over there. Fingers crossed it does well in the next phase of evaluation at the Green Hell… a track better known as the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Anyway, great start to the reviews. Keep it up!


What’s “Green Hell” ?





No, I will be using the “Green Hell” map mod. All cars that pass through the first round are going to be driven around it for a lap. The Lap time you get will give you a bonus in the final score for engineering.



a side effect of my car´s engineering is some VERY stable BeamNG handling

like… almost idiot-proof for a RWD car


First Impressions - Part 2 of 3

Thursday Afternoon… Mordroc’s Castle?

“So, you’re telling me you spent 20 Ducats, and you still didn’t end up saving the Princess?”

Devlin was telling Lars about his sunday he spent at the Arcade, where he played a game called Dragon’s Lair, in which you play as a Knight named Dirk the Daring to rescue the princess from the foul wizard Mordroc’s lair. It was released a earlier this year and is notorious for its hard difficulty.

“Pretty much, that game was friggin’ rigged if you ask me, just as you got the hand of the control patterns, it would mirror the damn rooms or change the events and you’d have to start over again. But it looked great though, like a cartoon in which you could actually play as the main character.”

“But is it really worth spending all your quarters on though?” Liane asked whislt fidgeting with the plastic spoon in her empty coffee cup.

“Could be worse, I read a few months ago that that E.T. game for the Atari did so bad, they buried all the leftover stock somewhere in a Gasmean Desert, I’m talking entire truckloads, filled with cartridges, dumped somewhere in the middle of nowhere.”

“Damn, that must’ve been a blow for the company.” Lars replied, imagining rows and rows of trucks just dumping gray plastic cartridges into a giant hole.

“Uhuh, It must’ve been. Every single one of those cartridges has a decent price tag attached to them.”

“Anyway, guys, I think we should really be getting back to reviewing, we still have about 30 cars to go through and I don’t feel like being here 'till the middle of the night.” Liane put the cup in the trashcan and went back Inside.

“Yeah, alright, let’s go see what’s left.”

Devlin emptied the crumbs out of his lunchbox and followed Liane inside. The three of them went back into Lars’ office and sat back down. Staring at the pile of brochures laying in front of them…

Earl E-V Eagle 2.0L @patridam

Lars: “Wow, speaking of Gasmean deserts. I wouldn’t be suprised if this color was named after one.”

Liane: “Well, It’s not, this is the Earl Eagle 2.0, a compact sedan from Gasmea destined for Gallian export.”

Devlin: “Those chrome wheels look super fancy, and they didn’t skip the chrome treatment on the rest of the vehicle either. Typical Gasmean styling I’d say. Also loving the gradient stripes on the side there, though it can be easy to overlook them with this color.”

Liane: “Yes, they do love their chrome… Anyways, specifications It’s another large Inline-4 as we’ve seen on some of the other entries. This one has 16 valves and a single cam.”

Lars: “So the Trident wasn’t the only one with a reasonably large 4 Cylinder in the front.”

Liane: “Nope, actually quite a few are in the 1.9, 2.0 liter range, Trident just slapped more modern technology onto theirs… for better or worse.”

Devlin: “Like a Typical Gasmean Car, the Interior is very luxurious, unlike your typical Gasmean car though, this one has a very decent fuel economy of 10.6 kilometers per liter and it’s even got decent power.”

Lars: “So, This one’s a pass.”

Devlin: “For sure.”

The Earl E-V Eagle 2.0L will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Tanaka Laventa 2.0 G @Aaron.W

Lars: “And from a conservative Gasmean desert, we go right to something that’s modern and Eastern Fruinian in design… It looks familiar though.”

Devlin: “Neesan!”

Liane: “Uh…What?”

Devlin: “This totally looks like a Neesan Shirubia! It’s a car I saw in one of those Fruinian black-and-white comic books I didn’t know you read those as well Lars.”

Lars: “But I don’t…”

Liane: “This one’s called the Tanaka Laventa, a 2.0 4 Cylinder just like the Earl and the Trident, Cast Iron Block and Head with Fuel Injection. Makes quite a bit of power as well, 112 horsepower.”

