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Ram Hogging


Look at this guys, honesetly never though a game could use this much ram


To be honest, I think it’s a glitch. There’s no real possibility on Earth that Automation would eat 42 GBs of RAM.


that has to have been a memory leak, not normal operation. I can run Automation just fine at max settings with my 8 gb of ram


I have 16GB RAM and Automation sometimes uses over 10GB
It was worse before, it happened when we changed (I think) AR ratio, and even @Killrob said it, so I think there may be another glitch


This is always what happens on startup, mine settles to just over 2GB RAM.


Automation also uses a lot of RAM for me. Really irritating but I feel like the problem’s more on Epic.


Most Unreal Engine games don’t really have problems on my end tho.
It’s all come down to the developer’s work.

OT: I don’t really have major issues on my end. Probably is some bug of some sort.


A crash that uses up all memory is what you’re seeing there, not a memory leak. Those would be slowly over time adding memory usage, this here however happens in an instance and is an engine bug.