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Racing Showdown Advanced [RSA]



Name: Roos in 't Veen
Nickname: Dorn
Age: 33
Gender: female
Nationality: Dutch
Team: Track Devils

Driving: C
Cornering: A
Focus: B
Experience: C
Nature: C

Personality: Roos is easily fired up and always ready for a challenge. She’s (overly) confident in her ablities and skills, boosting her will to win even more. So basically: victory is the only option.

Roos is the only daughter of a farmer situated in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands, in the county of Schoonebeek to be precise. Her dad had always been a petrolhead and thus she grew up between cars of all sorts. At the age of 12 her dad bought a cart for her and took her to the local carting track. After some getting used to the cart, she started picking up pace rapidly, making quite the name for herself. After carting competively and attending to some local autocross races for about 6 years a German touring car team contacted her. Quickly after that she found herself in a GT3 car racing in the 24h of the Green Hell. After that she kept driving around in the GT3 and endurance classes, and even competing in a GT300 season once.


The car she has been sent is a 2004 Weber C28 GT3 turbo-tuned
3,6L twin turbo V8
700 odd horsepower
Front engined - Rear wheel drive



Roos had finally returned home after being the honour guest of a local autocross event. She was tired, but not tired enough to notice a strange car lurking in the shadows of her barn. She quickly parked her car and got the crowbar she had laying around in her trunk. Warily she moved towards the strange car until she stood around the corner. “Take a deep breath Roos, the moment I jump out and see who’s in the car, I’m gonna strike him with this bar of metal.” she thought. Like James Bond she appeared from around the corner, but she noticed no one was in the car.

She started inspecting the car and walked around it. She got to the back and vague memories started pouring in. “I swear I’ve seen this car before… WAIT a second, I KNOW IT!” she suddenly thought. “I was always looking at the arses of these things in GT3 races around 2004.” she sighed.
She noticed the doors were unlocked. “Strange.”, she thought. She started getting closer, and upon being in a 1 meter radius of it, it turned on. “Kyaaa!” she screamed. She quickly gets in in order to stop the engine. The moment she gets in a voice starts speaking: it’s the “”"“infotainment system”""" (in a car like this I would more imagine it as a glorified window satnav). She listens to the system carefully. “So people are supposed the stay out of the car when it suddenly starts?”, she looks away embarresed. “Nevertheless, a challenge has been set and I will be the victor!” she shouts as she hits gas.

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Your lore… is very wrong…
Please refer to the original post…
Nice car though.


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The Halls of St. Clement’s Private Academy.

~Bell rings ~

The halls of the academy burst with activity as students leave their classes for the day. Some students stand in groups gossiping about their daily lives while others walk and go about their lives as well. Then from there you hear a commotion happening. You turn to look to see students, mainly girls whisper and look towards a specific person. There walking, carrying his bookbag over his shoulder, standing tall, elegant, proud, is a young man with long silver colored hair. He walks forward, not paying attention to those aweing him, was more focused on a note in his hand that specifies a time and location.
Was it someone calling him out or was it someone who wants to confess to him. More than likely it was the latter. He sighs under his breath. “How many times does it make it this week?” He lowers the piece of paper and walks towards the location he was noted to. “Well, I shouldn’t leave them unanswered unfortunately.” He reaches the courtyard to meet a lovely blonde female figure that looked anxious. The look she gave was of surprise because she thought he wouldn’t give the time to confront her.

“Hello.” He greets to the girl who was flustered.
“Greetings… um… Mr. Eisenberg.” she stuttered.
“You can call me by Levi.” He replied.
“Umm…” She paused, “That seems so unformal given who you are and your family name.”
“It’s fine by me.” He said as he combed his hair with his hand. “So what did you request me to come here for?” In the background there were groups of females who stopped to watch and gossip.
“Um…” she paused, “The truth is… the day I first laid my eyes on you entering this academy, you looked so handsome, proud and so elegant. It caught me by surprise. Anyways, ummm… I was wondering if you would by chance, could we see eachother as couples.”
There was a pause between the two. He then with a slight sigh and charming look, sweeping back his hair again.
“I do appreciate that you took your time, effort and courage to confess to me. However with the way my life is, I don’t have the time to have relationships and my parents decline me from seeing people until I finish my studies. So I have to decline your invitation. This has nothing to deal with you. I’m sure you’re a lovely and fun to be with. But I’m sorry, I cannot date you.” he said to her as gentlemanly as possible. However the girl stood with a heartbroken expression on her face.
“I appreciate that you took the time to respond to me.” she turned and ran to a group of females who waited to console or cheer her on. He looks and sighs to himself, combing back his hair again.
His phone begins to ring. He pulls it out to see who it is and then answers.
“Levi speaking. Yes, I’ll be going on the next plane to Germany here in a couple hours. Wait, what did you say? There is a random car sitting in our stall but there is nobody there who says it’s theirs? Then have the car towed. Wait, you already did but the car came back? Why a new car when our contract with the EFI Komi finishes after the last race of the season? Fine, I’ll see for myself.” He hangs up and walks to the front of the school where he is met by a chauffeur.
“Mr. Eisenberg, sir.” As the man opened the door for him. “To the airport I assume?”
“Yes Geeves, I can count on you taking me there.” as he enters the car.
“Affirmative, sir. Right away.” The chauffeur gently closes the door behind him and and takes off for the airport.