Lars: “Ooh, that’s neat, does that mean the fuel economy is bad or…”

Devlin: “It actually sits around the same figures as the Earl, 10.1 Kilometers Per Liter. The Interior is nice, not as Luxurious as the Earl’s, but it looks very comfortable from the pictures alone.”

Liane: “I’ve already arranged a test vehicle, as I really liked the styling on this one as well.”

Lars: “Alright, I’ll put it with the others.”

The Tanaka Laventa 2.0G will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Znopresk Zenit 1.5 LN @NormanVauxhall

Lars: “Oh man, this must be the new Zenit, successor to the Z200, I heard it was shown at the Hetvesian Auto Salon last year, but I didn’t manage to go there to check it out.”

Devlin: “Your parents have a Z200, don’t they?”

Lars: “Yep they do, we should get this in our comparison to see how it performs agains the rest, Incase my parents ever want to trade it in… So what’s the specs for this one?”

Liane: “Let’s see, this one’s powered a 1.5L 12 valve 4 cylinder, with a carburettor, it doesn’t have a whole lot of power, but it makes similar mileage to the Laventa and the Eagle.”

Lars: “If it ain’t broke, there’s no need to change it right? And the new styling is looking very nice, though I don’t think my parents will fall for the dull color, it being very different from the more vibrant shades from the 60s and 70s.”

Devlin: “It’s probably a good thing that it’s offered in other colors then, this is the one we’ll be driving around on the Green Hell though.”

Lars checks out the other paint samples in the brochure, then lays the Znopresk brochure on top of the other chosen car brochures.

The Znopresk Zenit 1.5 LN will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Marquez ASW Turbine 150i5 2.0 @ELBruno

Lars: “I figured we’d come across some wagons eventually, so I notice this one is labelled “foglight issue and more”, what exactly are the issues with this one then?”

Liane: “Well, there’s plenty of things wrong with this one, I don’t even know where to start…”

Devlin: “Like the Imola, it’s engine is very powerful, although the focus lies far too much towards performance.”

Liane: “Yes, it’s got a turbocharged 5 cylinder engine, that gives it plenty of power, but lacks any kind of fuel economy that you’d expect from a turbocharged engine with Fuel Injection.”

Devlin: “It’s also not very comfortable, and it only has four seats! Plus, the styling isn’t exactly exciting, and the mirrors are ridiculously small.”

Liane: “Yep, pretty much no rear visibility out of those… To top things off, as the note mentioned, we were unable to find out if this car actually has the needed rear foglight, we called the manufacturer, but we got no response.”

Lars: “Hmmm… So it’s some kind of sports wagon? Not exactly the kind of car we need for our commuter comparison. In the bin it goes.”

The Marquez ASW Turbine 150i5 2.0 has been binned because it was too performance-oriented, not economical enough, lacked a 5th seat (even though it’s a wagon!), and did not have a rear foglight.

Vermillion Lancer Wagon 1.6 Bxi @WirelessCables

Lars: “Alright! This is more like it, a D-segment wagon, perfect for family road trips, there’s nothing wrong with this one right?”

Liane: “No, In fact, this is one of our favorites as well, it has a small, reasonably economical 1.6 liter engine with power matching it’s larger 2-liter rivals, and the fuel economy isn’t bad either. The styling on this design is phenomenal as well, there is a lot of attention to detail put into designing this.”

Devlin: “It also comes with power steering like a lot of it’s rivals, which is helpful on a larger, heavier wagon like this one. And the interior equipment looks pretty decent as well.”

Lars: “Alright, so I guess this one is decided.”

Devlin: “It’s a Pass!”

The three spend some time looking through the pictures in the brochure, then put it next to the other selected cars

The Vermillion Lancer Wagon 1.6 Bxi will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Roquefort Zeta EC16 16v @balkanski_brat

Lars: “Ah the Zeta, this one was introduced 2 years back I believe.”

Liane: “Correct, it’s similar in size to the Marquez, though it does actually have space for a third occupant in the back. It has a 1.6 liter like the Lancer, though this one trades in some power for superior fuel economy, some of the best we’ve seen.”

Devlin: “Yes, this one does 11.2 kilometers per liter, achieved by its economical tune, 16 valve layout and 5-speed gearbox. The price tag is also more affordable than the Lancer, starting at roughly 13 grand, though the 8-track sound system is rather basic compared to some of the other selected cars.”

