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Replace My Car Challenge


I seem to remember a bit differently, but then again, I got taken out in the first cuts on yours.

My response:

I got cut for a variety of different reasons, I accept that. My point is, I made one reply to the whole mess, and it was to make a joke based off of something you’d said. Then I let the subject drop. I didn’t go on the attack in multiple places, I took it on the chin because I saw little reason to argue about it.

Now, yes, I could have done the results better, if I’d thought about adding up 5 years of fuel to the actual price of the car before I started writing results. But here’s the thing: I didn’t think of it.

Now, you might be looking at that CSR-33 quote up there and thinking I did it for vengeance, but no, I’m not vindictive or petty enough to do that. The only reason I looked that up was because 1: someone mentioned it, and 2: I needed the car for a different challenge.

Is my method “bullshit?” Probably. But how many people go to a dealership and fixate on one number or another, even if the other car is the ‘better’ car? How many people buy the V8 version when they really would’ve been better off with the V6? I’m pretty sure a lot of people do.

But one thing I do have is a decent memory. I’ll write it down, keep it in mind for future challenges to give you your request, to let you know you might not want to enter because it’s one of my challenges, and thereby may be subject to, well, subjective rules, possible hard cuts that don’t make sense, and occasionally imbalanced statistics. After all, I’ve only had CSR-22, HBL, and this challenge for learning experience on running one.


Just want to point out. I made a brief comment here and would be more than happy to have it be over at that.

But then I felt like I needed to reply to the people who blew it out of proportion and started calling me things. That kind of argument is unacceptable.
About the people who decided to personally attack me over my comment and expressing how this challenge made me feel, I decided to understand their anger issues by PM.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t fucking care about this. I just care about the 15 minutes I wasted on it, more now, since there was this useless discussion.

The method was bad, let’s just move on and find out who will be able to resist the next hard cuts.


But that isn’t the case here… He introduced the client as one that has been drawing up spreadsheets and doing research, so from that perspective you’d think that the client would be smart enough to consider long term value. Buy hey, what do I know?

Anyway it’s time to move on, but the at the end of the day the fact remains the fact. A shit method is a shit method regardless of any of our feelings about it or each other.


Well, I did make a promise that I’d have this wrapped up by the end of the week. I don’t want this ruining my weekend, so, for the sake of my sanity and just getting this shit-fest over with, I’m just going to release the top three cars.

Got a problem with it, tough. Take it up with everyone who carried an argument on in this thread.

In Third place is @Rk38 with the Maesima Prova.

In Second place is @abg7 with the Zorg ZV2.

In First place is @Dragawn with the Dragotec Renaissance.

I would have done a nice review here, but this thread isn’t worth the stress.


Second place? I only lost because the Renaissance offered even more bang for the buck (better economy and a premium interior, among others) but at least I can take pride in building the best of the compact cars shown here!


Wow, wasn’t expecting to get such a good finish considering I messed up and ended up with some expensive parts left in the engine. But big thanks to @Madrias for hosting even if things didn’t quite turn out quite how we were all expecting and congrats to @Dragawn for taking the win in a midsize!


It’s sad that this competition had to end in a massive argument, but I guess competitions can do that sort of thing. Kind of had hoped not to win in order to calm down the less economical folks, but I can’t deny that I’m happy to have won.

I hope that this hasn’t discouraged @Madrias too much from hosting challenges in the future, as I personally found this an interesting one, thanks for the competition man.

Although I might have won, my exterior design was lacking compared to a lot of you, far from the likes of @Leonardo9613 , @Rk38 and @ramthecowy Seriously great work you guys.


Congrats Dragawn on attaining victory, bask in the glow of another car sale and know that Dragotec has conquered yet another driveway!