Hockenheimring, Germany.

The pit area was a busy place. A lot of teams from around Europe are here to take place in the final of the German National GT4 championship. This weekends race would take place at the infamous Hockenheimring Circuit. In one pitstall, there was a lot of commotion because a strange car keeps appearing in their spot. A black car starts to pull up and park where the team is. One of the race suited personnel looked up. “Great, he’s here.”
The chauffer opened the door as Levi came out and met the crew chief. As they both walked and talked to the garage stall, they came across the suspected vehicle that has been appearing in their spot. Levi took a look to see. It was a brand new white EFI Shousuke that appeared specced out.
“Interesting, so that is the car that is causing us issues?”
“Yeah, we had it towed twice, but somehow when the team is away for 5 minutes, it just reappears.”
“And nobody know’s who it belongs to?”
“No. Not even the officials.”
The car however, did something as he approached. Immediately the lights came on and the engine rolled to life with the doors opening up. The crew jumped when the car did this all by itself. Then over the infotainment system it said.
“Greetings, Levi Eisenberg.
Your extraordinary driving skills brought you to our attention, and we chose you as one of the finest drivers in the world.
Along with other racers of similar qualities, you have been chosen to take part in what we call the Grand Race.
The car in front of you has been built and tweaked based on your previous driving records, unique driving style, and your preferences.”
The pit area was silent with Levi taken back a bit. But keeping his composure he dicided to walk around the car. Taking in all the detail of the new bright colored EFI.

“Gentlemen, I’ll take it to the infield test center to see what this thing is about.” He hops in the EFI. Inside, he didn’t know exactly why, but the car felt like it felt him. The bolstered seats held to him perfectly, the steering wheel with the pedal shifters felt exactly in place, the clusters were perfectly in line. He looks to see an open compartment with a note and ticket to ship the car to the US along with cordinants to a location in the United States.

“Hmm… Interesting…” He takes the car to the test facility to see what the car was able to do. The car was sharp, quick and it gripped the road like hell. The more he drove it, the more confident he felt about pushing the car a little more harder each lap. To his surprise, the car just responded to his demands without a hitch.
“I think I like this better than the Komi.” He said to himself. “But I don’t think it’s going to be enough to get me to join this so called grand race.”
After a few laps of testing he goes back to his pitstall where the team had prepped the Komi for the start of practice, qualifying and soon the 12 hour endurance race.
“What do you think of that car?” asked his crew chief.
“It’s interesting to say the least, but it’s going to pull me to do this so called grand race that it’s telling me to go to.”
“Sounds shady to me.”
“Indeed.” As Levi suits up in his track suit, ties his hair up and slips his helmet on.
“Let’s go, gentlemen.”


Name: Levi Eisenberg

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swiss
[Driving] Precise
[Cornering] Grip Wins Races
[Focus] I Will Pass You
[Experience] Professional Racer
[Nature] Neutral


Shousuke by EFI


Confirmed users, please post your Character and Car introductions as soon as feasibly possible

We have one more Street Kings position, so while the deadline is over, rush if you want it.
Hot-Iron and Track Devils are now officially full.

Just a reminder, Your Character’s are being given these cars by surprise, and when they don’t expect it, in the form of the Car just popping up.



Name: Rosemary D’Costa
Nickname: Bloody Mary, Rose.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nationality: British American
Team: Track Devils


A simple bet on a street race gone wrong. What seemed like a simple and easy win for the young racing prodigy Rosemary, ended up being a total disaster.

Growing up as a child, she was always intrigued by race cars. Her dad got her into cart racing and as she progressed her skills and ambitions only went further. She got into trackdays very early during her teenage hence why she has a few years of professional track experience. But very few people knew where else she went to hone her skills.

