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Re: the impending end of the CSR


The CSR thread is about to hit 10k posts, meaning it’ll reach the thread limit and will be automatically locked.

It’s been running non-stop for 2 years and 1 month now. It’s been suggested to me a number of times that it would be easier if each round was its own thread. I asked everybody else on the thread and there were no objections, hence I’d like to ask the forum keepers: Would it therefore be possible to create a new section/subsection for it so we can sticky the general rules? That’d also make housekeeping much simpler too!


If it is that popular, why don’t you guys create a new thread for each round and lock the old one, having one thread as a central hub for some meta talk and links to all rounds? Given how popular it is, that would result in Round-Threads that still are larger than an average, somewhat interesting challenge. Also, that keeps things less complex structurally.

Are there any good reasons for not solving it that way?


In that case if I wrote a new post for CSR rules and rule discussion, could that be stickied so we can easily refer to that? aside from the fact nobody ever reads sticky posts


You mean as the starting post for the “meta” thread I mentioned? Anyway the answer is “sure!”. Go ahead and do that, I’d like you to have 1 general thread and one thread for each round. But I think the rules would be the first post in every round post, or is there something preventing you from doing this?


Nothing, just people forgetting due to natural decay. Also the fact I’ll have to find a way for the rules to be really compressed down to something that isn’t 3 A4 pages :joy:


Then put that as the start of the meta thread :slight_smile: can be edited for every new round and you can sticky it. If you lock the rounds threads once the next round starts this should be pretty clutter-free overall.