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Race Car Showcase


how about Iron Curtain beasts?


Moskvich G-2


The ZIS-112 was always my favorite Russian race car.

Such an odd looking car… I love it.
Not many photos around of it’s rear;


I know what you’re thinking…a meh photo of a meh racing Fiat 125P…but what if I told you that this car had a 3.2 V6 from Fiat 130 under the hood? 165 bhp made it big fast.


also, some of the old Modsport cars were thicc af and phat af


Since nobody else has described Indy Cars on this thread before, I’ll mention the fastest one of them all… the Reynard 2KI Honda campaigned by Penske during the 2000 CART season.

Way back in 2000, during qualifying at Auto Club Speedway, in the hands of Gil de Ferran, it set the all-time record for the fastest lap ever recorded by a race car on a closed course with a peak speed of 241.428 mph. Unfortunately, safety and cost concerns mean that nobody will even come close to that today, let alone exceed it, with what are essentially spec racers. And it looks so much better than the overly cumbersome-looking Indy Cars of today, with its far simpler aero elements.

Still unconvinced? Just watch this clip of the lap record and marvel at the sheer skill and bravery required to accomplish it:


Those were the golden days of ChampCar Racing. Yes siree!


dat ass!!


10 days! Why did this thread die out? Come on people!

The McLaren M6GT. A car that was sadly never to be. The original, Chevrolet-powered M6A was designed for Can-Am and turned out to be a total success. It was actually replaced by the M8A, while the M6B was made for people to enter Can-Am by themselves.

Later on, the name was revived for the development of a closed-cockpit racer for Le Mans which became known as the M6GT. The plan was to enter Group 4 in 1969 but sadly the tides turned against their favour and the FIA revised regulations mandating homologation - manufacturers were required to completely build 50 road going examples. McLaren simply could not meet this so the project was called off. Trojan, their partner, and McLaren only built a handful of prototypes. Two of these were later converted to road cars and one, registered OBH 500H, became Bruce McLaren’s personal transport. He used it on his commute to work and to attend race meetings.

The man himself, stood next to the legendary OBH 500H.

The road legal version of the M6GT had an estimated top speed of 165mph and a zero to 100mph time of eight seconds, so one can imagine it was no slouch in race form, with it’s Bartz tuned Chevrolet V8.


Wow! There’s a McLaren I’ve never heard of before. And great to see the orange paint once more…

Alright. Enough is enough. Roll out the F1 cars!

Brawn GP 001. Controversial statement: best looking F1 car of the past decade.

Still remember watching this thing come out of nowhere at Melbourne 2009 and winning. Slightly less controversial statement: 2009 was the last genuinely good F1 season.

The glorious Williams FW25. Otherwise known as ‘the cool one to support in the 2003 season’

Still couldn’t beat Ferarri, but they came close and this car carried the team to 2nd overall in the constructors championship. Also, a very strong contender for the best 2-tone livery of all time.
yes it’s technically three because of those silver details BUT THE MAIN COLOURS ARE BLUE AND WHITE AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS

And a bit of love please for the plucky underdog, the Jaguar R5!

Jaguar really were a bit rubbish as an F1 team, and they’re departure at the end of the 2004 season also ended Ford’s attempts to get into F1, as they were essentially using Jaguar Racing to promote the Jag brand. Jaguar Racing is of course now better known because a certain energy-drink sponsored team formed out of its remnants in 2005, and carried over a certain Mr Webber onto its team. And the rest is history…


Speaking of F1… Stepping back further in time, here’s another one of Maranello’s race winners: the 412 T2. This was the last V12-powered F1 car ever to win (or even start) a race; it did so at the 1995 Canadian Grand Prix with Jean Alesi at the wheel, and it turned out to be his only win. Both he and the car really deserved more success than it actually earned, though.

Simply listening to one of these will make you forget about today’s limp-sounding V6 turbo hybrids.


I’m pretty sure that sound is classified as pornography in some countries


Continuing the trend of F1 cars, and since this post was written on the 1st of May - the day that Ayrton Senna died - here is the car that gave him his first of three Driver’s Championships: the McLaren MP4/4. It won 15 of 16 races in 1988 (and eight of those wins went to Senna - the other seven went to Alain Prost), setting a record for the highest win percentage by a team that still stands today. And besides, turbocharged F1 cars were a lot more spectacular when they weren’t encumbered by hybrid hardware, as they are now…


This is the Audi Group S Prototype, it was built for what was to come after Group B but for obvious reasons never got chance to fulfill its potential which was a huge shame for rallying. It is in my opinion one of the prettiest little race cars ever produced.


That’s interesting… I didn’t know about that Audi. It looks so funny… like a toy car… even though I’m sure she’s a monster under that exterior.

Nissan Skyline KPGC10, anyone?

Listen to that wail;


Ohhhh :persevere: nothing like the sound of a Hakosuka rowing through the gears


@mr.chappy Such a shame we never got to see Group S come to life. It would have essentially been a rally prototype discipline with great cars like this in it. Ah well…

@KA24DE What a noise! Any idea where and when that thing raced?

Praise be to the Citroen Xsara WRC, one of the defining rally cars of the 2000s!

Helped Citroen to win the World Rally Championship three times on the trot between 2004 and 2006, as well as establishing Sebastien Loeb as one of the best rally drivers in the world. It was also driven by the late Richard Burns at one point, the man who advised the superb rally racing game of the same name.


now that’s a car racing nerd pedigree I can get behind. Even more tight and unforgiving than Dirt: Rally, it really does it for me!

p.s. shouldn’t the above post have gone in the rally car showcase? :joy:


Also did very good on the Rally Cross tracks. With a “slight” increase in power.:grin:


Fuji Speedway; on which she claimed 32 victories. They raced from 1969 to late 1971; I believe.
Here is another video with some information;


@RobtheFiend Did it now? I’m assuming that slight increase in power was quite a bloody lot?

@KA24DE Wow. I think I need to get into Japanese touring car history…

Ah. Good point.

Let me distract you with another Citroen also being driven by Seb Loeb!

It’s the C-Elysée WTCC! Certainly one of my favourite touring cars of recent times, just look how mean it is!