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RLS Real Life Simulation Tournament! Round 1 JUDGING


I see that





Hm, deadline coming close and I only see four cars presented, I hope this competition isn’t forgotten, since I think it can become interesting…


You actually just reminded me. I’ll get a car going!


Not too sure whether I should extend the deadline. I will be judging the cars live on my twitch channel over at https://twitch.tv/coreys2000 if that interests anyone, I wont be able to do any judging until Wednesday anyways so I dont mind extending the deadline till Tuesday night if that is what people needs


do i need to send you the car file
i am kinda new to this forum stuff


Yes you need to send him the car file and post an advert with a picture of the car and it’s price at a minimum, although some lore is preferred and will score you more points when being judged.


Stupid question… What is a lore?


Not a stupid question at all. “Lore” is background story. Usually filled with details about the company, it’s there to help readers understand who the important people in your story are, why they made that car, etc. Check some of the other company threads (in Sharing/Car design sharing) for inspiration, there are some VERY good stories on this forum.


backstory of your company/car


Closing Date is 10pm BST Tonight! I really do need some more cars, quite a few inactive companies


February 1986:
Vinod Krishnan was a mechanic running his own workshop with wealthy profits. He used to sell after market upgrades and also repairs and services cars. He always had good reputation for fixing the cars with utmost care and attention. People always praised him for his work and the quality. He was always fascinated by car and engine designs and decided that the will create a chart with car and engine design. He took it to the most reputed motor companies in the city. They laughed at him. They said what he was trying to achieve is impossible. He can’t even get close and kicked him out. Vinod was frustrated and upset as he knew it is possible to achieve the spec mentioned in charts.

The Spec:
6000 CC engine
Acceleration : 0-100 within 4.5 secs
Speed : Over 300 km/h
Seats : 4

January 1987:
Of course people were laughing at him. Vinod then realised that this needs to proven to the world. He founded the company Krish Motors, and then started to hire the best of the talents available. Explained them the car and engine designs. He said this should target the luxury market as they can’t mass produce at the start. The team started working on it, there were frustrating moments, staffs quit, production had flaws, quality issues etc. Vinod did not give up, he invested a lot and went on with the goal.

September 1990:
Vinod invited automakers and public for a global conference. He started off with the introduction of the company and what it plans to produce and details on important people in the company.

The Car:
Finally, he put the stats in place
6000 CC engine - 794.5 hp@6000 rpm
Acceleration : 0-100 in 4.3 secs
Top Speed : 350 km/h
Seats : 4

He said this was achieved. Everyone applauded. Then he revealed the car.
Stunner V12 DOHC

The price? He said 41999 GBP. Waved his hands to the people thanking them for attending the conference.


1987: Somewhere in Eastern Europe a guy named Nick got an idea of starting a car company, he had this wish since he was a kid. One of Nicks favorite type of cars were convertibles. So his first car should be one. He was at the age of 23 and just finished college and wanted to start a new company. Nick was quite good as a mechanic and designer. Some of his projects were repairing an old jaguar, making a rally car and many others. He had the knowledge to start what he wanted for all his life. Many of his “friends” said he was to ambitious and will fail immediately, but that didn’t stop him. With a group of his real 3 friend and some bank loans he foundet Likar Incorporated.

1989: Nick represented his concept car at Geneva Motor Show in 1989, he got to finnaly show his car. Many car magazines typed about it, a qoute of one is “Really great and fun covertible”. The car was said to be released in 1990 april.

1990: Likar Inc already started to grow (Factories, employes…) and in april under the name of Spire it went out. Sales were quite good (beyond expectations). People were already looking towards new cars from this company. In the first year Spire sold 25 000 cars

The car: It has a 2 liter turbocharged inline 5 engine. Car does 183 hp on 6400 RPM. As of driving it understeers beacuse it is a front wheel drive. On the pictures you can see Likar Spire regular version there are also Sport with 210 hp and Luxury version with same engine as Sport but with better interior.




is mine still in




Round 1 Results - LLA Comet Mk2


A relatively average lore, while there isnt any backdrop to the company itself unlike other companies in this competition, there is certainly some backdrop to what may happen in the future as well as the launching event. What I would like to see for the future is LLA’s true backstory, its origins, when it was founded et cetera et cetera. It is certainly a good start 13/20


Now onto the car itself, first we need to bear in mind this is a relatively small budget coupe. As I said at the start of this competition, it’s performance is relative to the market it is trying to achieve and the price of the car. So bearing that in mind, the Comet mk2 is a small 2 seater coupe designed to be a ‘boy car’ that is fun to use but also light in the pocket.

