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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]


Later that day…

“Time for a Break?”

Liane looks up from the stack of brochures that are filling up her desk and notices that Devlin is grabbing his coat to go outside for a smoke on the balcony.

“Uh sure, let me grab my coat.” Liane replies.

Liane grabs her coat and goes to grab a cup of coffee from the machine before following Devlin outside.

“Did you manage to find anything in the stack of Brochures I gave you?”

Devlin sits down in one of the plastic chairs and grabs a plastic lunchbox from his suitcase.

“A few things so far yes, I gave the importers a call but there are a few hiccups along the road.”

Liane sits down in the chair next to Devlin’s and lights up a cigarette.

“Ah, same here. Some issues with road legality and whatnot. I had to ask a few of them if they offered rear fog lights, but the company staff told me they weren’t sure so they had to come back to me.”

Devlin opens his lunchbox and takes a bite out of one of the sandwiches in it.

“Some of the cars I’ve seen in the Fruinian newspaper ads look really nice though.” Devlin shows Liane a clipping of a cute little French cartoon car that looks more like a space shuttle from a sci-fi movie than something you’d see driving down the road.

“By the way, did the boss tell us what to do when we’ve gone through all of the stuff you’ve brought?”

Liane remembered overhearing Devlin and Lars talking about it, but was focused on work at the time.

“Yep, we’re going to Fruinia to check them out, we’ve rented an old airstrip for the day to do roadtesting and manufacturer representatives will bring the cars to the location…”

Liane and Devlin sit on the balcony for a while, looking at down at the city.

They finish their cigarettes and lunch and head back inside, at the same moment, Lars comes out of his office.

“Devlin, there’s a delivery man at the front desk, can you sign for the package, it’s that ROTFUNKT™ radio I ordered.”

“Oh sweet, we can finally have some tunes in here. I brought some of Max’s cassettes in yesterday and have been aching to play them.”

As Devlin heads down to the lobby, Liane returns to the pile of brochures.

Alright, let’s continue.

The Spotify playlist is now available.

It contains a selection of Gallian top 40 chart music, as well as some suggestions by @Maxbombe



You did say they were looking in a newspaper, after all. I was even considering putting it in an actual newspaper clipping, but then I’d have to make it for a fictional city and everything…


resubmitting because i’m an idiot.

more shots


The updated ad for my car


1983 Armor Motors 1600

A new car for the digital age, starting at $14,700.


There’s 2 types of cars in this, very typical early 80s cars like the Cortina, and later more futuristic cars like the Sierra


also where are the required rear fog lights?
thats a rul in this challenge i think



There it is.


fair enough… back to making stupid 2 liter turbo engines


I think it’s on the left rear. You see how the bottom light is assymetrical?

Me, I basically put in a CHSML on the package shelf.

@GassTiresandOil The rear side reflectors you have aren’t necessary in Europe, just the USA.


Yes, that’s pretty ridiculous even for your top performance trim. The Mercedes 190E turbo, with a 2.3 liter 16 valve made 185hp. I think that was top for this segment. Even (86’) the later E30 M3 only had 192hp. I guess if you count the Maserati BiTurbo, the Italian market S model had 205hp.


remember that most supercars of the day barely broke 300hp


For a contemporary sports car or even a sports sedan, 230 horsepower seems adequate, but in a more modestly priced D-segment family sedan, I reckon it’s way too much. There were many variants of popular models on sale back then that didn’t even have 100 horsepower or more, but such low outputs proved sufficient for the era.


My 100bhp(ish) car does not contain a catalytic converter but has forged internals in the engine, SPEFI and a twin cam , 16valve cylinder head all in a 1998cc block and the power is transferred to the wheels via a FWD 5 speed gearbox etc. etc.


I have a 1.6 liter four cylinder producing 80hp and 95 ft/lbs of torque, giving 27mpg. But I think my car is more large C-segment than D, really


GEC GC3 1.8i

The future of family cars has arrived - and it can be yours from just 15,200 Gallian Ducats.


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Thanks for the info. I’m not all that familiar with European rules back then. I guess more lights are better than not enough. And, yes, you have a keen eye. My rear fog light is incorporated into the left taillight assembly.