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Recanna GmbH


Recanna is a company of German origin. It grew largely thanks to grants for car production in WWII. The company was bankrupt until very recently, when it was bought out by a Chinese car administration. It’s growth has been topping the charts ever since

Car Company Directory

Recanna Stinger GTi, a brisk little hot hatch, very nice to drive, in the dry. This thing has a 300hp I6 sending 100% of the power to the back.


Recanna GT700, a luxurious grandtourer. Enjoy the smooth and sophisticated power and roar of the Naturally aspirated V12 engine under the bonnet propelling you to 60 in under 4 seconds at your discretion. All power goes to the back so you can still rip the tires with the 700 German horses


Recanna GTS, a smooth riding executive saloon with a big surprise under the bonnet. This saloon can reach 60 before a BMW M4, and still, by Recanna tradition all the power goes straight to the back, so the water filter salesman can have fun at the end of the day.


Recanna GTE, a comfortable shooting brake with plenty of room in the back for the kids. Most notably the car isn’t any slower than the saloon car and doesn’t deviate from the typical Recanna recipe; I6 RWD.


Woah woah, man, slow down :smile: Better to not play all your cards at once. The cars look pretty good, they are modern, proportional and the styling fits the bodies well. I’d like to see more info about them for sure - what the engines are exactly? Size, turbo, power… Also the gearbox and other tech would be nice to know.

Oh, and however fun it sounds, using a 6-pot for 300 hp in a modern car is a bit excessive :stuck_out_tongue:


The GTE/GTS have 2.8l turbo I6 with 400hp, the GT700 has a N/A V12 with 700hp, and as mentioned the little stinger has 300hp 3.0 NA I6.

P.S. I made these cars like a month ago and posted them all at once, new projects on the way


700 horsepower from a naturally aspirated V12? That alone ought to set the GT700 apart from the increasingly turbocharged herd - by giving it a voice unlike most cars in its class.

Edit: Now that I’ve been told that it’s engine displaces 6.3 liters, that a high specific output for an atmo engine - but how high does it rev? I’m guessing 8,000 rpm at the very least.


It’s only a 6.3L… The sound alone can make any car enthusiast cry


Revs to 7500, could’ve pushed it to 8000 but it’s unecesarry


Why wouldn’t you need a 1000hp monster that also has seating for 7/8, that is faster than a chiron, costs less than 200k and has a 2500 watt Bower & Wilkins stereo system with 21 drivers?


Recanna Typhoon


This little thing zips along at 185mph

Recanna Trident



2020 Recanna Teren


Recanna Fulda

The first ever bi-turbocharged Recanna and the fastest Recanna from 1988-2017