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Road Rally - 1952 Corso di Fruinia [FINAL RESULTS]


Team Wentworth

Driver: Percival Smith
Navigator: Harold Brewer
Car No. 88

Cheap, hand built, post-war roadster designed to help veterans recover from the horrors of combat

Wentworth Lore

Wentworth is entering a stock Womble to determine where it can make changes and improvements for the Mk2 model which is due in 1956. The chief designer and engineer have decided to go themselves so the raw data doesn’t have to filter through too many layers before it gets to them…

The tiny roadster has room for two and luggage and costs very little to run


First come first served at time of submission, I’ve got enough submissions to only do the paper work for those actually received. Sorry.

OP is updated with all processed entries (and the used numbers).


well then…
gotta get going soon


Hello. The ragazzi at Corzetti-Stampatti Motori would like to request a working example of the Familyman, with intents to participate in the 1952 Corso di Fruinia. We are prepared to pay 3000 lira for both the car and factory-supplied spares, given the rash, car-breaking character of the race. We thank you in advance, and here’s hoping for a kindred partnership. Grazie!


Delivery order received, and car is on the way. with few additional goodies


Team Laubläufer

Driver: Karl Hemschler
Navifator: Graf Theodore von Hallbach

Lore of the car

These two royals got themself a nice light sportcar for this rally. They, and by they i mean their butlers and workman, pulled the rear bank out, retuned the engine and changed the wheels and springs. The both man (And their personal butlers) will be racing as privat people.


Team Corzetti-Stampatti Motori

The riders
Driver: Bolognese Stampatti - A man with few friends and fewer patience, truly the brawn behind the operation’s brains. Little is known about this scarred man, other than the fact that his racing operation seems remarkably limited for a company with rather big funding…

Lead mechanic: Corzetti Milano - The other half of Corzetti-Stampatti (obvious naming conventions!). This young blond man oozes elegance and frailness, but he’s not your usual arrogant rich kid in his 20s. Born into a family of mechanics and racers, Corzetti dreamed of running his own team to challenge the greats. Bolognese wanted him to be the navigator but Corzetti, fearing not being able to handle the nervous driver, delegated the role to…

Navigator: W.N. - A person even younger than Corzetti? Indeed, W.N. has barely cleared the 18-year-old barrier. This American kid seems far out of place for an Italian racing team, and yet he seems to know more about cars than his frail shy self would lead you to imagine…

The steed
’50 Juggernaut Familyman CS

Despite clearly having the funds to support a much more powerful car, Corzetti-Stampatti decided instead to bank on the trustworthy but rather dated Familyman. Thanks to some clever fund usage and smooth talk by Corzetti, Juggernaut was convinced to throw in a few bits and bobs to update the Familyman to tackle the CORSO at full sing. With these updates, the car was given a CS label to celebrate the deal’s success.

Obviously the picture doesn’t represent the final car, it’s still pending approval (and matching review). But given the era, it’ll be some big numbers all over the body and boom, racer. How easy it is, designing racing liveries in the '50s! (laughs)


Ceder Amiens - 1951 Ceder Libellule Pavillon #60

Class: 1400CC-2199CC
Driver: Julien Ditane
Navigator: Alain Dutoit

The Ceder Dealership of Amiens is entering a Ceder Libellule Pavillon modified by Julien Ditane who has experience in racing motor-vehicles using a lightly modified Ceder Abeille. Julien and Alain hope that the modifications to the 2.2 OHV I4 litre front wheel drive executive saloon will be allow them to keep up with the competition.

Mechannica Auto Stella Cadente - 1952 ASC 2000SS [Chiocciola] #202

Class: 1400CC-2199CC
Driver: Gian-Marc Sirignano
Navigator: Alfredo Pirone

ASC are entering the Corso Fruinia with a personally 2000SS built for Gian-Marc [the founder of the company] nicknamed the Chiocciola after it’s short rear and long bonnet. Alfredo and Gian are confident in the cars ability to perform in it’s class due to it’s light weight and high powered DOHC 2V engine. It may well be a racing chassis with a road body but that’s no disadvantage.

NOTE: I do not own Beam NG so I’m unable to test the cars but more I plan on entering more vehicles in different classes.


Nice car!


Oh look. A car.

It has a 1337cc DAOHC V8, a decent bit of power and is rear engine. What could go wrong?

…From my testing in Beam, a lot.



The Arsenal:

1952 Luxor Privateer - In Memory Edition
3297cc Inline 6

This special edition of Privateer was made from the fallen aircraft of ww2.

1952 LSV Mark - Milf Edition
1608cc Inline 6

A race spec version of the legendary Mark family car with the iconic ‘‘milf’’ paintjob.

