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Request a (real world) track here


If I could, I would like to request Portland International Raceway. It used to host races for CART and then Champ Car when CART split into Champ Car and Indy Car. It’s a really nice track, would be cool to see it in the game.

Cheers - Racer13


croft circuit is my local track i would love to be able to send my cars around it and i will pay in imagery cookies.


Could somebody test my track out?
I have made Thunderhill Raceway Park. I can’t tell if it’s worked or not.
Thunderhill Raceway Park.zip (445.1 KB)


@strop I can get on making the hillclimb track from the Goodwood FoS. Can you confirm this is the track? http://world.honda.com/goodwood/news/2005/0625/image/report/03.jpg


Yes, that’s the one!

Also, has anybody tested out your other track yet?


@strop yep, our CobaltGirl was very quick in getting back to me, I need to streamline it and will soon put out an update. Hopefully, if I have time, I will also be able to make a video tutorial on how to make tracks for Automation. Thanks!
Have a good one


@strop Done!
Goodwood Hillclimb.zip (567.9 KB)
Any feedback, critical or constructive, all is appreciated! I will fix the background graphics for the track, I know, it’s appalling.


@Nevermore1983 @Matchstick101 can you confirm this is the correct map of the Croft Circuit?


Thanks, I’ll take a look tomorrow!


Yes that is it :slight_smile: spend a lot of my time there.


@Nevermore1983 awesome I can get to working on that one


Thanks a lot i cant wait :slight_smile:


@Nevermore1983 here you go!


@Matchstick101 is there a difference between the Brands Hatch Indy and regular Brands Hatch used in the BTCC?


Either way, @Matchstick101 Thruxton is done too! @Nevermore1983 if you’re interested in BTCC, give this one a try too.


this is a bit of an oddball request of a track none of you have probably heard of. Meridian Speedway, a 1/4 mile paved oval, 10 miles from my hometown. It’s hosted the NASCAR K&N Pro Series since 1972. I’d appreciate it if it was made here.


@BlantonMotors Sure, I can try that.
EDIT: I’m not able to find any maps of the place, do you have any info?


@ramthecowy I do have a google earth view for you. Track record is 11.257sec, and a regular car goes round in about 15-16secs. both corners are the same, and have about 15 degrees? of banking and the straits have 5 degrees, and as stated before, it’s a 1/4 of a mile long.


Let me give it a try, and see what I can come up with.


Awesome, thanks alot, sorry if that’s not enough info, that’s all I could find.