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[RESULTS] 2019 Automation Time Attack Challenge - ATAC19


My testing showed that it would be closer to the 2-3s margin, but the 50% occurence range would be 2-5


The Jupiter Miracle Greenwall Race Team VS Stock

Greenwall race spec



The Haru Tsuki Evern Racing vs Stock

Evern Racing



Team Turból Racing

Class FWD: 2001 Boulder Boxcub V6

This FWD cute-ute came from the factory with the top of the line, 175 hp, 24 valve SOHC 3.0 liter V6, but produces 349hp in this time-attack variant, also sporting a massive widebody kit and aero kit.

Class RWD: 1979 Tuból LCm79

The LCm79 is back. Compared to the /80 variant seen in SSC, it had more rounded flares and less aero. The original version has it’s 3.4 liter, SOHC 12 valve V6, making 176 hp, but the time attack variant has aftermarket turbochargers and forged internals among other modifications, more than tripling the stock hp figure.

I may enter a AWD class vehicle as well if I have time tomorrow!


This Centauri Phoenix was originally a econosport compact from the mid 90’s, seen in orange is the GS V6 trim with a 2.2L DOHC V6 making 140hp and was known for it’s sporty handling. Rebuilding the engine with lightweight forged internals hot camshafts and adding a pair of turbos raises that power to 350hp, and puts the redline just north of 10,000 rpms. Combine that new engine with a stripped interior and a full body aero kit gives this little FWD coupe some real chops on the track.


Alright, 1 hour remains-ish before I close up and start running cars through the burner.


I’m a few hours late but entiries are closed. Scrutineering will begin soon


2019 Automation Time Attack Challenge

Official Entry List


@Centurion_23 - 2001 Pemhall Ascot

@Fletchyboy100 - 2019 Artekka RS350

@Vena.Sera423 - 2000 FWM Milo

@randomtuner - 1998 Jupiter Miracle

@nialloftara - 1995 Centarui Phoenix

@donutsnail - 1998 Boulter Boxcub


@Centurion_23 - 2019 Kinusoka Excentra

@Xepy - Kuma RCX


Entry Disqualified for Violation of Aero Regulations

@donutsnail - 1979 Turbol LCm79


@Centurion_23 - 1988 Pemhall Bratton GXR


@chiefzach2018 - 2019 Zacspeed X99 Minuteman

@randomtuner - 2016 Haru Tsuki

Full Results will be out later tonight


Was it the canards or the side skirt that binned me?
Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:
Lets see how my little Milo does.


It was the Cannards, they’re considered Lips in game


AWD needs some love :joy: just the one entry!


2019 Automation Time Attack Challenge

Final Classifications

Class FWD

6th Place - @Fletchyboy100 - 100.54s

5th Place - @randomtuner - 97.55s

4th Place - @donutsnail - 96.99

3rd Place - @nialloftara - 95.56s

2nd Place - @Centurion_23 - 94.35s

1st Place - @Vena.Sera423 - 92.11s

Class RWD

4th Place - @Vena.Sera423 - DISQUALIFIED

3rd Place - @Xepy - 92.34

2nd Place - @Centurion_23 - 92.10

1st Place - @donutsnail - 90.19

Class AWD

1st Place - @Centurion_23 - 90.78

Class Unlimited

2nd Place - @randomtuner - 90.66s

1st Place - @chiefzach2018 - 69.82s

Congratulations to everyone who competed, and Congratulations indeed to All the winners of each class. Below will be screenshots from the spreadsheet showing the timings


Why was the FWD class the most popular? I suspect it’s easier to set up a FWD car for this competition than a RWD or AWD one. But why only one AWD class entrant? It may be due to AWD drivetrains being trickier to set up than others. Anyway…


Damn @Vena.Sera423 that was a quick time in FWD. Congratulations on the tuning, that must be one hell of a car. Also curse that added random time costing me second! Nice event @Vri404 the random time thing is a interesting twist, though most cars were close enough that the time added really determined the outcome, but I guess that’s just racing, not every lap is perfect.


one hell of a suspension tuning…


5.47 seconds of random time added, unlucky.


I went to stone dead last cause of 5.89 added time, both victimised lol :joy::joy:


I was excited when I saw that I won, but less excited when I saw your car actually put in a .6 second faster time and just got screwed by random chance


TFW the calculations depend more on the divine intervention of RNGesus than your actual car :joy:

I’d like to take a moment to actually point out that balancing RNG influence in challenges is tricky. Yes, there are situations in which one is extremely unlucky/lucky but in a well balanced sim that outcome should be as rare as in real life (see Steven Bradbury). Unless we refer to the BRC in which NormanVauxhall’s car would have won had its engine not toasted itself unprovoked in half the races despite having a higher than median reliability score…

In short it’s usually not sufficient to have RNG put alongside a system that has a single level. It needs to be embedded in a system that has multiple levels of calculations with multiple dependent variables. This makes the difference between me feeling righteously screwed over in every Miros challenge I enter, versus the nail-biting finish to Chips’ ARXL season.