She used to hang out with a street racing syndicate. Every night they’d race for pink slips and cash money. Rose, being one of the few professional drivers and also a natural prodigy at it, made a good fortune out of the whole ordeal as well. Not long before she however, fell into the trap of some goons.

They set up a race with her at a certain date, offering her a car for car pink slip. Loser hands over their car Rose was fairly certain on her win. She knew she’d succeed, she would’ve.

3 corners away from the finishing line, her engine gave in and started choking. It was almost as if there was no fuel…

It was quite clear what happened. Everyone understood that, but no one wanted to stand up against the goons. As they were mocking Rose and her gang for losing like this the car was being filled up with gas again. At one point Rose lost her temper and decided to to something reckless.

She knew how she had been cheated, she didn’t deserve this. This car once belonged to her late dad, and has been a part of the family since 1996. She has worked so much on it and even did numerous custom tuning house spec modifications. No way she was going to let it slip this easily. She decided to jump the gun and flee the scene with her car.
After a good 30 mins of chase later, the car ran out of fuel. It didn’t get to fill up its tanks at all in that short time. The goons came for Rose and this time they aren’t in a good mood. It was at this point it seemed like, it wasn’t just her car at stake…

Rose didn’t think much about anything afterwards. She had to save herself and her car. She didn’t have much to lose at that point. It was either act or die…

Nero, the head of the goons, was approaching forward at her at a steady pace… mocking her again. They thought she had nothing else to resort to. First step Nero took inside Rose’s reach of her hands, she grabbed him. Seconds later, Nero’s neck was seen a whole 180 degree rotated. Seems like Rose’s Karate training with her old man really paid off.

The shock value of their boss dying left the remaining 3 or 4 goons at an awe, and let Rose take the gun from Nero’s dead body. She aimed at the unarmed goons as all of them got in the car and left the area. Rose didn’t take any shots, she feared that it will notify the police. She did however use that gun to steal a few jerrycans of gas from the nearby gas station. She knew there was no going back after this. She just killed a man and whether or not it gets passed on as self-defense, everyone will know of her street racing and she’ll be jailed for a good while anyway… and her car will be seized and put into the dumper… Although the news of Rose murdering Nero never surfaced in the public, everyone in the scene knew what happened. She knew living here would only be trouble for her

She wasn’t going to have that. So she said fuck it all and left her state for good. She was just getting used to moving from one state to another without drawing too much attention… until she got this strange voice mail and a black Typhoon parked right next to hers outside her motel


Driving: B - Neutral
Cornering: B - Corner Cutter
Focus: C - Focus on the Track
Experience: C - Professional Racer
Nature: A - Cool as Ice

The Car

Hermes Performance Typhoon R GT

In collaboration with @yurimacs



20:00 Date Unkown 2016


A young man in his early 20s waits tiredly. Missing his flight, he took the later flight at 8PM flight. He looks at his watch wearily, he sighs and looks outside to see the neo night city skyline dominating the night. A faint slither of light peers through the window, he opens his phone,

“Damn it… I can’t call Justin… Hopefully he will go ahead of me…” The man sighs, slowly leaning back onto the seat.

The slow whining noise of the jet turbines slowly start to spool, and the jet turns onto the runway, he fastens his seat belt quickly as he puts his phone away. The plane accelerates into the air… its going to be a long flight.


A young cold Japanese Ex-Uni student who later dropped out after 1 year. There are many rumours about his past. Some say he is a brute fighter who fights without mercy or a reliable person who will do what it takes. Many disputes over these claims but no one is sure as his looks don’t flash the ‘I am a delinquent’ kind’a of aura, though that’s only briefly. Fighting since young against delinquent he was more of a neutral chaotic person throughout high school, neither rash nor submissive. There were rumours that his elder brother went over to the US with his modded Suisei Tengai and didn’t return. His elder brother, friendly, bantering with one another.

Though their personality weren’t similar, they talked to each other about their future plans in the uncertain future when he was in his last year of high school, Izawa also sat down and talked about his worries as well.

A young driver, learnt at a young age and learnt some mechanical skills from his elder brother, Izawa, who went missing after taking a long term ‘holiday’. He decided to go over to the states to find his brother. Knowing that Izawa didn’t go over for just holiday he heard news of RSA and decided to enter the contest. He drives fast but calmly with his preference being a fast car that can still power out without spinning and he likes to play hard on the throttle of course within reason

In the JSDF he served approximately 4 years in the ground forces of the JSDF in an armoured mechanised core, were he worked as a field engineer and mechanic. He is recognised with the calmness required during fire fights and scored one of the highest accuracy groupings at the range. He is proficient Howa Type 89 and Type 64 with other weaponry he can use. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have to use his skills…


in his JSDF gear

Justin (@That-S-cop) and Kitao (@Falling_Comet A rough sketch of the two.