Lars: “It still seems like good value for money. And it’s bound to be more practical than some of the compact sedans we’ve gone through.”

Liane: “And while it might look a bit plain, it’s still a very solid design.”

Lars: “I do wonder about those wheels though, they look like the type of sporty wheels you’d find on an older West Fruinian sports car.”

Devlin: “Yeah, that’s a bit of an odd choice.”

Lars: “I’ll put it with the other ones. You’ve already arranged a test model with Roquefort right?”

Liane: “Yep.”

The Roquefort Zeta EC16 16v will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Neko SX-1 4D-S F @Mikonp7

Lars: “This one looks neat, pretty sporty. Does the performance match the looks?”

Liane: “It’s one of the few selected cars that has a boxer engine, this one doesn’t make that much power compared to some of the other cars we’ve reviewed, but it’s still a decent amount.”

Devlin: “The Fuel economy is on the low end though, probably the power steering pump is sapping the engine. It is variable power steering though, something you’d normally find on more expensive, high end cars.”

Lars: “Ah yes, I can see here that this one only does 8.3 kilometers per liter. That’s not that much if you compare it to the Zeta we just looked at.”

Liane: “We still decided to give Neko a call though, it’s a car that fits the segment, and from what I heard it’s also pretty comfortable to drive.”

Devlin: “And as you mentioned, the styling is sleek and modern.”

Lars: “Alright, on the pile it goes.”

The Neko SX-1 4D-S F will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Polski Cossack D Pologne Series D1500 Pologne MR '83 Export @Kubboz

Lars: “Uh okay, wow, this is quite different from the other entries. I’m assuming this is Archanan handiwork?”

Liane: “Yes, we decided to pick this as a comparison to the YAZ you’ve bought. It’s the cheapest entry on the list at just 9,200 Ducats. And believe it or not, this is safer than that KGB we showed you earlier.”

Lars gets goosebumps from being reminded of the kgb, he still can’t quite understand the concept behind offering a car with zero safety features.

Lars: “Well if that’s the case, I don’t see why we can’t Include it into our comparison.”

Devlin: “It also can’t hurt to see how that revision to the 30-year-old engine holds up compared to brand new ones. They recently revised it and the exterior.”

Lars: “Alright, you’ve convinced me. I want to see how it holds up with the YAZ as well.”

The very, very long named car will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Cailloux SB1 SE @HybridTronny

Lars: “Ooh, this one is pretty funky, It’s like a larger Mono.”

Devlin: “It’s got experimental styling for sure, not quite as much of a space ship as the Vindur, but still very modern. This one is more practical though, it’s got a large trunk and 5 seats.”

Liane: “It has a 4-barrel carburetor Inline 4, so it still makes plenty of power and it has a decent fuel economy. and like Devlin said, its liftback design gives it a lot of cargo space.”

Lars: “And arrangements for a test model?”

Liane: “Those have already been made, I hope there’s enough parking space on location, as we’re going to be testing a lot of cars.”

Devlin: “A Cailloux rep will meet us on-site.”

Lars: “Alright, onto the next one.”

The Cailloux SB1 SE will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Reduit Støvkost G3 1.9 @kobacrashi

Lars: “A 2 door coupe? That’s not going to be as practical as a sedan or a wagon. It looks nice though.”

Devlin: “2 door sedan actually, Liane and I figured that not everyone will be needing a family car, and this still has 5 seats for when it’s needed.”

Liane: “I personally really like the styling on this one, it’s not the most modern design out there, but it has a very contemporary look to it.”

Devlin: “Performance is similar to it’s competition, a decent-sized 4 cylinder, with 90 horsepower, and a decent fuel economy of 9.7 kilometers per liter.”

Liane: “One of the drawbacks is it’s dated safety equipment though, all passengers have seatbelts, but they’re all still old “lap belt” designs. And it’s still fairly expensive besides this.”

Lars: “So is it worth a test drive?”

Devlin: “I still think people are going to be interested in buying this, so I sent out a call to Reduit and they’ve provided they’ll provide us with a test model on site.”

Lars: “Alright.”

The Reduit Støvkost G3 1.9 will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Hakumai Intruder GL @interior

Lars: “Hmmm… This one looks a lot like the Cailloux, although not as refined, just a single wiper and those door handles don’t even line up properly.”

