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Request a (real world) track here


No worries. If I manage, I’ll create a new topic and tag you in that. Cheers


Here is the track in Google Maps.

Here is the homepage for the track:


Hope that helps?


Yes! It sure does, thank you so much!


@Racer13 hey there! I just finished making Portland International Raceway, over here.


@Salvaged1Gdsm do you know how long the straight is after the start/finish line is at Eagles Canyon?


@UMGaming you see, there is a problem with your track. It is not very difficult to create at all, but the issue is that it runs clockwise. Again, I wouldn’t mind rotating it 180 degrees, but now the map would be upside down and be very confusing. Also, Automation doesn’t have such a thing as pitting in after a lap.


@JSauce I could make this easily. When you say “a good amount of banking” could you provide me with some more specific (or close enough estimations) of cambers throughout the track?
I would also need to know how long the distance from the start is to the banked turn.


I requested that quite a while ago, not really wanting it now so don’t worry about it


@sniperbait636 I’ve just done it! Expect updates in the future with revised elevation changes.


@Matchstick101 @Nevermore1983 for those of you interested in BTCC, Donington is up! Soon, an update with elevation changes should be out.
EDIT: Oops! Sorry. Looks like the track is already here, my laggy internet decieved me to think there was nothing in search when it kept on loading. My bad.


@Vri404 Which circuit layout would you choose? I’m guessing the longest one?


Gp layout/basic layout.


@DryIce done here!


I think my version does have the chicane… I don’t even remember :joy:


@Sayonara International circuit or short version?


@oppositelock check my version of Thunderhill Raceway. That is what you want, right?


@Pleb I’ve done Snetterton, I don’t think it was the 200 I did. Anyway, check it out, any feedback would be appreciated.


@ramthecowy any chance of a 1/8 mile an 1/4 mile willowbank raceway circuit and the full queensland raceway? It would be greatly appreciated I have tried and can’t get my head around making track I will still try to learn but.


@Darkshine5 Sorry for a slow response, I can of course try making this
EDIT: Of course, I’m not a native Aussie, so I have no clue of anything. I see that Willowbank Raceway is a quarter/eighth-mile drag strip, but I also get search results like this:

And the Qld Raceway is this one:

Somehow they appear to be related but I’m not able to figure out the connection.


ok so willowbank dragstrip is a separate drag strip in the same complex. It is not directly part of QLD raceway.

and yep bottom pic is correct.

and finally you sir are a legend :thumbsup:

hang on a sec and il get a picture of the dragstrip in relation to the racetrack

Google earth location -27.692772, 152.661882

Edit: @ramthecowy yes correct, the dragstrip ends at the end of the dark road 1/4 mile