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RC1 Unreal: Fixtures do not have correct paint


In the RC1 version of Automation. I found that various fixtures do not have the same paint colour as the rest of the car, but show a red outline. Should these be reported or not?


it happens to everyone and idk if it is a bug, I don’t think so


I know that everyone will have this issue. This is either a bug or hasn’t been implemented. However, as we are now getting into the Release Candidates, I want to inform the developers before it it missed.


Do the colors start to match once you select a drive type?


Go back to the paint selector and select the paint you want again once you’ve placed all your fixtures


Just tried it out and these fixtures have some wrong / not hooked up material settings that make them retain the red color. That will be fixed in future patches, not the next one though. :slight_smile:


I’ve now gone through and fixed those vents, they should display correctly after the next update.

I’ve had a cursory glance over the rest of the fixtures and couldn’t find any similar issues, let me know if there are any more :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the effort guys!


I can’t get the 55 sedan bumper to change colour.

Front bumper is chrome or anything else I choose. The rear stays red.