Devlin: “Yeah, it’s also too loud. They had trouble with sound dampening.”

Liane: “We asked them if they could get it finished in time, but unfortunately, we didn’t hear back from Hakumai, so I’m afraid we’ll have to bin this one.”

Lars: “Yeah, we don’t want our consumers losing their hearing on us, if we ever go televised. They’d want to hear what we have to say.”

The three laugh a bit, then glance over the Hakumai brochure, before finally throwing it into the bin.

The Hakumai Intruder has been binned for exceeding the maximum allowed engine noise levels.

SAV Gaviota 2.0 SX @donutsnail

Lars: “Another very sleek and aerodynamic design. And the side markers tell me it’s another car originally intended for the Gasmean Market?”

Liane: “I think so, It’s powered by a single point injection 4 cylinder boxer engine, like the Neko, though This one manages to be more fuel-efficient and more powerful.”

Devlin: “Yep, this one pushes out over 100 horsepower and by the looks of it, it’s handling and performance should be similar to the Neko as well.”

Lars: “Ok, I’ll put this one with the pile, but I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting pretty hungry, shall I order some takeout so that we can eat while we finish this?”

The SAV Gaviota 2.0 SX will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Devlin: Oh yes, I’d like something to eat if we’re going to stay here a bit longer to get this finished today, can you order some fries and a chocolate milkshake please?.

Lars: “Sure, Liane do you want anything?”

Liane: “I’ll have a Patatje Speciaal and a Frikandel with a Pepsi please.”

Lars: “Alright, I think I’ll have the same.”

Lars put the SAV brochure with the rest of the selection, and dailed the number from the fast food joint across the street… After a few minutes, they continue reviewing the selection of cars.

PAZ 2206 1600SE @Mad_Cat

Lars: Hmmm, this one appears to be riding kind of low, or maybe it’s because the YAZ and Polski have a setup for the rougher Archanan roads.

Liane: “No, you’re quite right actually, it’s lower than the Reduit as well.”

Lars: “Ok, so it’s not just me then. I hope it doesn’t decrease the ride quality too much.”

Devlin: “It’s also got all-round drum brakes, but it’s carburetted engine makes decent performance and it’s fuel economy is pretty good. It’s safety rating isn’t too bad either.”

Liane: “And once you get used to the dated Archanan design standards and external door hinges, it actually looks quite nice.”

Devlin: “It was also offered as a wagon, like the YAZ, but PAZ provided us with a sedan variant.”

Lars: “Alright, I’ll put it with the other ones.”

The PAZ 2206 1600SE will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Chrysalis Credo 2.0 Lxi @RedRiot

Lars: “Oh, The Credo, I was actually looking at these last year when they were released.”

Devlin: “Understandable, it has good styling, and it’s one of the safest cars according to last years press reports about it. It features Lap-sash seatbelts both front and rear, and extensive passenger compartment reinforcing and crumple-zone engineering.”

Liane: “It’s also got a premium leather interior, with electric windows, and the performance is comparable to the Laventa.”

Lars: “Though If I remember correctly, it’s not very cheap, and the fuel economy isn’t as good as some of the other cars.”

Devlin: “Yes, all the luxury and safety equipment really adds to the car’s weight and retail price.”

Liane: “But for that price you get top of the line safety, performance, and comfort. Which is why it should be included to the comparison. And at 16,000 Ducats, it’s cheaper than the Vindur and the Laventa”

Lars: “Ok, let’s do one more, I think our food is almost here.”

The Chrysalis Credo 2.0 Lxi will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Halcón Obrero @Simmer22

Lars: “Oh, this one looks a bit like the BCT from when we started looking at these, It looks more refined though.”

Devlin: “Yes, the styling and color on this one are more to my liking.”

Liane: “Performance and Fuel Economy are similar to most of the competition, with a power figure just under 100 horsepower and a fuel economy just under 10 kilometers per liter. It doesn’t lack anything, It also seems very comfortable, offering similar interior equipment to most of the competition.”

Devlin: “Although I hear it has a bad safety record though.”

Liane: “Yes, crash test results were similar to the Polski. Slightly better, but not good.”

