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RLS Real Life Simulation Tournament! Round 1 JUDGING


One reminder I will be saying is that Only one car can be entered in 1 round, so you can juggle subcompanies but you cant enter a car from your own company and a sub company at the same time


My lore is from a design studio rather than a car company. For clients, I usually pick fake manufacturers from other games, such as Ishima and Shimutshibu from SLRR, Terrazi from Ridge Racer, Gavril from BeamNG, etc, or make something up that resembles a real company without being a total copy. But I have one manufacturer that focus on popular cars, and when in need of releasing something special, it is designed by my studio. My entry for this tournament will be my chance to focus more on Bridgell Motors Company (BMC), and it’s less prestigious but more present cars. The company have its roots on the european micro car era, so in 1990 it was already going strong on popular/fleet/boring car market. Let’s see what happens.


A couple of rather important questions:

  1. What’s the actual schedule and how long do the rounds start?
  2. What on earth is this points system and how is it measured?
  3. What does “how it performs in Beam” actually mean?

I have a UK based company which has a bit of a renaissance in 1990; however I also have very little time, therefore I have to weigh up whether I can make the investment.


So The round will start with 7 days for entries, followed by 7 days voting and break, then 7 days of entries, 7 days of voting and break, and so on
2. The points system works on how the car performs in each sector, as well as the relavence, for example a cheap looking car with a really big fast engine wouldn’t work as well as a truly good budget car.
3. Put simply how the car feels around the track in BeamNG Drive, so the suspension, hill starts how it handles its acceleration (again relevant to the car) and so on


Also, I will be providing videoed results from the BeamNG drive to go along with the written results


So i would like to enter my company which is Likar Inc.

May I ask until when can we post our lore stuff or is it for every car later?


There are points for lore every round, which is of course every 2 years, the lore can be on a combination of the company itself or the car being produced for that year, this lore should be posted along with the car entry


What exactly is being scored in terms of lore?


EcaMobile will be there!


So, in terms of lore im looking at the company background and how fleshed out it is, the complexity of the lore, the advertisement of the car itself, along with in general a balance between quality and quantity, Someone rambling on for lines and lines wont get you the marks unless it is of a very high quality


I would like to enter LLA - LinkLuke Autos


Competition starts now!

Its a day and a bit early but i’m keen to get the ball rolling. Lets Go!


So, what should I do, put up a presentation of the car here, send the file to you and then wait until the deadline, which is…when?


1987 - Annual LLA Design Meeting - LLA HQ - Witney Oxfordshire

CEO - Over the last 4 years we have been focusing on our sports cars and not our everyday family cars, the quality has fallen and our market research suggests something needs to change. Any ideas?

Some Random Intern - I have one…

CEO - Well speak up then…

Intern - Well, why don’t we do both. We could make a sporty coupé yet still have enough seats for the average family, have good enough fuel economy to make it practical, but if wanted can be driven in a fun way

CEO - I like the idea. What’s your name son?

Intern - It’s Jamie sir.

CEO - Well Jamie I want you to head the design team on this car.

Jamie - But, But sir… I have no idea where to start on this project, I’d need some design veterans to help.

CEO - Don’t worry about that, I’ll give you some of our best to make this car a reality. One thing though, your deadline is January 1990, I expect a production model by then

3 Years Later - January 1990

Jamie - Hello and welcome to the Launch event of the New LLA sports car.

Crowd - Cheering

Jamie - After 3 years of design we have revolutionised the idea of an affordable, sporty yet practical coupé. With a brilliantly smooth flat 4, All wheel drive and more importantly 5 seats we present…

Crown - Chanting and gasping as the sheet rolls off of the small coupé

Jamie - The LLA Comet Mk2 - a true successor the the original Comet with more power and seats.

The event ends as the car is appreciated by the crowd in Awe. The following month the marketing department releases the poster for sales:


Deadline is next Sunday, So essentially do what Luke did above ^


Maybe less of the terrible puns…


From the 1990 IP Commuter brochure, UK market
(Printed in Mamaya, August of 1989)

Since 1966, the IP Commuter have provided economical, reliable and practical transport, suited for people in the need for an economy car, not a cheap car. Millions of people have sworn by their Commuters, making it our most popular model ever. Because of that, we feel a great responsibility when it is time to release a new generation Commuter. Now for 1990 it is time to do it for the fourth time, and we can tell you, replacing a legend is not an easy task. But after years of research, development and testing, we feel that the new Commuter series lives up to its name. It is easier and more comfortable to drive, thanks to an all new rear suspension and power steering as standard. It is safer, featuring things like better engineered crumple zones, a more extensively padding of the interior, seat mounted belt anchors and an improved steering column. It handles better with a more refined tuning of the suspension and the new semi-independent torsion axle in the rear. It is more economical with all models featuring our advanced 3 valve per cylinder engines.

But the most important thing is still up to you to decide as a customer. Will you still like it?

We don’t want to brag, but judging by our experiences of making cars for over 40 years, we are convinced that you will like it even more than the earlier Commuters!

The Urback may be the lowest priced model in the Commuter series, but it is by no means a cheap car. One proof of that is found under the bonnet. The 1.4 litre engine is featuring things like 3 valves per cylinder, multi point fuel injection and a catalytic converter, making it a peppy, smooth, economical and clean powerplant. Contributing to the economy and the joy of driving is the 5 speed manual gearbox (4 speed computer controlled automatic is available at extra cost). Other features proving that this economical car ain’t just a cheap car is the power steering, standard cassette radio, contoured bucket seat with durable cloth and vinyl upholstery front and rear, adjustable front seatbelts, sporty 3-spoke leatherette steering wheel and crash resistant bumpers.

But the greatest reward of owning an Urback is what we are hinting about in its name. Its short overall length and standard power steering makes it a joy in crowded urban areas. And despite the short overall length, with the rear seats folded flat, the square and upright shape of the back almost makes it into a little van that can carry amounts of cargo that would make some bigger cars jealous. And if you want to carry some cargo but still needs room for one passenger in the back, you can make one of the rear seats stay in place while folding the other one. It’s a flexible, nimble, economical, fun and clever car for the modern urban resident. And speaking of modern, the proven reliability of the Commuter means that there is a chance of you keeping it into the 21st century. Maybe that’s the most clever part of them all?

(To read about the earlier Commuter models, as well as a fair bit of company history, click here)


Bridgell is one of the leading popular vehicle manufacturers in Europe. For entering a new decade, in 1989 the third generation of the Joy is presented. Boasting a revised version of the known and loved Lamp 1300 engine, on probably it’s last iteration, and driving dynamics sure to surprise even the most exigent driver, bringing, as it’s name inplies, lots of driving joy. Starting at only 8744$, it will sure be able to bring joy and independence to even the thinniest walleted citizen. A new torsion beam rear suspension is presented on this generation, making it the best handling Joy ever. Come feel the Joy at any of the thousands of Bridgell dealerships though Europe!


EcaMobile is a in the 1980’s established brand located in Germany.

After the fusion with Pfeil in the late 1970’s the main markets are luxus vehicles and light sport cars.

The Chipleader is the first SUV made by EcaMobile and was released 1990.


Slightly offtopic but for some reason I can’t stop thinking of your car as a crossoverized Kadett…not that it would be a bad thing or something but they do look related. :stuck_out_tongue: