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Rennen Automotive - Historic Model Collection


The original 1965 Rennen Angeles saloon.

From big dreams in a big city to a worldwide phenomenon, Rigore Automotive has been a pioneer of the sports luxury market for over 5 decades.

Our lineup has expanded from just the Angeles to an entire family of sports sedans, SUV’s, and supercars. The collection will reflect our deep history and influence on motorsport and history.

The evolution of Rennen’s famous octagonal badge.


ass older cars? last i checked automation didn’t go back far enough in time to have the donkey as an option :laughing:


The Rennen Bellezza Futura (Future Beauty in Italian) was a fully functional concept designed to wow audiences around the world in preparation for Rennen’s introduction as a automotive brand. The car was the very first vehicle produced by Rennen, with 10 prototypes constructed in 1965.

The Bellezza Futura Concept was powered by a 2.6 Liter overhead-cam aluminium-head Boxer 6 engine producing 140 HP and 151 lb-ft. Sending the power to the rear through a 4-speed manual and weighing a scant 1,982 lbs thanks to fibreglass panels, the BF was able to hit 62 MPH in 8.2 seconds. Innovative 4-wheel double-wishbone suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes helped stop the car on a dime. The interior was made to a premium grand-touring standard, with a radio and leather bucket seats. Many of these technologies, such as the aluminum-head 2.6 Boxer-6 and 4-wheel disc brakes would find their way into the initial iteration of the Angeles, the first Rennen production car.

The Bellezza Futura would not be given justice if one were not to mention the styling. Polarizing, sleek, sexy, contemporary, and abstract are all words which were used to describe the vehicle. A clear design language is seen throughout the car, with parallel horizontal lines dominating the theme. The front has sculpted roundel elements which bring emphasis onto the wide stature of the car, whilst a flowing line continues from the front down the sides with ventilation helping cool off the engine. Small “ailerons,” following an aviation theme of the 60’s, accentuate the body’s curvaceousness near the rear. The rear maintains the same rectaungular chrome that the front has, broken up with semicircular taillights, emulating the round elements up front. Overall. the BF is a clear study of futuristic yet sexy design, and its influence on the company is clear to this day.

2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

Hang on, how do you get it so there is an interior, is it something now or is it photoshop magic


Such a fitting name for such a beautiful car - one which would influence every subsequent Rennen since then.


It’s photoshop.


Don’t trust your eyes with anything from titleguy. He makes everything look awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Are those fins also 'shopped?


They have been smoothed out to an extent, yes. The fins are wings in-game.



Oh, wow.