Lars: “Hmmm, well if anything, it’s still better than the Courser.”

Just as Lars puts the Halcón brochure with the rest, he gets called from the reception desk.

The Halcón Obrero will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Lars: “That was Angela from the front desk, our food is here, time for a break, we’ll continue after we finish our meal.”



Heh… I thought those were old shitbox steelies, did not know they originally belonged to some older sporty cars lmao



@Quotex If I’m not mistaken, my engine was only 8 valves, not 16?

Either way, proud to pass along to hell.



The entry you sent in would disagree, and to be sure that I didn’t accidentally change it, I re-imported it.

EDIT: I did forget to mention previously that the Cailloux a 4-Speed Automatic, most of the other entries all went with either 4 or 5 speed manuals.


Huh, my apologies, I did change a lot for my personal lore after my entry. I just feel bad for telling people I was getting my performance out of 8 valves.


Just giving people a heads up, the 3rd and last part of first round will be up in the next 24 hours.

I’m currently working hard on making another prize car, so that I have one to give to the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place in each category :smiley:

Once the first round is done, I’ll start cross-comparing the entries, to then come up with a ranking order. The next round of the review will take place at the “Green Hell” track, and will follow Liane and Devlin as they test several of the cars, giving a more in-depth view at the stats of every car.

As explained in the main post, the vehicles will be ranked by several stats, some more important than others, the Lap time on the “Green Hell” track is one of the things your vehicle can score points for.

It won’t get you too many points, as the goal was to make a low-to-mid budget commuter car, and not a high-performance sports car.

Anyway, The next round will go live next week, and by then I’ll introduce you to the other 2 prize cars. :wink:


i assume you will always host ? since your name is in the title


Correct, that’s one of the reason why I chose to make this, so that I can do things in my own pace, CSR seems a bit too stressful, and It’s not like I’d ever win with my engineering skills :joy:


quotexn’t design challenge
“definitively its not quotex” design challenge!


More like One of the best, there are more people who’s also great at designing too.


So I was going to write down the 3rd part of the first round today. But the game other plans, I needed to write down the stats for a few entries, but after suffering a bugsplat, when I re-opened the game, a whole bunch of entries had their morphs reset, Including some of my own cars.

I’ll need a day or 2 extra to get everything back in order. I’m going to see if changing to the latest open beta version fixes things, the important stats on the entries should remain the same.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I could just post who passes and who gets binned right now and edit the post later, but I feel like that would be half-arsed, as people wouldn’t really get to see a good comparison of the stats.


Damn Automation…


First Impressions - Part 3 of 3

Thursday Evening, the city of Teischelberg

“Alright, let’s go through the last few brochures, and then we’ll go home.” Lars yawned and stretched his arms before getting up from his seat.

“Liane, Devlin, Are you coming?”

“Just a minute, I need to clean up this mess we’ve made.”

“What time is it anyway?” Devlin asked Lars, as he handed Liane the empty food trays and paper cups.

“Almost five I think. I think we got carried away and lost track of time for a bit.”

*After cleaning up dinner, the three went back into Lars’ office and sat down to review the final cars.

“So how many do we have to go through still?” Devlin asked, as he walked into the office freshly set cup of coffee, I guess he was anticipating sitting here for quite a while.

“14, we got a few calls earlier, I have the spec sheets for them right here though.” Liane replied.

“Alright then, let’s get started.” Lars opened up the first brochure on the top of the stack…

RCM Kingston Hi-Way @thecarlover

Lars: “At least we’re off to a good start, the RCM Kingston has been out for 2 years now, and it’s one of the better-looking cars on the market at the moment.”

Liane: “Yeah I remember when this debuted in 1981, the engine hasn’t been touched for this model year, it’s out of an older model. But it makes decent power and the 9.6 kilometer per liter fuel economy is not bad for a larger car. Also, it’s liftback shape makes it more practical than a conventional sedan.”

Devlin: “Agreed, it’s an awesome set of wheels, I’ve contacted RCM and they’ll be able to provide us with a test model, really looking forward to driving this one.”

Lars: “Alright, I’ll put it with the rest of the selected cars.”

The RCM Kingston Hi-Way will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Shunga Rosetta 1.6 GL EFI @CriticalSet9849

Lars: “Ok, I won’t beat around the bush, It looks ugly.”

