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[RESULTS] 2019 Automation Time Attack Challenge - ATAC19




Are those three cars in the screenshot going to compete in the ATAC?




Made some additions in the General Rules section to hopefully close some loopholes, and make the classes a bit less crazy.

Also the Lap Calculation is Subject to change within the next 24 hours.


Here is a Collection of Images to get them creative juices flowing.


A Clarification on what constitutes a Production model has been added, as well as a link to the track being used for this event.

The Production Model rules are still up to be changed before the deadline is set, however.


So you’re adding time to the automation driver…

…but what if you’ve proven that you’re faster than the automation driver :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


haha, You’re still gonna have to deal with the automation driver.

Timing additions are now going to use Log-Normal distribution methods, thanks to the guidance of Rallycross Master Calculator @MrChips


We are Live.

Deadline is November 1st, 2019, 11:59:59 NZDT



Left to right: 2001 Pemhall Ascot, 1990 Pemhall Bratton, 2019 Kinusoka Excentra


Left to right: Class FWD, Class AWD, Class RWD

me and the boys reviving the thread


12 Hours to go.

Do not forget.


I’d make some cars, but I’ve done way too much lately and I’m kind of burned out right now. I hope I can make something for next time tho



For RWD class

(a bit rushed due to RL things but I wanted to enter this)


Hi Folks, Deadline is gonna get a 9-ish hour extension, with another chance to be pushed up to 1 week depending on entries gained.


How many entries are in and will the deadline be extended further?


How does the potential 6 second driver error thing work? Because it sounds like if the field is competitive, it’s dumb luck if you win.


Deadline is being officially extended by 1 week, due to lack of entries overall.

It’s a Logarithmic Normal Distribution within Google Docs, which can vary times by anywhere from 0.1s to anywhere as high as 20s (but extremely rarely), mainly to account for what would be real life driver error.


I know bugger all about logarithmic normal distributions, but is it safe to say that most penalties will be in a few hundreths, but there may be a couple people who’ll get hit with a run destroying penalty?


Yep. Pray to the gods of chance you are one of the lucky. From what I gather from test data, added time will most likely hang in the 2-5s margin


2-5 seconds is a big gap.