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R4 layout in base game?


I can’t find any comment including or excluding AWD with a rear mounted engine, a la 911.


Rear-engined 4WD isn’t included in the game because it isn’t considered significant enough to make it in the game.

even though i think it is, but the devs said no so sorry


Well, I hope they stick it in a DLC… if they ever make DLC. :slight_frown:


If they add it it’s probably not going to be DLC.

They already have most of the assets needed to make it AFAIK, since they can take a lot of bits from mid-engined AWD.


Exactly, just pretty much re-use the existing assets from the AWD for the 4X4, from there it’s just a change of calculations, and if I remember right, the 4X4 just gave a boost to off road