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Record Automotive


Autocraft is on hold until UE4 gets developed a little more. Until then allow me to introduce you to Record Automotive

1947 Record Coupe


A post-war era coupe that’s as simple as can be. There’s not much more to this baby other than two seats and a straight six propelling you much faster than you ought to be going in a tin can with barely any braking performance. Celebrate the booming post-war era by wrapping yourself around a tree in this new offering from the boys at Record.



1947 Record Special


Featuring two bench seats for you, your wife, and your rotten kids, a lethargic straight six swiped straight from the Record Coupe and awkwardly shoehorned into a family car, and of course no radio. Just another tin can on wheels for the post-war family. They call it the Special for some reason. There’s really nothing special about it. Please for the sake of you and your family, don’t test the limits of this thing. It won’t end well.



I love the style of describing those cars xD


Some of this is marketing gold


1949 Record Sportster


Introducing the Record Sportster, available strictly as a soft top. Not only can you put the top down now, but the boys decided to cram a freakin’ V8 into the sucker. I mean, come on, can you turn down a V8? You want to be cool, don’t you? Nah, who are we kidding, you’ll just be some dork in a Record, V8 or not.

This pile of sheet metal on wheels is capable of cracking the 100 mile per hour mark, because the 90 that the Record Coupe could pull off was a bit lacking in the lethality department. If that wasn’t scary enough, the Sportster’s flaccid convertible chassis and portly build makes for some rather boaty, lazy handling , so you’ll been in even deeper trouble when you go into a turn too hot.


The truth is, as a sports car the Coupe is a better buy, but why have a car that can go 90 miles per hour when you can have one that can go 100? It just feels better. Nobody really races around turns anyways, right? Go with the Sportster. Go with the V8. Go with the POWER!