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Reizei-Hartmann Group


So, hey. Here I’ll post all my designs. Including all Reizei designs. All of them in the main thread are also going to be moved. The SLDS thread remains unchanged, though.

Here come the designs.

2016 Reizei Iridium AE Performance Fastback

:jp: - A luxury sports sedan.

[ABANDONED] Reizei Heavy Industries

Esposito Forza X 6.5

:it: - A top-of-the-line italian supercar.

Tearing sort of ruined this one.


SAZ F5 Sedan 1.6 Manual

:ru: - A small Russian crapbox.


The Iridium looks smaller than the Oxygen, and it definitely is - its wheelbase is shorter (or at least it seems). I think they both use the same FWD platform.

Edit: Wrong again. However, the fact that they share the same wheelbase and have different platforms reminds me of Kia having two mid-sized cars in its lineup - the FWD Optima and the RWD Stinger.


The Iridium’s wheelbase is the same as the Oxygen but the Iridium’s a RWD car because of the 3.4L inline 6. If it was transverse, the inline 6 wouldn’t be able to fit.


Two older cars.

1971 Reizei Kumo SE

:jp: - Small Sports Coupe

1962 Reizei Iridium AE DeLuxe

:jp: - Luxury Sedan


2018 Reizei Peralta AE 4.6

:jp: - Luxury GT.


2018 Shenkun 416 Sedan

:cn: - A Simple Commuter.


I didn’t post on here in a while…

2015 Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0

Wait what, again?

2021 Reizei Oxygen SE 2.0

The 2020 facelifted Reizei Oxygen has been delayed to 2021 due to the current pandemic.

Wait wha-

Side by Side

I’m sorry for the clusterfuck that this reply is.


Your facelift for the Oxygen is most welcome. It’s subtle, but with a more aggressive front fascia, it definitely has more presence now.


Yeah, ignore all of the stuff above.

Reizei-Hartmann Group

The Reizei-Handmann Group, often shortened to RZ-HM, is a merger between Reizei Group and Hartmann AG that happened in 2005. It currently contains 14 brands. The first car that happened after the merger were the fifth generation Bayonne Pluto and the Reizei Helium C, two A-segment city cars that are rebadges of eachother. All cars by the Reizei-Hartmann Group are designed by Sakai Design Studio.

Brand List

Reizei Group

  • Reizei Heavy Industries (:jp:)
  • Ryusaki Tuning Company (:jp:)
  • Shenkun Motor Industry (:cn:)
  • Sunwoo Motor Corporation (:kr:)
  • Tokko Motor (:kr:) (Performance / Luxury Branch of Sunwoo)
  • Sakai Design Studio (WORLDWIDE)

Hartmann AG

  • Hartmann Automobile Works (:de:)
  • Hartwich Motors (:de:)
  • Riveros Cars (:es:)
  • Norström Cars (:sweden:)
  • Esposito Automobili (:it:)
  • Bayonne Automobiles (:fr:)
  • Moncrieff Motor Company (:gb:)
  • Saratovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (:ru:)

Now, how would this thread go.

This thread would have two seperate parts / sections.

  • Car Releases

    The main section, where I showcase my newest designs.
  • Brand Lookup

    The secondary section, where I go through basic lore of the companies in the Reizei-Hartmann Group.


Brand Lookup

Bayonne Automobiles

Undoubtedly French.