Devlin: “I can agree that the oddly angled headlights and the huge bumpers don’t make it very appealing.”

Liane: “Looks aside, the fuel economy is great, and it’s very durable, as all the panels and the chassis are made out of corrosion-resistant materials.”

Lars: “Ok, If people can look past the questionable design choices on the exterior, it sounds like a good entry.”

Devlin: “If they can, sure!”

Lars: “Close enough, I’ll add it to the rest of the selected cars.”

The Shunga Rosetta 1.6 GL EFI will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Lithium Avocet GS @vouge

Lars: “Alright, this looks better, It has a very modern-looking front fascia.”

Liane: “This is the Lithium Avocet, a new model for '83. It features a 1.8 liter Inline-4 mounted transversely, so it’s a Front Wheel Drive. It’s got a Good Fuel economy, even with power steering, and all-round disc brakes.”

Lars: “Sounds good.”

Devlin: “The Specifications are average across the board, it doesn’t have a modern 5-speed transmission like some of the entries, but that isn’t really needed. The MSRP for this is 14,600 Ducats for this one.”

Lars: “Alright, did you arrange a test model with Lithium?”

Liane: “We did, we’ll just have to let them know when we’re going to do the testing so that they can send a rep with the car.”

Lars: “Good, I’ll add this to the rest.”

The Lithium Avocet GS will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

ThereWasAnAttempt Superb @Admiral_Obvious

Lars: “…”

Liane: “…”

Devlin: “No there wasn’t.”

The three look at the brochure and find the name of the brand and model rather ironic, before putting it in the bin.

The ThereWasAnAttempt Superb has been binned (The engine went over the maximum PU, and the looks too plain and mismatched to consider it a contender in the design round. this entry feels very rushed, which it probably was.)

C.A.O. Nima Tamade Edition Composites @yangx2 & @ElMenduko

Lars: “What’s this, are those adjustable mirrors?”

Devlin: “Indeed they are, a very convenient quirk, Its function-over-form styling gives it a bit of an Archanan vibe.”

Liane: “And that’s not the only weird quirk about this car. They placed the engine in the rear, right next to the rear bench.”

Devlin: “So the engine pretty much shakes the rear bench around and if you push the car hard enough, it’ll probably heat it up as well. Sounds like a feature to me.”

The three laugh, though Liane insists it’s nothing like that.

Liane: “It’s not that bad, but the odd placement does mean maintenance costs are going to be sky high.”

Lars: “If anything, this’ll make for an interesting time behind the wheel. I say it’s worth a drive.”

The C.A.O. Nima Tamade Edition Composites will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Porro LS-100M @chichicoofisial

Lars: “I don’t think I’ve seen this one before, it’s called the Porro?”

Liane: “Yes this model was shown at the recent auto show, I think it looks very good.”

Devlin: “The plain white is giving it a bit of a fleet vehicle aesthetic, although the sawblade-style wheels say otherwise.”

Liane: “It’s powered by a 2.0 liter 5 cylinder, so it doesn’t lack in performance. Fuel economy is good, and the premium Interior and sound system are quite luxurious.”

Devlin: “Though I’ve heard that more money was spent on the interior and engine than on the exterior, skipping over galvanization of the chassis, or doing anything to the panels.”

Lars: “Well, as it looks right now, I don’t see any rust on it. That’s something only time will be able to tell us. We should include it in our comparison.”

Liane: “Good, I’ll have to make the call tommorow.”

The Porro LS-100M will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Rhisuki Arano 1.6 PE @Repti

Lars: “Ah, I think I have a friend that drives around in an Arano. He says it’s large, cheap to maintain, and quite economical for its price tag.”

Devlin: “It looks fairly similar to the Lancer, though if I had to pick one on looks alone, I’d go for the Lancer”

Liane: “It’s got a 1.6 Liter boxer engine, it might struggle to keep up with the others, power figures are below 80 horsepower. Fuel Economy is similar to most of the more economical models though.”

Devlin: “The rest of it looks fairly average, so I think it’s good to add to our comparison.”

Lars: “Agreed, we could use a few more wagons on our list.”

