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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]


And which of these brands used Vented discs on a affordable Mid-to-Low trim level commuter car?

I would understand if it were a Sports or High Performance car, but for this market segment, where cars are mostly 900-1000kg and supposed to be affordable and cheap to maintain, I don’t see why Ventilated discs would be used. It only makes the car more expensive. And most of the time, it is isn’t even required as the cars will handle fine without them.


may i also ask about the

bit… is that my car is surprisingly cheap or surprisingly NOT cheap … i tried to make it as cheap as possible without scriificing much quality or anything… also can i point out that my wheels are alloys and they dont have hubcaps per se


It’s suprising how much technology you crammed in a car without breaking the ruleset or hitting the budget cap.

This probably means I’ll have to adjust my rule set the next time I plan on doing a challenge for this specific market in this specific era.

In hindsight, I think the 15K budget and 25 ET limit would’ve been fine for most configurations that have been submitted to me.


I think I had a pretty high equipment level too, no? Especially for being 4700 Ducats under budget.


Basically you are surprised at the technology and Trim stuff of my car that i stuch in it whiole being constrained by a budget? Believe me That that car is NOT the one i should and could have made were the restrictions a little looser. The Trident Brand is a high tech, High quality brand not dissimilar to AUDI, BMW, SAAB or Triumph in that it prides itself as being cutting edge but still affordable. i am in no way trying to say my car is best, it is flawed to the hilt and is rather substandard in my eyes so yeahh. This car was hard to get under the budget and limits of this challenge and i am surprised i pulled it off even if the esnd result is a bit of a lemon

Edit : @Quotex was mine really on the high side with fuel economy?


there where some cars: audi 80, citroen cx, ford escort mk3, peugeot 505, some bmw e21.

I know that it wasn’t standard, but I get that “penalty” in the price tag. Starting on this era onwards vent disc tend to become the standard for many cars, so I think it’s complete normal that some brands tend to use this improvement to claim that they are better, not being high tier. But you are the host, if you think that vent disc are a con, then I have nothing to say against. If that is the case, you have my support. keep the good job and hope you can proceed with this challenge as good as it started

I didn’t want to upset you with the comment, it was something that I considered relevant


Citroën CX is an E-segment “limousine”.


that’s true, my bad :sweat_smile:


My Lil car passed, yay.


In most occasions where I ran into vented brakes, things could have easily been solved by either adding an extra piston or by increasing the size of the discs themselves. Both options would’ve been a cheaper solution to adding extra brake force / reducing brake fade.

I’m not saying that you can’t use them, but it was very uncommon on lower-to-mid-end models.

I’m not going to penalize users for it, but the increased price tags and maintainance costs will speak for themselves.


I’m in love with rear drums on consumer vehicles, I guess that saved me from scrutiny.


hmm I didn’t consider vented discs weren’t very common at this price range. bit of an oof moment from me lol (I only put them on the front, but still)


I also use vented discs in front and drums in the rear, but my car is on the stronger side engine wise with 105 hosepower, so vented discs make sense when driving with effort.


Imolas head of engineering puts the phone down and calls everyone in the meeting room.
Giovanni: “well guys, Auto & Motor Maandblad called.”
Everyone gasped.
Giovanni: “it appears that we accidentally sports car’d. Again…”
The team was so dissapointed that they decided to go out for a long lunch and plenty of white wine.

my ride was always a risky entry so no surprise here :smile:


Exactly what I was expecting.

With that in mind, a variant of the GC3 further tailored to Gasmean requirements (tuning for 91 RON regular unleaded, three-way catalytic converter, etc.) ought to be popular over there. Fingers crossed it does well in the next phase of evaluation at the Green Hell… a track better known as the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Anyway, great start to the reviews. Keep it up!


What’s “Green Hell” ?



are you testing them on beam.ng?




No, I will be using the “Green Hell” map mod. All cars that pass through the first round are going to be driven around it for a lap. The Lap time you get will give you a bonus in the final score for engineering.