1952 Nugetti Neyron
4399cc V12

A expensive luxury car.


To submit:

Introduce your car (or cars, in one or more posts) below; and

PM me the exported .car file:

Don’t just post your car files here.


Somewhere in Fruinia…

Bolognese: Alright you lot, how’s the car coming along?

Mechanic: We’re just about finished with the paint, sir. But we’re still having issues with the engine…

Bolognese: For the love of God, what am I paying you schmucks for!? Get Corzetti here, on the double!

Corzetti: You do not need to shout, Bolognese. What is all this racket about? I thought your crew had good knowledge of mechanics…

Bolognese: Just a minor mishap. More importantly, why are YOU so late? I thought we’d agree a meeting at 12:00AM sharp.

Corzetti: I went to the airport. To pick up a navigator. As in YOUR navigator…?

Bolognese: Don’t give me sass, shrimp. And where is this so-important navigator you speak of? Get that homeless kid next to you to call him.

C: …this is him. Meet W.N., my American friend.

B: If this is your attempt at humour, I’m not amused. I said an experienced navigator, last time I checked. And also last time I checked, auto racing is a… man’s sport, I believe.

C: Bolognese…!

W.N.: It’s fine, Corzetti. You did say Bolognese prefers to race alone when he drives. It’s fine.

B: Alright then, at least you know your place. Let’s test your mettle. (throws a small book at W.N., who barely catches it) See if you can find the reason why our engine is down 25 hp on what Juggernaut promised for this “performance kit” of theirs. (turns to mechanic crew)

W.N.: (looks at the engine bay, peeking over a mechanic’s shoulder. He then takes a step back, checking the “Engine” section of the book)

Mechanic: Something wrong, kid?

W.N.: This is a single barrel carburettor, isn’t it?

Mechanic: Looking cool, right? Tuned it myself. This bad boy is primed for performance!

W.N.: Then you’ll have to take it off, I’m afraid.

Mechanic: The hell!?

B: What he said. You trying to emulate your friend with bad jokes?

W: It’s no bad joke, sir. Juggernaut clearly states this engine kit has to run on a 2-barrel carb. You’ll never be able to achieve 75hp unless you change the current carb…

B: Give me that. (checks book)

…well I’ll be sandblasted. You goddamm morons! Has working under my rule taught you nothing!? Find a double-barrel carburettor, or else I’ll get my own to make you!

(a few days later)

B: Well, it’s been a messy process, but this is as ready as it can be. (places arm over Corzetti’s shoulders and neck) Your friend has not heard our little plan for this road trip, I hope.

C: He hasn’t. And this plan is all you, Bolognese. You remember I didn’t agree to this.

B: Not until I showed you all those pictures of your family I have… “laying” around. If this car doesn’t make it to the end, I’ll still have something to gain from all this. Let’s hope your little navigator knows his roads as well as he knows you… (leaves)

C: I’m so sorry, W.N… But if anyone needs to silence Bolognese, you are my best bet. (pats car on hood) Do your best, Familyman. I beg of you… (leaves)


Welcome to Bramble, we will be sending 4 cars to the Corso di Frunia. All are new – released this year or last and have undergone different stages of modification. Without further ado, lets introduce our quartet!

#93- Condo Sprint
The smallest of our entries, this little devil is perfectly designed for the cities! The Condo (no Bramble as the forename for this – it’s a one car company) is designed to get war-torn Europe moving again – what better way to market it than race it?

Usually seating 5 in a steel monocoque, the Sprint is a comprehensive upgrade for the Condo, with many upgrades. These include; Replacing all body panels with aluminium from old aircraft, better and bigger brakes and tires, and taking a very angry person to the interior to remove (Read wreak) most of it. The result is the Condo is now faster than sports cars with the same engine size.

#95- Bramble Bismuth 6
We skip #94 and move from our smallest to our largest entry –combining two of Bramble’s best designs. The sleek Bismuth body is mated to the fantastic Bramble 6FB – Six cylinders, Fully Bored – to produce the most powerful Bramble to date – 100mph is no longer the dream of hypercars! Its so fast that we had to employ some aircraft engineers to work on something called ‘Aerodynamics(?)’. That’s what they say the fins are for, and why driving this beast is not for the faint of heart! The only modifications to the Bismuth 6 is the removal of all none essential interior features.

#96 – Bramble Envoy
Ah yes, the flagship of Yorkshire luxury, the envoy is a palace on wheels usually – this one has had all the leather and wood removed, and stiffer suspension for better road holding. The smooth Bramble 6 is in standard form here, yet that doesn’t mean the Envoy is slow – in fact, it’s the fastest Bramble currently built! Painted in the most eye-catching paint scheme we could think of, the Envoy promises to be a sight to remember.

