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Quotex' Design Challenge - Round 1 - "Back to basics" [ON HOLD]


The Zap was released in 1979 and it was the first front transverse layout of Žnoprešk.
The Zest/Zenit combo was released in 1983 based on the technology developed on the Zap.
More here, in Žnoprešk-Marlin Automobili


This’d be my first contest submission as well as my first post on these forums. Are we submitting .car files to the OP? I’ve never done this before. Thanks in advance (and I know I probably should ask this somewhere else).


Yes, you should post an ad and perhaps other screenshots here on the forum; then private message the OP with the name of your car in the subject line, maybe some info in the body of the message, and the car file. You can simply drag the file into the pm.

EDIT: @Admiral_Obvious If you ever have trouble sending PMs again you can use discord instead


Yeah, apparently I wasn’t allowed to use PMs cuz new forum account. I thought so though.

P.S. I can sent PMs now.


I demand you to stop right here because nobody cares and thanks for calling me out “rude lil bitch”.


Getting hostile over valid criticism and calling HybridTronny a “rude lil bitch” isn’t doing you any favors


because the challenge is a shitbox-focused challenge? it was pretty clear that the goal of the challenge is cheap and nasty


that is true however this is the D segment so cars with basic interiors would be a bit too ‘cheap and nasty’ to be seen as competitive and the primary competitiors in this challenge do include the BMW 3 Series , Audi 80 , the 190e mercedes benz and other slightly more umparket than the common as muck fords and vauxhalls of the world so hopefully a ‘100bhp Triumph-dolomite esque trimmed and engineered’ car shouldnt be too out of place


i see someone hasn’t reflected on WHY they were banned on discord.


While the Audi 80, BMW 3-Series and 190E are indeed mentioned as example cars, The ones pictured are either the absolute bottom line trim levels, or close to being so.

And can you not refer to the other submissions as “cheap and nasty” whilst uptalking the overengineering of your own car. It’s a dick move. I’ll be the one who gets to review them so i’ll be the judge of that.


I’m not a mod here, but I think anything said further is only going to do more damage, lets just let the challenge play out and not derail the thread further please.


On the contrary, the overengineering that is present in my car is quite a bad thing in this instance, the reliability will and has suffered accordingly and the price is a little on the high side even though like the german cars , the rather sub par and half hearted attempt at a car that i presented is the lowest available trim level. alot of the other cars in this challenge seem alot better thought out and far more up to the task than the marketing and engineering misstep i entered.


More pics


The mid-level 1983 BMW 318i had a 1.8L 4 cylinder with a SOHC and 2 valves per cylinder producing 103hp
The top level 1983 Audi 80 GL had a 1.8L 4 cylinder with a SOHC and 2 valves per cylinder producing 89hp
The mid-level Mercedes 190E had a 2.0L 4 cylinder with a SOHC and 2 valves per cylinder producing 122hp
(though the base 190 with a 90hp engine is probably more accurate to this challenge)

None of these cars are cheap and nasty, yet none of them have DOHC or 4 valves. In fact, the only engine that comes to mind in this challenge with 4 valves (SOHC mind you) is a “muck” Ford 1.6 CVH.


again pointing out the badly thought out nature of my engine and its rather lackluster figures all in the search of ‘economy’ . this is pointing out the bad nature of the car i entered, which goes against my entire engineering practice of SOHC 4Valve, rear drive, and all the rest of it which somehow managed to be overly engineered generally poor. edit : the cvh engine wasnt great though in the end was it lets be fair


i have 3v SOHC. my excuse? honda civic. they have been using em since the 70s. and i am trying to make mind look japanese


Edit: The car is actually called the EC16, no idea why I wrote DC16 instead :man_facepalming:

The Car


Other car photos


Other Photos

This is the Polski Cossack D1500 Pologne, MY '83, produced by FFSO, descending from a 1967 Cossack D1600/D2000.
This is the export model, meaning that despite the declining build quality of the FFSO factory, the parts for this model were specifically picked not to suck this much to compete with the western automobiles.


Lets try this again, with a legal car body. I’m shite at design though.