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Request a (real world) track here


Any chance I could get Canadian Tire Motorsport Park?


Id Love to see to see my local track Watkins Glen in automation.


also i would love the circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal if possible


Already done!


Gunma cycle sports center, please?


It would be cool to see Nodak Speedway in Automation.
I used to go to this track years ago.
It’s basically a 3/8 mile oval track
As you can see here it is fairly wide with a good amount of banking

If you can make this it would be amazing!


Hi, i was wondering if you could make the Hamilton Street Circuit.

Also, if you could i’d like the car to start in the pits for the first lap (first sector), go for a flying second lap (Second Sector) and come back into the pits on the third and final lap (final sector).

Here’s a picture with lenth included

(I don’t need to have the Altitude of the track)


Would anyone fancy having a go at some of the world’s most iconic circuits? For example: Monza, Le Mans, Monaco and Indianapolis. Then there is the legendary (and sadly now virtually lost) Brooklands and it’s French counterpart L’autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry. How about the Isle of Man TT course? :slight_smile:


Pro Tip #1: Try using the search function at the upper right corner of the page.
Pro Tip #2: Don’t use so much color, and definitely pick a brighter color for a black background website.

Monza with ovals and Monza Gran Prix, LeMans 87-91 (and also here), Monaco, and Indianaopolis are already done.
L’autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry will need to be more specific, as it has multiple courses available to recreate. Somebody (pleb I think?) talked about doing Isle of Man TT course, but I don’t recall it actually being done by anybody. Brooklands I’ve never heard of, but after googling it, it looks interesting.


Mount Panorama/Bathurst!


Mt Panorama Bathurst

Here is the one I made already. There are a couple iterations of it in the thread, including one by another user, strop.


anyone willing to take up the task of bringing the BTCC to automation?

Croft circuit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croft_Circuit
Brands Hatch en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brands_Hatch
Donington Park en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donington_Park
Thruxton Circuit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thruxton_Circuit
Snetterton Circuit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snetterton_Circuit


Could I possibly request Mike Pero Motorsport Park/Ruapuna Park Raceway. It’s in Project CARS (As DLC) It’s a 3.3km Track that runs Counter-Clockwise. More info here + Track layouts: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Pero_Motorsport_Park


I just had a thought. Anybody have the time to do the short hillclimb featured in the Goodwood Festival of Speed?


a quarter mile and half mile that would be great



For a quarter mile track, look for Tulsa, which is the quarter mile drag strip in Tulsa, OK.

There’s no half-mile just yet, but if you wanted to make one yourself it’s quite easy. Just use this for the following .lua file, make sure you have an accompanying image (even if it’s blank), and away you go:

[code]–You Can use 0, 1, -1 instead.
local STRAIGHT = 0
local LEFT = 1
local RIGHT = -1

Track = {
Name = “Half Mile”,
–Track Image Info
–Track Image must be 1280 x 720
–Start Position on the Image x,y from Top Left
Start = { 225, 479 },

    --How many pixels per meter ( Pixels / Length )
    --Measure a long straight and then manipulate from there
    Scale = 10 / 10,
    Layout = { STRAIGHT, },
    LayoutInfo = { 804.68, },
    CornerRadius = { 0, },
    Slope = { 0, },
    Sportiness = { 0, },
    Camber = { 0, },
    Split1 = 18.28,
    Split2 = 201.17,


Splits are at the 60ft and 1/8th mile currently. If you want the second split to be the quarter mile (not sure what the point would be), just make Split2 402.34.


Actually there is a half mile track. It is located here at Swanson Proving Grounds v.11 (v.21 has a full mile drawn but neither of them has been implemented yet). It was the first track I made, about a month before there was a track editor.


Holy crap, how did I miss that!

Which version should we use? Maybe I should send my cars over some day for a hoot :wink:


haha yes, well, it is a very early track done completely using Notepad++ almost immediately after they introduced the ability to make custom tracks. It’s pretty sketchy to say the least and took FOREVER to build. The quarter and half mile are pretty hard to screw up, however, so they are just dandy.

As for versions, v.11 has the drag strip included in the file (3 individual track folders) while v.21 is road course only but a lot more streamlined, but both were done manually with only notepad, as previously stated.


I would love to see Eagles Canyon Raceway, it’s a road course with a similar layout to Road America and Twin Ring Motegi.