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Replacing the Standalone version with a Gog version?


I appreciate the information, @Killrob; thank you. I’ve never seen developers mention sales numbers in public.

I just want to mention that Automation’s interaction and relation with the community/public is nonpareil; especially during streams. I’ve talked to @MugenCity, @Fleshy, and @Daffyflyer so much over the course of those streams that I consider them friends. You guys are awesome. :+1:

Pardon my mushiness >.<


First of all: I haven’t been in the forum for ages, thus this late reply.

Back when that poll was made, I voted against steam. Back then I didn’t have a smart-phone, no TV and no internet of my own. But, amazingly, i became older and my principles softer. I now do have a smart-phone and internet and I even have steam itself installed and I think I’ll convert to steam tonight.

On the other hand: The fact that you guys didn’t force me into steam got you a tremendous amount of respect from my side and a feeling, that I want to give something back. When you asked for help with the translations I enthusiasticly jumped at the chance to do that and spent a few days of my vacation translating. Maybe that doesn’t even come close to what I still feel I owe you for all the hard work you did for us all.

I guess I want to say that there is something numbers can’t really measure in this whole question, but it is up to you to find some way to measure and compare it, in order to decide whether to abandon the standalone version or not. But with all the respect you’ve earned, even my former self would convert to steam without any complaint and to GoG even more so.

Keep up the good work and cheers