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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]


Yeh put one on but that tipped the ET over


New graph, quite torquey for the power


Just seen the emissions for your 2.2, 3000, I know it’s the sportier engine but that’s quite high…




  • The Mercedes 190E body will be allowed for entry (It’s based on a car that was introduced in 1983, so it’s allowed as an exception)

  • Multi Point Fuel Injection is now banned. The reason for this is that it really has no disadvantages over Mechanical Fuel Injection, which makes it a bit of a cheat card, In real life, Multi Point was pretty much non existent for the Market Segment this challenge is going for. Using it would mean you’d actually be competing with GTI’s and Sports cars of the Era, rather than other cheap commuter cars. So it would make an unfair comparison.

  • Displacement & Cylinder Limits set to a minimum displacement of 1,451cc and a maximum of 1,999cc and a maximum of 6 Cylinders, anything larger than a 2.0 liter V6 isn’t really suited for an oil crisis economical commuter.

  • Reliability is added as an important stat, we don’t want the car breaking down on our Journalists because of questionable quality cost cutting measures.

  • Engine Production Units (PU) Has been raised from 25 to 27.5 to allow a bit of extra space for tuning.


The VW Jetta was C-segment, with a WB 2.4m of with an OAL of 4.3m.

The VW Passat was D-Segment, with a WB of 2.5m and an OAL of 4.4m.


@Quotex You really should add an emissions rule or at least “has a cat” because otherwise no-cats are gonna rule the stats war.


So I’m not sure what the problem is? Even if it’s a loophole (which it likely isn’t, cats weren’t required in Europe until emission laws made them needed to meet the restrictions as far as I know), everyone is under the same ruleset. Why would it matter if ripping a cat off is a gain? Just take advantage of it. Emissions aren’t an issue, might as well go crazy.


Catalytic Converter regulations were still a few years away. So you don’t have to add one unless you feel like it because of “Environmentally Friendly” company lore reasons.


I can neither confirm nor deny that it is “better”. You’ll have to wait untill judging starts.

Also, for those struggling with the $15,000 I’m looking into the current budget, It might be increased slightly.

Pricing and Maintainance Costs have been added as an important judging factor.


is the “order of importance” ascending (from least to most) or descending (from most to least)?


It’s sorted from most to least important, however i added a bit of layering to the table because some points are very close to being equally important to one another.


Let it never be said that America doesn’t care about the environment. Almost every car in the US of A had a cat starting in 1975.


You can, but it will not add extra points to your score. Plus, if you’ve read the prologue, you’ll notice that Liane and Devlin are searching through Brochures and Newspapers at their office, so those type of ads will make the most sense.



  • Market Score added as an important stat (It kind of makes sense to have a good market stat in the Fruinian Commuter Market segment if that’s what you’re building a car for) REMOVED
  • Budget Increased from $15,000 to $16,500 to give a bit of extra breathing space.


I probably wouldn’t include the market segment as an important stat, or a stat that is judged at all, since automation’s markets have been notoriously odd. A lot of times the market will prefer minmax engineering choices over a more true to life car. While the markets are being reworked in the next update, we have no clue when that will drop.


Now I’ve got to rebuild my engine :man_facepalming: my Audi 80 coupe inspired 2.1 no longer qualifies, gonna try something from IRL now in the hope it works, also can bump up the safety


1983 Cailloux SB1 SE

Oops, i dropped some baguettes on the floor


A C-segment car (such as the VW Golf) is usually a small hatchback. A lower D-segment car (such as the Honda Accord) is often a mid-sized saloon or estate.


Alright, I’ve reverted the rule change, Market segment popularity is no longer included.


Rover BX or Citroen SD1?