The Rhisuki Arano 1.6 PE will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Rigore Angeles 200 ES Sedan @titleguy1

Lars: “The Angeles, another very nice sedan from Gasmea by the looks of it. The Angeles nameplate has been in the running for a few generations now. They get better with every generation that’s released.”

Devlin: “They sure do, Styling on this one is top-notch as well. If I’m not mistaken, it was outsourced for this generation?”

Liane: “I’d have to look that up… By the looks of things, this one is average in most aspects, but they do not offer very much in regards to entertainment.”

Lars: “And it’s right at the top of our budget, I wonder how it’ll drive. Have either of you made any reservations for a test model?”

Devlin: “Fruinian Importers have a few in stock. We should be able to get a new sample.”

Lars: “Good, one more addition to the list.”

The Rigore Angeles 200 ES Sedan will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Umichiko Royal ELx @CMT

Lars: “Ah the Royal, This one has been out since '81 like a few of the other cars we’ve checked.”

Devlin: “I hear the engine has been revamped, it’s been in use since '69”

Liane: “Nice… And yes, the engine has been around for a while. But has been upgraded to Electronic Fuel Injection, making around 100 horsepower. The chassis and panels are, like the made out of Corrosion Resistant panels.”

Devlin: “Fuel economy approaches the 11 Kilometers per liter, so they did a good job of modernizing the engine. The brakes are a bit on the small side for a car this size though. I wonder how that’ll affect braking distance.”

Lars: “Only one way to find out, we’ll have to bring it to the track, let’s take a look at the next car.”

Liane: “There was a white compact car with pop up headlights that was mentioned earlier today, but I can’t seem to recall which one it was, let me look for it…”

Lars puts away the Umichiko brochure, and waits a while for Liane to find the car she described.

Grehet Prima GNAD @koolkei

Note: Photo taken in open beta, the vehicle was inspected in stable.

Liane shuffles around in the remaining brochures, but can’t seem to find what she’s looking for.

Lars: “Can’t find it?”

Liane: “I can’t, sorry, I think this one must’ve been thrown out before we made our final selection. I forgot to write down the important specs and contact info.”

Devlin: “I guess we’ll have to move on to the next one then.”

Lars: “Alright.”

The Grehet Prima GNAD has been binned (I was going to be lenient on the 1cm-shorter-then-allowed wheelbase, but I was also not given any advertisement for this entry, which was a requirement for all discourse member submitted vehicles.)

Anhultz Dione XII CX @Elizipeazie

Lars: “Wow, this orange really hits you in the face.”

Devlin: “It’s got an interesting liftback look to it as well, making it stand out in the crowd, though I personally would go for a color that blends in better.”

Liane: “What like silver or something?”

Devlin: “Eh, a flashy red or blue will do just fine, but silver works.”

Lars: “So what’re the specs on this car?”

Liane: “It has a 2 liter Inline-5 making roughly 100 horsepower, One of the features listed here is a Draaikiepdeur™️”

Lars: “A dry keep durr?”

Liane: “Yes, it’s a multi-piece tailgate that allows it to almost behave like a pickup bed or something if I’m reading this right.”

Lars: “Ok, what about fuel economy?”

Liane: “Around 10 kilometer per liter.”

Devlin: “I’ve already called Anhultz, they have a Dione standing ready for us when we need it. They just need us to tell where and when.”

Lars: “Yeah this one sounds good, let’s add it to the rest.”

The Anhultz Dione XII CX will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Kurokama SC 1.9 AeroR @ST1Letho

Lars: “Oh, this one looks very interesting, didn’t you say this one had a turbocharged engine earlier?”

Liane: “Yes, but unlike the Marquez, this one is tuned with fuel economy in mind, It doesn’t have the best economy out of what we’ve gone through, but it does have a lot of power.”

Devlin: “120 horsepower to be exact.”

Lars: “That’s reasonable, any drawbacks?”

Liane: “The turbocharger is a bit of a double-edged sword, while it helps with economy and performance, it also increased the MSRP to 16 grand, and the maintenance costs will no doubt be higher as well.”

Lars: “But it’s still reasonable enough for our comparison right?”

Devlin: “I believe so if the consumer wants a bit more pep, the error, I mean AeroR is the car to go for.”

Lars: “Alright, on the pile it goes.”

