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RLS Real Life Simulation Tournament! Round 1 JUDGING


Just to let y’all know that I haven’t forgot about you, Had a big exam today and another tomorrow, will get back to it tomorrow night


Can you be more clear about deadlines (specific date and hour in large text, ideally updated in the first post or something). I completely missed that first round because I didn’t realise when it opened and closed.


A round post with year, some restrictions to make the cars road legal in the UK and some historical context would make it perfect for us to be able to adapt our designs to the times in my opinion.


Will Do for round 2


Where are the reviews
Just to know when to expect them today tomorow…


Doin them now


Just don’t rush them. :slight_smile: I think most of us will prefer a somewhat slower pace and well thought out reviews, considering the nature of this competition, so don’t panic. :slight_smile:


Round 1 Results - IP Automotive Urback


There is a significant amount of company history in your lore, however in my opininon there is such thing as too much lore, this is something that is an issue, as I would say about 2/3 of what you have would be enough. However this is still a significant improvement over LLA due to the innovative language and abundance of content 17/20


Now onto the car itself, Quite significantly more realistic to a 90’s car, I can draw links to Honda Civic’s from the same era such as the one below, if a little bit elongated.

However In my eyes the rear is a little too flat, whether that was deliberate or something that was forced by the chassis mod itself is irrelevant.

4/5 Chassis
5/5 Chassis Suitability


The car is an 1.4 litre I4, Which Is pretty much spot on for this car, it is aiming quite a bit higher than the LLA (asking for £2000 more) So it is pretty reasonable, 3 valves is probably the best option as well. Full aluminium is ok, however I’d prefer the LLA’s approach of a mixed aluminium and cast iron, to lower costs.

For a 1.4 litre engine, I would have definitely gone for a forged bottom end to aid the bigger beefier engine, I feel as if making it out of cast will cut the true potential of the engine itself. For example, LLA’s 1.4 litre has 18 more horsepower, making it quite underwhelming which I find rather disappointing.

The cam profile is also quite low, which doesn’t help the power situation either, again a more expensive car with a much less powerful engine than the LLA.

I would have gone for regular fuel, as this engine is too underpowered to make using premium fuel viable, however being a ‘commuter’, fuel consumption is everything, which IP Automotive has noticed which does raise my hopes for the car, with the ignition timing also helping.

My only complaint here is that I dont think a high flow three way is needed, a three way would do the job just fine, other then that the exhaust is of a very good spec.

Overall the engine is quite suitable, apart from 1 or 2 questionable decisions as I have mentioned, the engine is of a good size, but some build qualities lack.

Base Engine 4/5
Bottom End 2/5
Top End 2/5
Fuel System 4/5
Exhaust 4/5

Overall Engine Suitability 6/10

Everything Else

As mentioned earlier, the Civic like rear does suit the era very well, and on the whole the rear design is pretty much spot on

One of my nightmare, wonky lettering :frowning:

I dont understand the use of efdfectively 2 sets of lights, and the lights on the bonnet are out of place, please let me know if thats an error on exporting and importing. Good choice for the other lights and overalpl simplicity.

Slightly untidy again, but I can deal with it. Again, simple but effective

ummmmmmmmm. I would be stating the obvious by saying the gearing is too long.

On the otherhand, I have no complaints with the wheels as you can see

however I am impressed by the brakes, having discs on the front and drum brakes at the back were very common, and the front brakes are the right ones compared with LLA.

Nothing really used in the aerodynamics section

The use of a basic interior is a little puzzling, as you can see here the Commuter Budget market is hit by a 10% penalty for lack of comfort, which I can only agree

For it’s price, I’d expect traction control, however there is good power steering

A very good suspension setup, nothing wrong here

Compared to the LLA however, this car does sell better, which does puzzle me a little bit however I think it could be so much better if some silly errors weren’t made

Fixtures 13/16
Drivetrain 1/5
Wheels 5/5
Brakes 5/5
Aerodynamics 5/5
Interior 1/5
Driver Aids and Safety 3/5
Suspension 5/5
Market Selling 13/15


How it performs in BeamNG 8/20

Total Points 107/150
= £107,000 for your bank


I haven’t read all of the review yet, just saying my idea behind the dual set of lights…
Since the technology with projectors or computer designed reflectors to get good performance out of a small headlamp was expensive/not even fully developed in the early 90s, it would be a nightmare to design good headlamps for a front this low. So, the popup lights are low/highbeams to use at night, while the lower set of lights are DRLs (yes, they were a thing back then too, Volvo had them as standard already in 1975 for example) so you don’t have to drive with the popups up in the daytime in countries with headlight laws, hence the coarse texture in the glass.


so will these reviews be like once every 3 days?


Not Supposed to be, look I know your impatient but it is exam season for me, I have exams Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, so Round 2 Will be pushed back till the weekend, I must stress that I haven’t given up or anything like that, its just that college comes first


yea yea no need to rush take for them as long as you need i was just asking