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Rigore Automotive


Rigore Automotive was founded in 1950 by Martin Rigore in Queens, New York as a producer of racing engines.
Born from Italian immigrant parents, Martin Rigore (ri-go-ray) had picked up an interest in mechanics from a young age. By the age of 22, Martin had founded Rigore Engineering and by the 1952 Corso di Fruinia had produced multiple Boxer-4 and Boxer-6 engines for racing. The 1950s saw many international races shut down due to safety concerns; as a result, Rigore’s business dwindled, and so did their profits. So, Martin Rigore took a risk; on the brink of bankruptcy, he consolidated his money in order to develop the first Rigore vehicle; the Angeles. The original Angeles was a sleek 2-door sports saloon which amassed a large cult following; sporty and stylish, it swiftly solidified Rigore in the sports automobile market, with over 4000 units sold in the first year and almost double the second year. It was praised for its light handling characteristics and smooth, powerful, and efficient flat-6. A more powerful, larger flat-6 would be used in the 1967 Rigore Kusanagi - Rigore’s second model. 5 years later, in 1972, there was a major revamp to the Angeles which split it into a 2-door coupe and 4-door sedan; both models were designed to stay true to the original sports coupe. This new Angeles would propel Rigore to the luxury car market.

The oil crisis’ of the 1970s were detrimental to all of America’s auto makers. Determined to adapt and overcome, Rigore responded quickly in 1974 by improving the Angeles with a more fuel-efficient engine and more comfortable suspension options. Sales remained steady, and Rigore would be able to release the larger Anubis in 1976, satisfying America’s desire for a larger model. As of 1980, Rigore was in the top 5 largest American car companies, and one of the few surviving American luxury car companies in Europe and Asia.

The 1980’s sought out a change for Rigore. After the hit of the 1970’s, the 80’s was a breath of fresh air. Every year, new technology would be implemented into new vehicles. Elaborate electronic driver aids transformed Rigore vehicles into class-leading cars in design, innovation, and driving dynamics. The very first Rigore SUV, the RA-RV (Rigore All-Road Vehicle) was revealed in 1982, featuring all of the power and prowess of other Rigore’s but with the addition of a luxuriously appointed interior and all-terrain capability.

The 1990’s continued this luxury trend, with the ultra-luxury Valhalla releasing in 1990 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Valhalla was the pinnacle of Rigore’s lineup with a high-tech interior including a touch-screen “Graphics Control Center”. The Apophis Coupe was released following 1990, combining the luxurious style of the Valhalla with the sportiness found in Rigore’s “R” lineup. The Angeles was one of the best selling cars along with the Caelum, accumulating over 150,000 global units in the year 1993. The new 1996 Angeles was named Motor Trend 's COTY, and Rigore remained a consistent visitor at Car and Driver’s 10 Best list.

Rigore, since it’s small roots in Queens, has sought out to elevate themselves constantly to an even higher quality standard. The Caelum has consistently been more efficient, more fun, and more comfortable. In 2007, the first Amieran graced showroom floors. In 2014, the Elysian compact SUV hit the roads and became an immediate best-seller. Today, all of our cars keep the soul made by the “Angel”, instilled with a natural poise and precision that found only in Rigore automobiles. Perfection in performance is promised with every Rigore.

Current Lineup

Luxury Line
Caelum (2001+) Sports Compact
Angeles (1965+) Sports Sedan
Anubis (1976+) Luxury Sedan
Valhalla (1990+) Ultimate Luxury Sedan
Utility Line
Elysian (2014+) Luxury Compact Crossover
Amieran (2007+) Luxury Crossover
Taranis (2003+) Luxury SUV
Touring Line
Apophis (1991+) Sports Grand Tourer
Kusanagi (2016+) Super Car


new year, new Rennen


Over 50 years of racing pedigree, condensed into a premium package.

The latest in over a decade of the Caelum performance line, the 2020 Rigore Caelum MT-R is a true sports machine.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.


The latest Caelum MT-R is available with the most powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder Rigore has ever made; displacing 2.1 liters, this application of the engine churns out over 370 horsepower and 255 lb-ft. Revving out to 8600 rpm, endless thrills are to be had with this powertrain. Feel the rush of air past your windows as you floor the throttle and wait for just 4 seconds until the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission shifts the car to 62 mph. An electronically adjustable sports suspension setup and the groundbreaking SD platform combine for a truly unique driving experience. Steering is weighted to feel natural and linear, not artificially boosted. Dual electronic limited-slip differentials means that the rear-biased AWD system can send all power to and of the 4 driven wheels at any point in time. With roots tied into racing and cutting-edge technology, the Caelum transcends all expectations into a truly dynamic compact luxury car.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.

Exterior and Interior
The latest Caelum MT-R has the already stunning Caelum as a base design and gives it a sinister flair. With an aggressive front fascia and carbon-fibre accents, there’s no mistaking this for a standard Caelum. Both the front lip and rear spoiler help to develop downforce at high speed. Inside, sports bucket seats are standard with 12-way adjustment for both drivers and passengers along with lumbar support. Carbon-fiber inlays are optional and along with body color accenting combine for a modern, clean aesthetic. Overall, the latest Caelum MT-R perfectly balances every aspect of a sports car and a compact luxury vehicle, all in a perfectly stylish package.

Sedan MT-R in Cavansite Cerulean Metallic shown.

Rigore. Perfection in Performance.

Standard Features
Optional Extras


Exterior Color Palette

Opal White Pearl, Carbon Black Metallic, Monterrey Red Pearl, Machined Grey Gloss, Platinum Silver Metallic, Lazuli Ocean Metallic, Cavansite Cerulean Metallic, Blue Jay Metallic, Ragata Crimson Metallic, and Frozen Bancha Metallic, respectively.

Interior Color Palette and Trim Inserts

Jet Black Leather (with Sapphire Leather Inserts), Couverture Brown Leather (with Jet Black Inserts), Alpine White Leather, Sapphire Leather with Jet Black Inserts, and Golden Beige Leather (with Alpine White inserts), respectively.
Dark Bamboo, Bleached Beachwood, Aluminium, Piano Black/multi-color options (consult your dealer for more information), respectively.

2019 New York International Auto Show

Is this brand essentially Rennen by another name? Especially since it shares some of its model lines with that company you made earlier.


Amazing photoshop! Looks awesome


Essentially, yes. I felt that Rennen needed a rebrand.

Thank you!