The Kurokama SC 1.9 AeroR will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Kadett Sway VS 16v @CorsicaUnknown

Lars: “Wow, this one looks absolutely stunning!”

Devlin: “I’m glad that you like it, the Kadett Sway was one of the reasons why I wanted to do a family car comparison in the first place, See if the performance matches the looks.”

Lars: “And it definitely has the looks, a very sleek design, you can tell a lot of care went into every little detail of it.”

Liane: “It shouldn’t be a problem, the fuel economy is decent, it has modern Fuel Injection and also features a 5-speed manual transmission and many advanced safety features.”

Devlin: “Overall, it seems like a very solid all-rounder. I won’t be surprised if it ends up at the top of our comparison.”

Lars: “So this one is a definitive must then?”

Liane/Devlin: “Yes.”

Lars and Devlin spend a few minutes ogling over the pictures in the brochure before Liane finally grabs it and puts it with the rest of the selected cars.

The Kadett Sway VS 16v will be sent to Fruinia for field testing on the "Green Hell"

Diplomat BX @micz244

Lars: “This one doesn’t look too bad, it reminds me of the Eagle.”

Devlin: “There’s some shoddy trim piece placement going on, you can tell they do not line up in the pictures.”

Lars: “Now that you mention it, I can see it as well. And the mudflaps appear to be installed the wrong way around, the build quality could be better.”

Liane: “It’s got a premium interior, but they decided not to include a rear bench. Which doesn’t make it suited for our comparison.”

Lars: “Alright, this isn’t going to work out very well, it’s on the top of the budget, it’s also more of a sports coupe by looking at the stats than a family commuter. So it’s going into the bin, there’s just one left. We’ll be able to go home soon.”

Lars picks up the brochure and throws it in the bin. Which is getting quite full. They all look relieved that there’s only one brochure left in front of them…

The Diplomat BX has been binned (2-seater coupes don’t fit the demographic, engineering too performance-oriented, not using the naming.)

Kingfisher Marketer (Discord Submission by Volvo Man#6138)

Lars: “Ok, this isn’t what we’re looking for either.”

Liane: “Oh I think that one got mixed in with the stuff we actually want, it’s too large for our comparison and it has a terrible sub-6 kilometer per liter fuel economy. They referred me to a brand called Kipper as well, but that one ended up being too small.”

Devlin: “The trim on the rear door doesn’t even match the trim on the front door.”

Lars: “Alright, we’re done then, I’ll throw this one into the bin.”

The Kingfisher Marketer has been binned because the wheelbase exceeded the rule limits, and because it’s the least economical of all the submissions that were sent in (The Kipper MQ-1.9, submitted by the same user, did also not make the selection because that one ended up being too small, please read the rules more carefully next time.)

“Finally, we’re done.” Devlin let out an audible sigh, before getting up and grabbing his coat.

Lars got up from the table and checked his notebook, in which he wrote all the necessary contact info and model information for the cars they selected.

“Liane, could you call all these manufacturers tomorrow and let them know we’ll be meeting them in Fruinia next week? Also, don’t forget to call the other ones and let them know we won’t be needing their vehicles.”

“Sure, I’ll be able to do that, when are we going there again?”

“Friday Next Week!” Devlin shouted from outside the office.

“That’s right, we’ll be heading out Friday next week, don’t forget to record the lap times and write down all the important stats for our brief, we’ll be comparing them later in our magazine reviews.”

Lars ripped the list of manufacturers out of his notebook and handed it over to Liane.

“Alright, I’m going to head down with Devlin now, I’ll see you tomorrow Lars.”

“Sure thing, good night. I’m gonna lock up and turn everything off then I’ll head downstairs as well.”

The three said goodbye to one another before heading outside in the night…

END OF PART 1.3, PART 2 “Grüne Hölle” COMING SOON.

For the next round, I will be picking apart the cars from an engineering aspect, and I’ll then come up with a winner for the Engineering category.

The round will again be posted in 3 parts, which I’ll hopefully be able to post in a 3-day window. in each part, I’ll go over a select amount of cars and I will then give them a report card number for each of the important stats.

I need the larger time window to make sure everything (including the 3 Prize cars, 2 of which I’ll be introduced later in the story.) is in working order. And I also have to work on getting the next community rim pack sorted out.