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Ram's Mods


I’m new to modding, I’m crap at modding, that is all.

Completed mods

See this post for now:

Kee mods

  • Hypera badge (@szafirowy01 the flipped version done, but the folders will need some restructuring and I will post it directly to Steam)
  • Dimension badge (@Deskyx same for thing for your badge. I also need to test if my flipping trick worked at all)

Future/planned mods

  • Circular sunroof for that van use or for the American personal luxury barge style look

I’m open to requests (mainly doing fixtures right now) and you will see a list of mods under this heading in the order of when they will be completed. Updates will come on the progress in posts below.

(This is for my own use, ignore if you will)

"Requested" bodies
  • non-Rover SD1 body
  • non-Charger R/T body
  • non-Mazda RX-8 body
  • non-370z body (RR, oh yeah!)
  • non-Porsche 914
  • non-Jag F-type

Release schedule

Not very often. I’m a busy student, and fron now on my free time to play Automation itself is going to continue to drastically decrease (thanks, school life :smile: :gun:).


Ayyyyyy you’re making mods now! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the logo!

Requests for any modders who are interested:

Classic bodies:

'70s-80s coupe

'60s full size Muscle


'00s sporty sedan

'00s Sports Coupe

'00s Super


If ever I really feel like challenging myself, I’ll go ahead and try that Charger. It has a simple, boxy shape.


Congratulations on taking the plunge to modderdom.
Also, according to this; https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3330-IAGK-7663
you just need to speed $5 usd on Steam. It does not have to be done though the wallet specifically; buying a game will work. Another apparently unwritten rule is that your account has to be at least level 1. They did not make finding this out easy. I assume the latter is the issue since you had to have spent $5 in order to even have Automation… otherwise I am very confused.


I forgot to mention, yes a fellow Automationeer gifted the game to me. And you’re right, I haven’t spent $5 on Steam. pain in the ass, innit?


My requests:

Porsche 914 or Alfa Romeo spider body

Alfa Romeo Milano body

Jaguar F Type body

The Milano should be easy, the other ones might not be. :slight_smile:


My requests:

The Barracuda HEMI hood scoop and a more accurate Barracuda-styled grill. (might be better to make it a vent though)
Oh, and of course, the front indicator lights (notice their shape is not just a rectangle, and the center piece)

A better photo of the front end

Edit: If you can’t tell yet, I absolutely LOVE 2nd gen Barracudas! and if you want some real measurements, My dad owns a Barracuda, so I can get almost any measurement you want!


The small McLaren body is already essentially the same as the 458 Italia, and Partario has a 60s Maserati being released soon that looks quite similar to that Ferrari.

The other bodies, yeah, they’re needed. I’m in the process of updating my Continental body, so there will be a better large 60s coupe available soon (with many more morphing options). More early 60s and not exactly a muscle car, but it’s something :smiley:


My vote goes to any hood option which allows for exhaust tips through the hood. Also, spare tire hood could be handy for the off-road/utility vehicles.


I would like to see.
a. A reverse cowl style bonnet scoop in various hieght sizes.

b. More exhuast options both rear and as side vents

c. More front/rear lip options

d. Modern wheels

e. More bonnet bulges to help cover engines that clip

f. Offset bonnet scoop/bulge like you would find on fc rx7

oh and thats TOMATA its a manual falcon gt coupe that races at Willowbank in my class and does massive wheelstands…i love that car


Right time to necropost this thread back into existence. I’ve been chipping away at modding for the entirety of the last 473 days from the last post but success seemed to be elusive. The W10 fall creators update broke my 3DS 2013 install at some point altogether but finally things sort of came together with UE - it’s a bit harder to make stuff for it but in some ways it’s also easier. So, here’s what I’ve put out so far. Clicking on the images will take you to the Stean workshop pages for those mods.

Sunroof (more like s u n f o o f amirite hehehe)

A pair of basic sunroof fixtures, one rectangular and one with a curved leading edge for conforming to windshields/windows better and so on. Simple enough. You’ll find it as a grille in the game.

Update: lol gg I fucked up and uploaded the wrong thing entirely already. Sorry about that. Should be working now though.

non-Subaru Impreza grille

This was actually the first independent UE mod I did. You’ll remember it from Kee made by VMO but I remade it from scratch for this. Was kind of a PITA to make and I recently added a second variant without the plastic trim bit and I don’t know if it worked out perfectly. If there are any issues please let me know.

non-McLaren-esque grille

This one was actually a huge pain to make but here it is. Probably will need some tweaking some day down the line. Does what it says on the box, nuff said.

non-XE vent

This was also a VMO mod in Kee that I remade and VMO published for UE. Came out pretty decent.

That’s all so far. There’s a lot of projects queued up in backlogs that I’ll continue working on and will update when necessary. Until then, enjoy. Oh, and of course, your feedback is vital, if something breaks or doesn’t work correctly please let me know here (I don’t get notifications from Steam discussion pages for my mods so completely forget to check) and suggestions are naturally welcome. I’d love more ideas for sunroof styles right now actually.


The term for this in America (at least on the luxo-barge) is an “Opera Window”. :slight_smile: And I’d love to see it.

Any thought to doing a wood panel fixure mod? :smiley:


Erm, I’m not 100% sure how custom textures work in UE exactly, I’d have to ask one of the devs if it’s even possible and then try it