#97 – Bramble Bismuth
Last but not least is the Bismuth. Using the same boxer engine in the Condo, though heavily modified here, the Bismuth is all about control. Sleeker than its bigger brother the 6, the Bismuth can release 100% of its power 100% of the time. Using recycled aluminium panels on a spaceframe chassis, you can build a Bismuth in your back garden or shed (just remember to tell your significant other)! This model was built by Samuel Moore and Robert Chamberlain, the co-founders of Bramble. How good is their work? Only time will tell!

Whoops! Bit of an accident in testing for the Bismuth. Nothing serious thankfully!
We here at Bramble are asking you to drive one of these 4 cars! Applicants will be working in hot, potentially hazardous conditions with low pay. Success will include eternal glory and ownership of the car you drove. Failure will probably involve injury, loss of direction / sanity / limbs / all three, and possible death.


Quite a few cars and times already processed, and some outlines of the race reports already written. I might have crashed a car or two, three, maybe four - but I swear I tried my best to drive safe and fast.

I can promise some detailed aggregate data about submissions, a story involving geese and magnificent old picture material of the '52 Corso in September.

We are now halfway through the submission deadline.


Why am I expecting a tale about sabotage when you say that? It really is true, geese are jerks…


1952 Erin Motorsport SP-1 B


The SP-1 (‘Sports Prototype 1’) was the first ever race car designed by Erin Motorsport, which at the time was operating out of a small warehouse on a Nottingham industrial estate. Armed only with mechanical and engineering expertise garnered from his time working in RAF as a mechanic, head of the company Dominic Erin had big ambitions for what Erin Motorsport could achieve. But of course, the organisation that would eventually become one of the largest motorsport operations on the planet had to start somewhere.

That somewhere was a steel ladder chassis with repurposed aluminium body panels, fixtures borrowed from a number of cars (including Dominic’s own crashed FABEL Etoile and a Baltazar Basil) and a Rennen Friesan 14 under the bonnet. First racing in 1951, the SP-1 was very, very far from a success in its early days, and indeed would limp along until 1953 when it would be replaced by the SP-2, which would start to propel the team to stardom.

Until then, they had to settle from their racer clobbered together from bits from other cars. In saying that, the SP-1 was significant beyond just the fact it was the first ever Erin; the B variant, built for the 1952 series of endurance races that would, one year later, form the first ever World Sportscar Championship, wore the early version of the Erin ‘Shield’ logo and was painted in turquoise, which would soon become the company’s team colours.


The Žnoprešk Z746 joins the rally!


Driver: Cpt L.M. Stern (63y.o)
Nav: Jeff “Diesel” Power (40 y.o - Stern’s Son-in-Law)
The Car: A near-new 1950 Epoch Model 20, that was a wedding gift from Stern to his daughter Elaine. As an amateur racer and mechanic, Jeff has been allowed to play with it.

The entry form to the Corso has been approved, and word has reached Cpt Stern’s backyard BBQ…
conference room.

Stern: Right-'o, chaps, Captain Stern, R.A.F., retired. I’m not here to molly-coddle you. Ahead of us is the hardest challenge we’ve ever faced. They know we’re coming. Crossing that primitive land with its poorly-paved roads, dodging wild, drunken, cheese-eating turn-coat farmers on wine-fuelled tractors. The field of competition is huge and varied, but we needn’t worry… we’re backed by proper British engineering! The best weapon available is right here in this garage. Just like our aircraft, Epoch’s model 20 is designed to get the job done, properly. Not like those Fruinian planes. Funny, you know, I can’t even remember if Fruinia was on our side. We’ll give 'em “what for”, eh! Whites of their eyes and all that.

Jeff: Can you stop? Elaine, your dad’s doing it again.
Elaine: I can hear him, Jeff. I’m right here. Dad, stop.


Look… it actually flies!


2200cc - 3299cc class:
Boccaccino Carrozzeria da Corsa (BCC) #777 - 1948 Boccaccino Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo
Representing the supreme talent of native Fruinian automotive industry comes Boccaccino, who will be racing in a completely stock version^ of their range-topping sports car, the Silvanae Coupe Speciale Supremo. Featuring a state-of-the-art 3L V8 engine that is completely designed and engineered in Fruinia, and definitely absolutely was not copied and reverse-engineered from various other powerplants smuggled out of Gasmea! Come witness the glory of the patriotic Fruinian people’s labour and marvel at the prestige of a vehicle that only about 4 people in Fruinia can afford…

^ With most of the interior stripped out to save weight, one-off aluminium panels, one-off 4-speed gearbox, larger and better tyres…