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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]



1983 AMB G120

More pictures


Brantan Pan-Am LX Injection ad and originals from photoshoot.


In the main post i’ve put down what the Gallian laws are regarding License plates and rear foglights.


It looks awfully similar to the one posted 3 hours earlier

Aside from that, your entry will not be judged by the quality of the advertisement.

Also, to clarify


Keep in mind that you will only have one resubmission opportunity, so make sure you’ve read all that is required in the post. Even the Design and Engineering Guidelines and the section that describes the equipment your car must have to be declared road legal in Gallia.


Hello, I am here to present our new car, the BCT model S45 1.8L basic. This is the entry level of this new model, with a price of 15400 Gallian Ducats. It is a 4.5m sedan with a 1.8 gas engine that has mechanical injection. It produces 93 horsepower and it is tuned to be a low comsumption engine. The S45 has an average of 9.8L/100kms, but can go as low as 5L. This make the S45 a very cheap car to mantain.

Don´t let the basic tag scare you, the S45 it´s a safe car with above average safety standars, all 4 brake disk, basic 8 tracks audio system, advanced suspension, and reliable. Also, being just 1030kg of weight and RWD, you won´t notice that you have conventional steering, an item that would made the car more expensive to buy and mantain

Don´t mind the different license plates, those are press cars and the photos are taken all around the world


For today’s motorist.

more pics


and since i missed it off the advert here is a 2 door saloon in New Forest Green


Is that the 2.4m. or 2.8m. wheelbase version? I accidentally used the 2.4m. one and don’t know if it qualifies.


I’ve added some extra clarification to the rule.

The wheelbase must equal 2.4m or be greater OR must equal or be less than 2.80m

So if it’s in the range of 2.40-2.80, you should be fine…


Please note that I am also looking at decimals (which can be seen in the final tab when designing and whilst hovering over the body)

Ignore this

So in this case, the car would be considered to small to effectively battle the D-Segment.

UPDATE After some discussion in Discord about the subject, i’ve decided that I’ll allow bodies that read as having a 2.4m wheelbase to enter (down to 2.35m)


i mean any body that is from the 1950s could be used and just make a retro themed model…



Sorry for my incompetence, this is the first time I’m ever hosting anything like this


  • All bodies that show 2.4m and 2.8m in the Icon are now allowed (Anything that has a 2.35m up to a 2.84m wheel base is now allowed)


Courser by KGB, starting from $16,500.


It is, which, as explained by the rules above is an Exception to the body unlock year limit. Because the actual 190E itself was released in 1983.


i wasnt going to complain about it… i was just asking since i tend not to use that body and am not that familiar with it, also did you recieve the message with my entry?


I have received your entry, It’s the next one inline to be inspected, you’ll receive a message shortly that’ll let you know if it has passed or not.


could you perhaps elaborate on the ‘inspection’?


Basically, I’ll be looking at wether or not the submitee was able to conform its design to the rule set they were given.


you mentioned that a single resubmission is allowed… if a car does not ‘measure up’ so to speak, is that an oppertunity to allow it TO pass said imspection?