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Replace My Car Challenge


I was about to say you’ve got nothing on the longetivity of the Baltazar Quasar, which has been around for at least three years :joy:

But then Leo went and submitted it :joy:


3 years? Please, I’ve only done the Quasar in October last year :stuck_out_tongue:


Then what was it that you uploaded to that AutomationHub back in 2014???

…OH it was the Quark. My bad.


@Madrias I may have what you’re looking for…

Presenting the 2016 Bogliq Maverick Ecostar!!!

Looking for a decent sized car that can fit in with your lifestyle but has the economy of a much smaller car? Well then the engineers at Bogliq Automotive have just what you’re looking for!

Quick, frugal and stylish; the 2016 Maverick Ecostar has everything a discerning buyer is looking for.

How much would you expect to pay for an Ecostar? $30K, $40k?

Nope, the Maverick Ecostar will set you back only $24,000 driveaway!

It’s a shame other car companies can’t look after the customer like Bogliq does…

Buy better, buy Bogliq


The All New Cornaldie Automotive Elipse

Navigate in mature style and comfort. Rest assured that you will always reach your destination as your car was made with impeccable quality, and if by some chance it doesn’t, then we’ve got you covered. The elipse comes with a 10 year/ 150000 km warranty, first year of routine service free along with all the necessary features you would want from a modern sedan. It gets better, because all this can be yours for a more than affordable price of $23,700. See our brochure below.


From the same production line as The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


Our new-for-'16 Zorg ZV2 1.7 AWD combines high fuel economy with stable, yet responsive, handling courtesy of all-wheel-drive with a 50/50 torque split. And while it may have just over 150 horsepower, that’s enough to get you where you want to go without being left in the dust. We offer the ZV2 with a year of free servicing and a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty, plus a proper infotainment system (with Apple Carplay and Android Auto as standard) and an advanced safety suite (which includes autonomous emergency braking). All this can be yours for just $23,850 including markups.


32% efficiency… nice!


I achieved it using regular unleaded petrol (91 RON), not premium unleaded (95 RON), but needed to tune the turbo carefully just to get those numbers, especially since I didn’t use much positive quality, if at all.


Well outstanding job man. after the challenge you can show me the torque curve.


The 2016 Nova SportBack from Scarab.

The 1.6L turbocharged I4 produces in excess of 180hp and a flat torquecurve from 2400-6400 rpm gives a good fuel economy. This coupled with AWD gives the car good, responsive handling.


Like it or hate it, this is the OMG Raizer. Its naturally aspirated 2.5L I4 makes 191 horsepower while maintaining an efficiency of over 31%. On the street, it is mild mannered, easy to drive, practical, and noticeable. With prices as low as $22500 why not take one home today?


#EADC Verona EcoBlue
The new EADC Verona EcoBlue is the most efficient spec of the Verona, and with EADC’s patented iVTAC :confounded: Technology, makes 123hp, while keeping an efficiency of over 33%! While it costs £23,400 (@ 50%), it is worth every penny in fuel savings!



A bit late to ask this, but what exactly do you use ‘your’ car for? Is it for commuting or family or what? From the lack of details in the brief I can only imagine it is just for transporting you and some cargo around; would a 2-door car be viable?


Mostly, I use my car for getting back and forth to work, or to stores. Sometimes I go to places with friends, so I do prefer having a back seat. Most of the time, however, it’s just me in the car, and sometimes some groceries in the back. A two-door car could certainly work.

And no, you’re not too late to ask it. I did state it in the brief that if you weren’t certain, ask questions.


Do you have any preference towards power delivery? FWD, RWD, AWD?


I’ve only driven FWD, but I consider myself a quick learner, so I don’t really have a preference toward which wheels put the power to the ground. That said, where I’m at does get some snow in the winter, though never enough to have caused any problems for me in the past.


Right, right.
What about safety? Do you like advanced features like lane departure warning and pedestrian detection, or is high tech modern a tad over the top?


I like having some safety features, but the advanced stuff always seems to me to be a little much. I feel it interferes too much, personally, and encourages distracted driving. The car I had was very simple, it had ABS and some air-bags, and that was pretty much it. I felt safe enough in that car. I wouldn’t mind a little more safety than that, but I’m comfortable with something simple, too.