The Suisei Tento Yari Ha G3

He will be joining the Street Kings as he is an everyday driver whos sometimes like to hoon around on the Touge in Japan to the night street roads late at night in his spare time.

Engine: 2.6L DOHC 4V Inline 5 Turbo, The SART Yari Ha G6 450kW@8800 to 10,000RPM
Drive-train: Suiseui FR-AWD
Chassis: Full Carbon Fibre
Livery: SART Imperial 8888 Ryusei

His car from APEX


Prologue: Haruka Makihara


Haruka had just finished her weekly training with her partner Misa. As Haruka closed her simulator's program, Misa spoke, "Great results today, let's keep this up."
Haruka gave her a light fist bump and said, "Of course."
Having no other convenient way to check the time, Misa looked at her watch before standing up, "Alright, it looks like a good time to go."
Haruka referred to the time displayed on the lower right side of the simulator's screens, which now all show an ordinary computer desktop. "Yeah, it's already 4 o'clock, and it's a good idea to get home before it gets dark."

The two took a bit of walk to a parking area, where Haruka’s car was parked. Haruka, with her daily car also being used to rally, had to send Misa to a nearby station.
Once they reached the parking area, the two noticed something out of place. A full-fledged rally car, complete with exterior modifications that would make the car illegal for street use.
“Woah… really? Did someone bring that thing home?” Haruka was clearly surprised to find a rally car at a normal parking lot among ordinary hatchbacks or SUVs.
“Hm, maybe we should reach out to the polic-” Misa stood away from the unusual car, however, Haruka decided to move towards the car. Misa was frustrated at her carelessness,
“Hey Haru, listen to me!”
Haruka didn’t mind her and just kept on, to examine the car in closer detail. However, Haruka stopped when the out-of-place car’s engine turned on out of nowhere.
“Haru, please come back before people suspect-” Misa worryingly reached out to Haruka, however, she had become quiet as she began hearing a voice coming from the car. She believed she had to let Haruka listen before making any decisions.
Meanwhile, Haruka attentively listened to the voice, which had told her that she is invited to “the Grand Race”, that the rally car is supposed to belong to her, and that the navigation system would tell her where she should go.
“Oh well…” Misa didn’t really know what to tell Haruka, but she had believed it would be up to Haruka’s decision.
“Misa, I will participate in that Grand Race thing. I can’t believe this is just a prank”, said Haruka with excitement.
“Alright then. I guess I’ll take a bus today. Do your best there, Haru”, Misa spoke while offering a fist bump.
“Of course!” Haruka gave her a fist bump.


Name: Haruka Makihara
Nickname: Haru, "Red Wind"
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Team: Track Devils
Driving: A, Precise - Her mindset is that one mistake would ruin the race as a whole, so she had to adopt more careful driving.
Cornering: C, A Little slide never hurt anybody - She is used to racing on surfaces that don’t suit grip driving.
Focus: C, Focus on the Track - She races on uneven surfaces that could ruin a race with one mistake, so she focuses on wherever she is driving on by default.
Experience: C, Professional Racer - She does have some racing experience in actual competitions, after all.
Nature: B, Neutral - While she does love challenges, she often remembers to think about what would await her next.


Haruka had always grown up with cars around her, eventually turning her into a professional racer.
Her interest in cars begun when she was around 5 years old when she took interest in a video game his father was playing, a (relatively) realistic racing video game.
She often watched his father playing, but also had some races, against NPCs or his father. And so her interest in cars became deeper, only helped by the fact she lives near a race track and her father sometimes took her to watch races with her, and she enjoyed doing so.
The next major advance happened when she was 9 years old when she was tall enough to go on karting. Although she didn’t get to own one owing to various costs, she did get to rent karts and race on occasions. This had solidified her interest in automotive racing.
Later on, after some convincing, she was able to get a racing simulator setup, which allowed her to get a good grip on how cars would work and also motivated her to get her own car.
With some hard work, she had gotten herself her own car and driving license at the age of 18. With these two, she could participate in various races, especially rallying that interested her more so than other kinds of racing.
Taking one of her friends, who is called Misa Sanjou, she decided to go on rally racing. The first few of her competitions yielded positive results, leading the two to continue participating in rally competitions.



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