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Retro Racing Game Appreciation Thread


Quick Update: started playing PGR4’s campaign from scratch last night & I’m already about half way through. I’m either extremely good at it or I have too much time on my hands, not sure which but likely the latter.


Are you playing it on an Xbox 360? I still have my disc copy of the game, but I haven’t seen a functional Xbox 360 in years.


Pro Am. To be really fair, racing games was ALWAYS the weak spot of the NES (even Sega and home computers of the time did them better), and very few NES games regardless of category can be played today just for pure fun rather than nostalgia, but I can still play Pro Am to beat countless of hours just for fun. A somewhat forgotten masterpiece IMO.


Oh man, that was one of the earliest racing games I’ve ever played. I still find myself humming the theme song for it.


Yes I am. Great fun, I’m playing on a 360 slim