Bayonne Automobiles is a French brand founded in 1948 as a community project by Bayonne, France’s inhabitants and mayor. Their first car was called the Bayonne Modèle Un, an economy subcompact sedan powered by the same Japanese engine as the Hartwich W1-series, the Reizei 1. The Modèle Un was very popular in France and was exported mostly to other european countries. The Modèle Un was produced from 1948 to 1970 before being replaced by the first generation Bayonne Pluto. The Modèle Un spawned an entire series of “Modèle” cars like the 1952 Modèle Deux, a compact sedan, the 1954 Modèle Trois, a large family sedan and the 1956 Modèle Quatre, a utility van. All of these were eventually replaced by the 1972 Bayonne Venus, the 1974 Bayonne Uranus and the 1976 Bayonne Jupiter respectively. The Modèle Un was eventually brought back as a retro-inspired limited production economical subcompact hatchback in 2018, celebrating the 80 years of the Modèle Un. Although there were a few additions to it, the Bayonne Automobiles lineup stayed the same for almost 45 years. Bayonne Automobiles was bought by Hartmann AG in 1999. Today, Bayonne Automobiles is one of the most known French brands worldwide and one of the symbols of the city of Bayonne next to Bayonne ham. In 2018, Bayonne Automobiles started exporting their cars to the United States, signifying that they are indeed a worldwide brand.


1948-1970 Modèle Un - Economy Subcompact Sedan
1952-1972 Modèle Deux - Compact Sedan / Wagon
1954-1974 Modèle Trois - Large Family Sedan / Wagon
1956-1976 Modèle Quatre - Utility Panel / Transport Van
1972-present Pluto - A-Segment Hatchback
2009-present Pluto Crossback - A-Segment Crossover
1976-present Jupiter - Commercial Panel Van / Transport Van
1972-present Venus - B-Segment Hatchback
2012-present Venus Crossback - B-Segment Crossover
1982-present Saturne - C-Segment Hatchback
2010-present Saturne Crossback - C-Segment Crossover
1974-present Uranus - D-Segment Sedan, Wagon, Liftback
2008-present Uranus Crossback - D-Segment Crossover
1967-present Mars - Small Sports Coupé
2018-present “Modèle Un” Hommage - Limited Production B-Segment Hatchback
1989-present Neptune - E-Segment Sedan, Liftback, Wagon
2021-present Neptune Crossback - E-Segment Crossover

Next post

Car Release: 2021 Bayonne Neptune


Car Release

2021 Bayonne Neptune

Excellence has no limits.

Revealed at an online conference on the 2nd of June 2020, the 2021 Neptune is one of the best generations of the Neptune that had started in 1989.

Elegant and aggressive design is the key.

The unique design of the headlights contrasted with the simple grille make for a perfect mix of complex but similar design.

The heckblende taillight and the racing inspired bumper are made to impress and surprise anyone that comes across it.

The flowing rear window, the black trim and the french flag all work together to make this harmonious design.

Excellence Fastback BR-Line shown in Neptune Blue.

Meticulously crafted inside and out.

Reizei Heavy Industries crafted the IM-series V6 to make it silent and powerful at the same time. It has a power output of 240 horsepower.

The 8-speed Automatic is made to be smooth and useable for everybody that uses it.

Our engineers meticulously crafted the interior to be as comfortable and practical as possible. Made out of French leather, the seats can accompany anyone and make their experience better. The 12.3" digital dash supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but is also easy to use without those two.

Trim Levels


DOHC 3.0 NA V6

Luxury Interior

8-speed Advanced Automatic


240 hp

0-100 in 8 seconds

ESC + Launch Control

37 mpg

Bayonne Racing [BR]

DOHC 3.0 Turbo V6

Luxury Interior

7-speed DCT


450 hp

0-100 in 6 seconds

ESC + Launch Control

34 mpg


Car Release

2007 Reizei Oxygen

The 2007 Reizei Oxygen was the 9th generation in the Oxygen line. Being revealed on December 16th of 2006 on Reizei’s official website and being released the 2nd of January 2007, the 2007 Oxygen was powered by a 2.0 naturally aspirated inline 4 making 155 horsepower. It weighed 1601 kg and had a fuel economy of 37.3 mpg US. It went from 0-60 in 9.31 seconds and had a top speed of 234 km/h.


The 2012 facelift of the Oxygen featured a better quality interior, better safety, one more horsepower and blah blah blah who cares it just looks better.