One thing to note is that I cannot find anything relatively similar IRL for this era, as many coupes were looking like this

The only thing vaguely similar was the Honda Beat, although this is a convertible and the rear of the car is slightly different

So, in terms of style and creativity, very good, however it isnt very realistic for the era
4/5 Chassis
2/5 Chassis Suitability


The car uses a 5 year old 1.8ltr flat 4 as a base model (the model given to me has a 1.4ltr in it) Using an overhead cam rather than a dual overhead cam is a good choice, as again not only is it an old engine it is also a cheap engine

The combination of forged elements used in the bottom end makes for a realistic engine, as well as a relatively light engine (relatively).

The use of a VVT doesn’t change much, lowering the performance index by 5, but not having one makes for a lighter and more reliable car, with more production units (you can see in the top left the difference with and without) A pretty standard compression rate and cam profile makes for a well rounded engine that can be used for track and road, which for a boy racer car this is a good thing.

The use of fuel is good as while leaded fuel was being phased out in the UK in 1990, it wasn’t fully banned until 1996 (racing cars still used leaded after this however) What puzzles me is the performance intake, I personally dont think it is needed in this car, however the rest of the fuel system is fine, especially the low fuel mixture.

However on the other hand, the exhaust is very good, LLA hasn’t gone overboard with the exhaust, with every pick being what I would have picked for this aswell.

Overall the engine is quite suitable, apart from 1 or 2 questionable decisions as I have mentioned, the engine is of a good size and build
Base Engine 4/5
Bottom End 5/5
Top End 3/5
Fuel System 3/5
Exhaust 5/5
Overall Engine Suitability 7/10

Everything Else

For me, straight away the rear is unfortunately a let down, a rear like that needs to be slightly more complex due to its flat surface, and to me the tail lights look out of place aswell

Slight more care could have been taken with the trim, I know im being picky but its the small things that matter, they are not all in line and some are marginally bigger than others. It is quite simple, but for a car like this in this era, thats all you need

Having an indicator on the mirror is extremely uncommon in this era, And cars in this era tended to have one larger grill more commonly compared to 2 smaller ones, overall the front styling has been imported a little bit from the future

The 5th gear is a little long, down to the low spacing that LLA has used, and due to the boy racer nature of the car, a rear wheel drive would have been better. Also as you can see in the top left using no LSD is infact a better choice,

On the otherhand, I have no complaints with the wheels as you can see

I would have used solid discs rather than vented discs as you can see in the top left for the benefits, however the brake size and type as well as the bias is all fine

Nothing really used in the aerodynamics section
In terms of the interior, a standard setup is probably the best setup for a budget fun car

Probably the best choices for driver aids and safety for this car

I wouldn’t have used adaptive dampers due to their lack of reliability in this era as well as their price, as this is a budgety car after all, everything else is fine

In terms of the market, it performs quite well in quite a few categories, however note the lack of affordability in budget sectors.

Fixtures 7/16
Drivetrain 2/5
Wheels 5/5
Brakes 4/5
Aerodynamics 5/5
interior 5/5
Driver Aids and Safety 5/5
Suspension 3/5
Market Selling 10/15


This is going to be fun and im going to regret this, oh well

How it performs in BeamNG 10/20

Total Points 120/150

= £120,000 for your bank

Any feedback in the meantime till I do the next one please let me know, Thanks!


That’s quite an oddity - the body looks too old for 1990 and the fixtures look too new. In short, it feels incongruous.


Thats 90

and that one

Here’s the final one

If you look at those fixture designs they were there on year '90. The car being older than 90, the idea was like why not!
Just used them for getting inspired , but of course I wouldn’t deny, just wanna make it look new and modern too :frowning: thats just the way i wanna design, can’t deny what you said though