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Request a (real world) track here


Medium Road course


Is this the right length? Google Earth isn't super reliable for measuring things. Everything about this track is in Spanish (including the link you provided), of which I speak only enough to get myself into trouble with. It's difficult to find reliable information with google translate! hahahaha This length doesn't match up with any of these configurations listed on the Wikipedia page. Gonna guess it is either 2 or 5, but I can't find the curves names anywhere on a map. A little help, please? Can you find a proper length, or a map with the curves named? I did manage to find the track! hahahaha :slight_smile:


Kristina, could you do a couple of brazilian tracks?

Firstly, the F1 track of Interlagos, São Paulo. I know it is in your list, this is just a request if you could put it up a little bit higher :stuck_out_tongue:

The other track is the one from my home town, Curitiba. They used to race in WTCC here and all.

Here is a detailed version, with all of the measurements.

The track is flat, the "inclinação" (inclination) column must be related to the camber.



That's good too


I will make any track I can find accurate information to use. I will add this one to the list. Just know I work more than 60 hours per week on average, so I might fall behind. It takes about an hour to make a track + image, and however-long to dig up information to make slopes and lengths. I will see if I can make the São Paulo F1 track sooner. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And, yes, inclination looks like it would be banking, as it is only associated with curves (c1-c15).

Is the length on El Pinar correct, Manche? Or do you have access to better information? Slopes can be pulled from Google Earth if necessary, but length doesn't seem to match up.


the inner curve of the track is the other bigger one


OK, that would be the long road course. Not a problem! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delays. I took the weekend to have some fun, and what time I spent in Automation was spent on the upcoming Automation Endurance Challenge. Rest assured track completion will resume soon. :slight_smile:

El Pinar is completed.

El Pinar (Autódromo Víctor Borrat Fabini)


Interlagos has been started and will be the next F1 release. :slight_smile:


If you ever get a chance, it would be pretty cool to see my closest "home track" in the game, not big or famous at all, but still fun! :slight_smile:

The Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Canada!



Just wanted to drop in and say thanks again for making so much cool stuff. People like you keep the community alive :slight_smile:


It would be awesome to see Portland International Raceway, in Oregon, USA, both with and without the chicane. :smiley:


Infineon/ Sonoma Raceway?


Why not ad a real test track?
Like Raba Ring in Hungary:
uvaterv.hu/en/?mod=reference ... ject&id=43

I couldn't find any better documents about it in English, because it's not used since years :frowning:
It would be a great memento for this track to be a program like automation.


I think Snetterton would be a good track to put in game, the 200 circuit, or the 300. Whichever you prefer. I tried to make life a little easier for you, there wasn't anything in the form of elevation data or anything, but here's a few useful links.

snetterton.co.uk/circuit-inf ... circuitMap (Scroll down to find an interactive circuit map)
evo.co.uk/trackdays/circuitg ... etail.html (Explains some of the track's characteristics, the corner named Sear Corner on this page is actually called Montreal on the track map in the previous link)



My suggestion: the Macau GP's Guia Circuit. A demanding track that would test our cars quite well.


Oh, goodness. hahaha I will try to catch up on all of these. I didn't expect so many. :frowning:


No rush 07CobaltGirl! :slight_smile:


do you have any urban stage circuit?


I am not entirely sure what this means. There are F1 circuits which run on urban streets, and they are in planning stages for Automation. If you mean something non-F1, then post up some examples.