Easily one of the better uses I’ve seen of one of the new bodies introduced in the LCV4 open beta. As with its successor, it benefited greatly from its mid-life facelift - not just to keep it looking fresh on the outside, but also better-equipped on the inside.


Car Releases

1948 Bayonne Modèle Un

This is the car that was the result of 5 years of work between the mayor and the citizens of Bayonne. And to say this car was a success would be an understatement. Almost everyone in the city had one and they were exported to most European countries. This car was powered by the “Reizei 1” 27 horsepower 0.8 litre OHV inline 3 going through a 3-speed manual gearbox. This makes the Modèle Un go from 0-100 in 33.2 seconds and it achieves a top speed of 119 km/h. The car was also very light, weighing only 660 kilograms.

2018 Bayonne "Modèle Un" Hommage

After 70 years, Bayonne Automobiles released the 2018 hommage of the Modèle Un that was first teased in 1998 with the Modèle Un concept car. This retro-inspired hatchback features the Reizei 1 NewGen, a modern reimagining of the original engine. This 0.8 litre turbocharged DOHC inline 3 has 72 horsepower. This propulses the hatchback from 0-100 in 16.3 seconds and gives it a top speed of 168 km/h. The Modèle Un was really light and for a modern car, the Hommage is also pretty light, weighing 1392 kilograms. When this car released, the public went crazy, calling it a “revival of the company” but this is a limited-production build so the price isn’t accessible for everyone. Bayonne Automobiles also expressed an interest in reviving the rest of the Modèle line in the following years.

also can I just say that the overpass photo scene is just an amazing addition


Car Release


Coupé Trim

This AWD russian sports coupe was first showcased at IAA 2019 and released on February 2nd, 2021. The SAZ S1 is powered by the SAZ S-series NA 1.8 inline 4 making 139 horsepower. This power is going through a 6-speed manual. This launches the S1 to 100 km/h in 8.82 seconds and gives it a top speed of 222 km/h. The car is also light, weighing 1375 kilograms.

Cross Trim

What have I done… This is a crossover coupé, in the literal term. The cross trim has exactly the same specifications as the regular version but it offroads significantly better. This is the version that you’d actually take on Russian roads.


A small update on the car situation.

I know I have not posted anything in a while but I’ll be posting on this thread again. My computer recently broke down and my only means of designing is my mother’s laptop. I have designed some cars using that laptop though, so here they are. I’ll be writing lore on them in the coming weeks as the parts of my new computer arrived.

2012 Hartwich W3-series


2012 Hartmann H6-series


2016 Moncrieff Amethyst


1997 Riveros Urania




Due to me losing all my data, I’ll try my best to remake every car here. All the posts after this one will be updated. The ones before will have new replies.

Here are some teasers!


Car Release

2016 Moncrieff Amethyst

This front-engined British two door sports coupe from Moncrieff Motor Company is the fourth generation of the Amethyst series, that had started in 1989 when the company was bought by the Hartmann Group.



This is the lowest level trim of the Amethyst, powered by the rev-happy AML4 engine, which is a 2.0L DOHC-5 inline 4 making 219 horsepower. This engine is going through a 6-speed manual (7-speed automatic option also available) and RWD (AWD option available). This is the lightest version of the Amethyst, weighing only 1341 kg. It is also the cheapest, as it only costs 31200€.



This is the mid-trim Amethyst, powered by the Moncrieff-Hartmann AMV6 engine, which is a 3.0L DOHC-5 V6 making 371 horsepower. The engine goes through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (6-speed manual available) and RWD (AWD option available). It weighs 1544 kg and it costs 44800€.



This trim of the Amethyst was prepared for the track. With the AMV8, a 500 horsepower 4.0L DOHC-5 V8, the EX is the fastest car in Moncrieff’s lineup, going from 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. All of this power goes through a 7-speed DCT (6-speed Sequential option also available) and AWD. All of this technology makes the EX weigh 1693 kg. Of course, it comes at a high price of 62400€.