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Raymond Automotive (UE4)


Raymond, during the Second World War, was a large supplier of aluminium towards the aircraft and boat making industry. They were in charge of importing and casting the metal ready for use on the WW2 machines, however, when the war ceased in 1945, the owner of the company (Arthur Raymond) moved on to building coaches. During this time, car production was at it’s peak, leading Raymond into producing cars and utility vehicles. The company started off with the Vendetta. This van was produced between 1956 and 1972, within it’s 16 year life span, it managed to sell over 700,000 units, encouraging Arthur to take this business further. Today, the company is in the capable hands of Dave Ortani- Arthur’s grandson.

1956 Raymond Vendetta

After the war, the need for panel vans increased, due to decorating, building and other manual labour jobs being at an all time high. This was the moment when Raymond brought out the Vendetta. It featured a 2.0l n/a caruretta I4 engine capable of reaching speeds up to 98km/h and sold well. The classic 2-down light design was a big focal point on this van, and is still on some of the newest models of Raymond automobiles.



Raymond свободы (Pronounced ‘Svobody’)


Produced for the Russian and other Soviet countries, this car was a bare-bones sedan for the masses. The XX model shown here features a facelift and two more horsepower out of the engine. The car sold due to it’s low cost and it’s availability. The car is still in production today under licence by a Russian auto manufacturer. The engine was either an 57hp I3 or an I4.



Raymond Turbo-

The Raymond Turbo, unveiled at the 1986 London Motor Show, was a small turbo hatchback for the European buyer. Clients suddenly switched from grown men to young drivers who wanted something fun yet practical. The Bassica model shown here has an I4 Carb engine producing 130 horsepower, However the more powerful XX model contains a I4 Direct Injection setup with a slighty larger turbo, producing over 140hp. Overall, the car was a success and got the OMC brand more known around Europe.



Raymond Elite

An executive sedan like no other- the 1996 Raymond Elite was the perfect car for Big Bosses and important figures. Starting at £69,995 it was hardly cheap, but featured leather upholstery, wooden accents and a wine cooler in the boot. Now, due to depreciation, they can be bought for as little as £3000.


OMC Bassica Turbo

A small, fun, RWD sports car perfect for the younger generation.



Raymond Elite

Like the 1996 Elite, This sedan was not cheap. It was released at Geneva Motor Show in 2015 where preorders cost the buyers £50,000 for the base I5 180hp setup. It featured leather and wood accenting in the cabin, with a drinks container in the passenger area in the back. It didn’t have good sales, and marked the end of the Elite name for some time.



flying motoooooorrr…!!!




Raymond Automotive’s sub-brand, OMC, features on smaller and cheaper cars than it’s bigger brother. However, this doesn’t make the driving experience any worse. The O2 is powered by a turbocharged I4 setup, with the optional choice of a smaller, more economical I3 turbo setup.